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hmatrix-sundials minutes ago
What are the main differences between reflex and reactive-banana?47 minutes ago
Rasterific 0.7.4an hour ago
[GSoC Project] Frames-beam: Haskell Dataframes, Postgres Type Providers and Morean hour ago
haskell-numerics/hmatrix-sundialsHaskell interface to the sundials suite of nonlinear and differential/algebraic equation solvers — an hour ago
How to exploit data-parallelism to build a rank-select bit-string for the CSV format described in RFC4180, taking into account complicating factors such as quotes, escaping, and quoted control characters.an hour ago
JuicyPixels 3.3.12 hours ago
Functionalworks: Have you seen the latest #blog from our #FunctionalFriend Leo? It's all about the 'Functor, Applicatives and the Whys' Interesting read to dig in to exploring the #Haskell universe! #content #blogs #functionalprogramming https://hubs.ly/H0dnzDj0 2 hours ago
Functionalworks: Have you seen the latest #blog from our #FunctionalFriend Leo? It's all about the 'Functor, Applicatives and the Whys' Interesting read to dig in to exploring the #Haskell universe! #content #blogs #functionalprogramminghttps://hubs.ly/H0dnzDj0 2 hours ago
Frames-beam hours ago
Is there a library that has a strict version of `sum`?3 hours ago
amazonka-iam-policy 0.0.43 hours ago
jukebox 0.4.13 hours ago
JackHasaKeyboard/eNo description — 3 hours ago
chaton_haskell: [1..100]>>=pen: 明日。8月15日(水)栃木足利「第5回りょうもうHaskell Haskellのもくもく会」 #haskell https://connpass.com/event/97637/  http://chaton.practical-scheme.net/haskell-ja/a/2018/08/14#entry-5b72ac83-c7cda …a few hours ago
greeny277/elgotA module for iterative computations in a monadic context — a few hours ago
Learning math behind the Haskella few hours ago
dollacurrency: Congratulations to our two winners here Benjamin and Nishad!! Winning $5000US worth of Dolla from the Blockconscious Summit on the weekend!! #cryptocurrency #cryptotrading #Blockchain #CryptoExchange #Haskell #blockchain #CryptoNews #airdroppic.twitter.com/64BiR9wnwKa few hours ago
typed-process few hours ago
jukebox 0.44 hours ago
sboosali/dragon-naturally-speakingUtilities, and web-based bindings, for Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Natlink. — 4 hours ago
futures 0.14 hours ago
Is there a library that has a strict version of `sum`?4 hours ago
nikita-volkov/futuresNo description — 5 hours ago
am_i_tom: If you're in #London next Wednesday and even *remotely* interested in type-level #Haskell, you really won't want to miss @Lowert talking #TypeFamilieshttps://www.meetup.com/London-Haskell/events/253674364/ …5 hours ago
haskell-postal hours ago
foldLeft v. foldRight - does it matter?5 hours ago
etorreborre: Laziness at work: `runState (do fail "bang"; put 1) (error "pow")` returns `((), 1)` via @kmett #haskell5 hours ago
First Call for Participation for IFL 2018 (Implementation and Application of Functional Languages)5 hours ago
haskell-lsp hours ago
haskell-lsp-types hours ago
LightAndLight/bideAn attempt at understanding Conor McBride's bidirectional typing discipline — 6 hours ago
dollacurrency: “Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: ‘Tis The Future” by Ben Messika. #cryptocurrency #cryptotrading #Blockchain #CryptoExchange #Haskell #blockchain #CryptoNews #airdrophttps://medium.com/theblock1/cryptocurrency-and-blockchain-the-future-9cd689e977ca …6 hours ago
mr_arsaev: When you write more comments then code. #haskell6 hours ago
Anduril Industries is Hiring7 hours ago
amazonka-iam-policy hours ago
amazonka-iam-policy 0.0.37 hours ago
StateVar hours ago
xah_lee: i heard that the computer scientist Matthias Felleisen don't like Curry-Howard Isomorphism or made remark about it being not much useful or something like that. any has link? #haskell #coq #ocaml7 hours ago
lisphacker/hs-chip8-emuCHIP-8 emulator in Haskell — 7 hours ago
sras/scratchNo description — 8 hours ago
holguinj/hasklispNo description — 8 hours ago
jjant/reflex-testNo description — 8 hours ago
StephenPiment: Fast Sudoku Solver in #Haskell: Picking the Right Data Structures https://abhinavsarkar.net/posts/fast-sudoku-solver-in-haskell-3/ …9 hours ago
SEA_TechEvents: Going to the #Seattle Area #Haskell Users' Group meetup this Saturday? Details: http://bit.ly/2v8ctIp 9 hours ago
What is the right way to use unsafeCoerce?9 hours ago
justinharding/convert-rentNo description — 10 hours ago
hpack 0.29.710 hours ago
ChadBH/EulerHaskellNo description — 10 hours ago
Leobertucci/Projeto_AES_Haskellprojeto feito para a matéria de paradigmas de programação, no 2o quadrimestre de 2018 — 10 hours ago
What is the right way to use unsafeCoerce?10 hours ago
aisamanra/treantNo description — 11 hours ago
What is the right way to use unsafeCoerce?11 hours ago
CodesBay: Having trouble learning a Programming Language? Maybe you're learning it in a wrong way. See if yourself @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzcRTSeLAkk … #cplusplus #java #js #python #javascript #js #swiftlang #Scala #dartlang #clojure #php #perl #functionalprogramming #ruby #erlang #Haskell pic.twitter.com/M6yumKPGd911 hours ago
What is New in Cross Compiling Haskell11 hours ago
StephenPiment: Hasktorch is a library for tensors and neural networks in #Haskell. It is an independent open source community project which leverages the core C libraries shared by Torch and @PyTorch.https://github.com/hasktorch/hasktorch …11 hours ago
BendotK: Having a bit of fun this evening. These take a very long time to render, so this is just the first complete one that popped out. #generative #haskell pic.twitter.com/g0XMWLf06O12 hours ago
NatashaMitchko/heckin_learn_me_a_haskelllearnin me a haskell for great good — 12 hours ago
dleo536/dannyCodeSome of my code that I have done over the years — 12 hours ago
Kove-W-O-Salter/hurl-templaterNo description — 12 hours ago
Kasama/zapeador-botNo description — 12 hours ago
shayan-najd/HsASTAn Extensible AST for GHC — 13 hours ago
brendonsoto/whatIsMathematicsNo description — 13 hours ago
Haskell - Using one data type kind in another13 hours ago
nekonoshiri/sicilia昔作った物や試しに作った物を置いておくところ — 13 hours ago
dfordivam/htmltoreflexdomNo description — 13 hours ago
Resolving an ambiguous type variable13 hours ago
optima hours ago
brick-skylighting 0.314 hours ago
g2xpf/JSGLNo description — 14 hours ago
GHC make explicit forall mandatory14 hours ago
A Haskell interpreter /w type definitions14 hours ago
Haskell offline documentation?14 hours ago
optima 0.315 hours ago
abhin4v: My third post about writing a fast Sudoku solver in #haskell is up! This time we profile the code and use the right data structures to optimise it further. https://twitter.com/lobsters/status/1029062598208016386 …15 hours ago
SMTechEvents: Who else is looking forward to Santa Monica #Haskell Users Group meetup tomorrow? Details: http://bit.ly/2MyUUrB 15 hours ago
adrice727/opentok-haskellNo description — 15 hours ago
puffnfresh: Helped a friend install a bunch of #Haskell stuff on Windows last night. Can confirm Stack doesn't work on Windows.15 hours ago
Simplifying if statement in a StateT monad transformer15 hours ago
Who's hiring?16 hours ago
Guide to cabal fields?16 hours ago
wl-pprint-annotated hours ago
writer-cps-mtl hours ago
optima 0.216 hours ago
colorful-monoids hours ago
writer-cps-transformers hours ago
intro hours ago
wl-pprint-console hours ago
oscarwroche/hello-haskellExample from haskell book — 16 hours ago
Where does '[] come from and where is it declared? [duplicate]16 hours ago
GaloisInc/AVTANo description — 16 hours ago
Delfad0r/hanabiNo description — 16 hours ago
leorigon/Type-InferNo description — 17 hours ago
leorigon/TE-InferNo description — 17 hours ago
jkachmar: Here's a little #Haskell gist showing how to add a servant-auth provider that supports Google's JWT authentication: https://gist.github.com/jkachmar/ec7965081291155c8001fac5561f210b …17 hours ago
parameterized-utils 1.0.117 hours ago
NazaGara/Algoritmos1No description — 17 hours ago
Puzzling performance/output behavior with rank-2 polymorphism in Haskell17 hours ago
language-ats hours ago
language-ats hours ago