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backusle: Strange, someone on linked in knows about #Hugs but no #Haskell24 minutes ago
shapr: First completed project from/for the #haskell-embedded irc channel https://github.com/Chobbes/SerialTimer … (edit: irc channel name corrected)27 minutes ago
How to return user input as a string instead of printing it out or getting an IO String in Haskell?half an hour ago
shapr: First completed project from/for the #haskell-arduino irc channel https://github.com/Chobbes/SerialTimer …57 minutes ago
Hackage seems to be downan hour ago
Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma in myriad languages. Same algorithm written in Clojure, Go, Ruby, Scala, Haskell.an hour ago
How to optimize filtering of a listan hour ago
haskell-src-exts hour ago
Is there a good strategy to make a function a productive function?an hour ago
webkit-gtk filesan hour ago
haskore-supercollider 0.3an hour ago
I have webkit-gtk installedan hour ago
supercollider-ht 0.3an hour ago
opensoundcontrol-ht 0.3an hour ago
webkitgtk3 erroran hour ago
ferrufino/HaskellCode snippets from my programming languages course. (Homework, extra-points and assigments) — 3 hours ago
nikivazou/cse105Fa14Haskell session of cse105 — 3 hours ago
Soostone/cereal-io-streams3 hours ago
How fast is Data.Sequence.Seq compared to []?3 hours ago
Why such a cool language doesn't use S-expression syntax?a few hours ago
zhasha/pwfasmProject Work F Assembler — a few hours ago
Read And Return A Numbera few hours ago
hhewei/hackerranka few hours ago
agocorona/perch-purescriptperch for purescript — a few hours ago
EclipseFP issues with Hooglea few hours ago
chrisdone/osdkeysShow keys pressed with an on-screen display (Linux only) — a few hours ago
JoseFaeti: Thinking about learning a functional language as a resolution for next year... I find #haskell quite attractive :)4 hours ago
Parse error while running a simple Haskell program4 hours ago
Folding results in an empty list4 hours ago
GabrielG439: Check out this awesome #Haskell plugin for IntelliJ IDEA: http://carymrobbins.github.io/intellij-haskforce/ …4 hours ago
Parse error while running a simple hakell program4 hours ago
github-backup 1.201410314 hours ago
tjmw/haskellGrab bag of Haskell learning experiments — 5 hours ago
zaphod66/FP101xedX course — 5 hours ago
jpnorair: Now that #clojure / #haskell / functional programming is trending, when does #FORTH become stylish? #bigdata5 hours ago
map with lists based on conditions5 hours ago
haskore-realtime 0.25 hours ago
hsyl20/life5 hours ago
HaskForce - The Haskell Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA5 hours ago
Cabal config for compiler flags and runtime options5 hours ago
supercollider-ht hours ago
Noeda/dynamically-loaded-haskellLoad Haskell code dynamically to a running program — 5 hours ago
thread-local-storage hours ago
What is supercompilation?5 hours ago
haskore-supercollider 0.25 hours ago
Haskell : Two different functions using the same where clauses5 hours ago
danieldietrich: I noticed a similarity between the #Haskell and #Xtend logos pic.twitter.com/JZRpCy8jQ16 hours ago
supercollider-ht 0.26 hours ago
peteryland/binoxxoSolver for Binoxxo puzzles — 6 hours ago
antoineroux/haskell-barcode6 hours ago
casadi-bindings hours ago
opensoundcontrol-ht 0.26 hours ago
I'd like to repeat u/Categoria's question from a few months back: How does everyone format their source code properly? This is usually the main weakness of any text editor with haskell.6 hours ago
pretty-compact 1.06 hours ago
Custom Sublime Text Buildfile, GHCi, Haskell6 hours ago
StephenPiment: Useful subclasses of Monoid in #Haskell https://github.com/blamario/monoid-subclasses/ …6 hours ago
structural-induction 0.1.27 hours ago
czanalytics: Collection of #Haskell in #finance resources http://flip.it/492NL 7 hours ago
czanalytics: Collection of #Haskell #Games resources http://flip.it/FHc08 7 hours ago
Haskell : No instance for Random Point arising from a use of genRandom7 hours ago
ksaveljev/faoVery dumb Vindinium bot (http://vindinium.org) — 8 hours ago
taylorjg/SudokuSudoku solver from chapter 5 of "Thinking Functionally with Haskell" — 8 hours ago
imm hours ago
PLT_cheater: "@einarwh: Strings are oceans for type submarines." #fp #programming #haskell #math #CatTh #fun8 hours ago
raichoo: Overloaded record fields for #haskell https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/5225-overloaded-record-fields-for-haskell …8 hours ago
haskore hours ago
1HaskellADay: Merry Christmas! No. Heurieusement anniversaire! Nope. TRICK OR TREAT! Ya, that's the stuff! http://lpaste.net/113524  Today's #haskell problem8 hours ago
tup-functor hours ago
Wolfgang Jeltsch: Grapefruit updated9 hours ago
Function definition in Haskell9 hours ago
Hackage inconsistent? (pandoc.cabal in 1.13.1)10 hours ago
Hackage inconsistent? (pandoc.cabal in 1.13.1)10 hours ago
yamadapc/hshortA canonical URL shortener written using Haskell and Scotty. Nothing to see here. — 11 hours ago
Functionalworks: It's Friday! Who's Functional Programming today? RT and encourage the FP takeover #Fsharp #Scala #Clojure #Erlang #Ocaml #Haskell11 hours ago
irrequietus: Using lenses, prisms and isomorphisms in a lovely little project, by @dibblego https://github.com/NICTA/coordinate … #haskell11 hours ago
kandersen/tic-tac-toeTic Tac Toe in Haskell — 11 hours ago
What does this mean by using 'type'11 hours ago
jaejin/haskell-9911 hours ago
hsc3-plot 0.1512 hours ago
Why seq in Haskell has to have special rule for bottom?12 hours ago
Sort a list of tuples by their second element and absolute value12 hours ago
TailCallingDev: literate #haskell in markdown-format with included latex-math-formulas using #pandoc to get code and pdf output ... I'm in love12 hours ago
zigazou: faire: a :: EntierPositif a = -2 #haskell 2/212 hours ago
zigazou: Comment réellement forcer la vérification des limites (bound) en #haskell ? Même avec un smart-constructor, il est toujours possible de 1/212 hours ago
thread-local-storage hours ago
thread-local-storage hours ago
thread-local-storage hours ago
changyuheng/project-euler-solutions12 hours ago
How to understand error messages for "1.2 % 3.4" for Haskell?13 hours ago
emmanueltouzery: continually amazed by the feature set of #haskell #cabal. online apidocs, ease of use... cabal hell is a problem... but those apidocs...13 hours ago
Haskell type class confusion13 hours ago
Haskell type class confusion [duplicate]13 hours ago
app-settings hours ago
Can runhaskell pick up options from .ghci?13 hours ago
arunatma: Defining a function across multiple lines in #Haskell ghci http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2846050/how-to-define-a-function-in-ghci-across-multiple-lines …14 hours ago
athulappadan/haskell-FunctionalProgrammingworked out examples from Graham Hutton's book (haskell).. — 14 hours ago
ghc-mod info only works for main15 hours ago
ddc-war hours ago
ddc-tools hours ago
Yesod Web Framework: Slides on conduit and GHCJS15 hours ago