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mitubaEX/haskell-HNo description — 21 minutes ago
smitchell556/cis-194Introduction to Haskell — 46 minutes ago
Help evaluating TQueue variantsan hour ago
Haskelle/haskelleWIP toy compiler — an hour ago
cyclotomic 0.5.1an hour ago
J-Vaughan/haskgolGame of Life in Haskell — 3 hours ago
flosca/.dotfilesxmonad+xmobar config and some scripts — 3 hours ago
Type-safe union in Haskell?a few hours ago
alexandrelucch: You know something is not right when your mother-in-law asks your wife if your son's name is gonna be #Haskell... a few hours ago
mateusnr/discrete-mathematicsMy solution to the exercises of the book "Discrete Mathematics Using a Computer" — 4 hours ago
andrew-lei/blog-engineBlog engine with Haskell/Yesod — 5 hours ago
joelburget/language-pythonNo description — 5 hours ago
Sixty Five Oh Two: A Haskell eDSL for writing 65(C)02 assembly6 hours ago
DieGit0/ProjetoBaseNo description — 6 hours ago
How to work with high order functions inside lists in haskell?6 hours ago
ahaubner/PolygonArtRandom polygon art generator. — 7 hours ago
DieGit0/frontexemplocontinuação do projeto feito em aula — 7 hours ago
When / where type checking occurs in the compilation process8 hours ago
zachcoyle/setNo description — 8 hours ago
simple-effects hours ago
sixty-five-oh-two hours ago
How do I write (:)(.) on pointful form?8 hours ago
VlachJosef/source-fetchsource-fetch — 8 hours ago
hashtables hours ago
niamtokik: Interesting links on #haskell internal IO. https://wiki.haskell.org/IO_inside 9 hours ago
sixty-five-oh-two hours ago
jpittis/hkzkFun with Haskell and Zookeeper. — 9 hours ago
brick 0.37.19 hours ago
Emacs haskell intero mode, import could not find module9 hours ago
andrewthad/monusMonoids with subtraction — 9 hours ago
Emacs haskell intero mode, could not find module9 hours ago
pipes-zlib hours ago
testing-feat hours ago
fosu/shredderturns trees into (wall)paper — 11 hours ago
elaforge/test-karyaKarya's test framework, extracted. — 11 hours ago
luki/alexandra-maasMailing as a service: Alexandra! — 11 hours ago
flay 0.411 hours ago
crawlchain hours ago
Instance show tree in haskell12 hours ago
idris 1.3.012 hours ago
Iceland_jack: This works const_ :: (forall a. a -> b -> a) const_ = const but remove the parens and it fails #Haskell #HaskellTIL #HaskellWTF http://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/12540#comment:7 …pic.twitter.com/GrytmeMD8Q12 hours ago
Why does "fix" take so much memory?12 hours ago
iamsumanth/cis194Haskell course from CIS 194 — 12 hours ago
Functional Dependency via type family?12 hours ago
Solonarv/sdl2-extraExtra drawing primitives for sdl2. — 12 hours ago
clay 0.13.112 hours ago
unity-testresult-parser hours ago
jrlarsen: 50% off all MEAPs at @ManningBooks on May26! Use code: wm052618lt https://www.manning.com/?a_aid=r51&chan=tw … #golang #swiftlang #csharp #python #java #javascript #scala #Haskell #fsharp #aws #VueJS #aureliajs #React #nodejs #MachineLearning #angularjs #MEAN #MERN #expressjs #DeepLearning #Keras12 hours ago
unity-testresult-parser hours ago
simple-effects hours ago
Interacting with Google Authenticator Using Cryptonite14 hours ago
ksallberg/evyNo description — 14 hours ago
Accessing self-defined Datatypes - Lambda function application order14 hours ago
waivio/cl3-hmatrix-interfaceAn interface to/from the Cl3 and HMatrix libraries — 14 hours ago
postgresql-simple-migration hours ago
Jimbo4350/repochartNo description — 14 hours ago
quesebifurcan/test-avropath-tsNo description — 14 hours ago
derive-storable hours ago
Comparing lists in Haskell, or more specifically what is lexicographical order?15 hours ago
Munich Haskell Meeting, 2018-05-28 @ 19:3015 hours ago
Optimize Superclass Method Depending on Subclass15 hours ago
Haskell - Accessing self-defined Datatypes - Lamda function application order15 hours ago
Iceland_jack: #Haskell lets you treat *corner cases* as *cases* https://twitter.com/wjlow/status/1000169494575177728 …15 hours ago
sejdm/sonnetsNo description — 15 hours ago
hid-examples hours ago
The Alternative class gives me the creeps16 hours ago
How does one do dependency injection manually in Haskell?16 hours ago
kkulagin24/haskell-trainingNo description — 16 hours ago
codewarz_ninja: Two new challenges are up on the site! Search for the two blackjack challenges on our site! Goodluck! https://codewarz.ninja  #Programming #Python #Ruby #Scala #PHP #Haskell #Code #Perl #Lisp #golang #cplusplus #NodeJS #Node #bash #codewarz #rustlang16 hours ago
tsuyosshi/Haskell-IntroductionNo description — 16 hours ago
How to triple even numbers in a list?16 hours ago
teichmaa/timetabletimetable solver in Haskell — 17 hours ago
barrucadu/hledger-scriptsHelpful scripts to do things with your hledger data. — 17 hours ago
wastewatchers/backendNo description — 17 hours ago
hmev/HSharedA prototype written by haskell of a shared element system — 17 hours ago
wojtczakmat/gol-apiREST API for multisession Game of Life simulation made with Haskell — 18 hours ago
ptillemans/rwhaskellReal World Haskell exercises — 18 hours ago
Haskell/GHC symbol search cheatsheet19 hours ago
Haskell Book Recommendations?19 hours ago
Crysikrend: me today #haskell pic.twitter.com/SsZ8I8DLDy19 hours ago
rjoleary/cs444-joos-compilerJava-esque compiler, written in Haskell, targets x86 — 19 hours ago
How to triple even numbers in a list Haskell19 hours ago
AkshayIyer12/Write_Yourself_a_Scheme_in_48_HoursLearning Lisp and Haskell — 19 hours ago
boxyoman/haskell-realworld-exampleNo description — 19 hours ago
hw-prim hours ago
jrlarsen: 50% off all MEAPs at @ManningBooks on May26! Use code wm052618lt https://www.manning.com/?a_aid=r51&chan=tw … #golang #swiftlang #csharp #python #java #javascript #scala #Haskell #fsharp #aws #VueJS #aureliajs #React #nodejs #MachineLearning #angularjs #MEAN #MERN #expressjs #DeepLearning #Keras20 hours ago
type-of-html hours ago
Hexirp/blogNo description — 21 hours ago
potoki-core 0.1221 hours ago
jeremyfourna/scotty-starter-bootstrapNo description — 21 hours ago
Drapegnik/exercism:smiling_imp: my solutions for exercism.io — 21 hours ago
potoki-core 0.1121 hours ago
LightAndLight/meta-lambdaLambda Calculus with quote and unquote — 22 hours ago
What is the free monads vs mtl debate?23 hours ago
Solving the Burst Balloon problem using Dynamic Programming23 hours ago
waivio/cl3-linear-interfaceAn interface to/from the Cl3 and Linear libraries — 24 hours ago
beam-sqlite day ago
Solving the Burst Ballon problem using Dynamic Programminga day ago
harrynguon/DailyProgrammerChallengesMy implementations for r/dailyprogrammer challenges on Reddit. — a day ago
incertia/unity-testresult-parserUnity3d TestResults parser — a day ago