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maoe/unix-fcntl4 minutes ago
Lens: zooming newtype15 minutes ago
Parallel Profilingan hour ago
How do I respond with the value of a Key in Yesod?an hour ago
expiring-cache-map hour ago
devan2_0: I've open-sourced a #haskell library for parsing results from @DarkSkyApp's forecast.io API. https://voyageintech.wordpress.com/2015/04/02/haskell-library-for-forecast-io/ …an hour ago
1jpablo1: The evolution of a #haskell programmer http://www.willamette.edu/~fruehr/haskell/evolution.html …an hour ago
sigrlami: http://bit.ly/1OWtNmL  High-performance Log Parsing in #Haskellan hour ago
Can't find module when using haskell platform on Windows2 hours ago
vertigomedia/Vertigo-SocketsWebSocket notifications for clients of Vertigo — 2 hours ago
auto hours ago
can't find module when using haskell platform on whindows3 hours ago
stephan_gfx: Cool, cabal will multithread installation/build if you run it with the -j option. cabal install -j <package_name> #haskell3 hours ago
junjihashimoto/test-project3 hours ago
tclinken/Bank-Simulator3 hours ago
StephenPiment: Seven lesser-known #Haskell data types http://l8d.github.io/seven-unusual-haskell-datastores.html …3 hours ago
Difficulty in installing Haskella few hours ago
mighttpd2 3.2.6a few hours ago
crackNum 1.1a few hours ago
How do I return the value of a Key in Yesod?a few hours ago
fetyr2004/xmonadconfigsMy Personal Xmonad Configuration Dump — 4 hours ago
lambdageek: Really like what I did with http://git.io/jhMj  - using a free Monad to aggressively inline a Generic monadic method. #haskell #freemonad4 hours ago
m-blazejczyk/uszata-yesodVersion 2 of uszata.com written in Yesod (a Haskell web framework). — 5 hours ago
shanelogsdon: Who wants to build something in #haskell or any other #fp lang at the next @OpenHackLVL? I should be there doing just that, so join me!5 hours ago
Viewtulsa: Check out Joel Burger's listing in #Haskell #OK http://video.circlepix.com/BNFH56/545/1920  #realestate #realtor pic.twitter.com/Isuq2yZvTw5 hours ago
webcrank-wai 0.15 hours ago
Why this Haskell code runs slower with -O?5 hours ago
zerokarmaleft: https://github.com/helium/airship  looks promising… #haskell #webmachine5 hours ago
feature-flags hours ago
Redmine 0.0.65 hours ago
irc-core 1.06 hours ago
HsOpenSSL-x509-system hours ago
cabal haddock --executables6 hours ago
gspindles: Unifying constraints and types allows for type functions w/ contexts as type variable, associated constraints, constraint synonyms #Haskell7 hours ago
Strange errors building the data-default package7 hours ago
How to work with matrices in Haskell funtional programming?7 hours ago
alexlegg/wl-pprintA mirror of wl-pprint fixed for GHC 7.10.2 — 7 hours ago
deech: Be kind for every type is fighting a hard battle - #haskell Plato7 hours ago
Typeclass Refactoring and Default Superclass Instances7 hours ago
Find the K'th element of a list using foldr7 hours ago
dylnb/haskell-scrapsfragments to play with, mostly picked up from the here and there — 7 hours ago
complicated type class question8 hours ago
Ideas for an open source Finance or Math Haskell library8 hours ago
LobsterNews: Seven Unusual Haskell Datastores http://l8d.github.io/seven-unusual-haskell-datastores.html … https://lobste.rs/s/ytdopv  #haskell #programming #satire8 hours ago
autonix-deps-kf5 hours ago
anthonybrice/notatray8 hours ago
ggVGc/TerseJSPreprocessor for terser javascript — 9 hours ago
DawidLoubser: Need to parse iCalendar data using #Haskell? This package makes it a piece of cake: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/iCalendar- … #programming9 hours ago
robinbateboerop: Troll tries to get banned from #Haskell IRC channel, decides to learn Haskell instead. http://buff.ly/1NFKWiX 9 hours ago
flow 1.0.09 hours ago
Lots of Haskell startup jobs on HN9 hours ago
bobjflong/transloadit-yesodA resuable widget for the Transloadit service & Yesod — 9 hours ago
tfausak/flowFlow provides functions and operators for writing more understandable Haskell. — 9 hours ago
How to ignore HLint's arrow hints?9 hours ago
fixedwidth-hs hours ago
blaze-json 0.2.010 hours ago
hs-inspector hours ago
fixedwidth-hs hours ago
chwthewke: #Haskell is a very hot programming language :) No, really, an hour of it and my laptop is on the verge of becoming a brown dwarf :D10 hours ago
JulianBirch: Solution 2 may work better, but I should probably write up something ridiculously complicated about S1 later. MUCH later. #haskell10 hours ago
How to implement a source-sink pattern10 hours ago
nickspinale/bytestring-moreVarious useful functions and builders for bytestrings — 10 hours ago
rethinkdb-client-driver 0.0.1611 hours ago
mongoDB 2.0.411 hours ago
nickspinale/attoparsec-moreSome useful parsers and combinators for Attoparsec — 11 hours ago
aeson-schema hours ago
vector-space-points hours ago
markuspf/idris-avrAn attempt at an AVR codegen and RTS for idris — 11 hours ago
Using both HUnit and QuickCheck with Haskell's Cabal11 hours ago
Using both HUnit and QuickCheck with Haskell's Cabal [on hold]11 hours ago
sharkdp/zehntausendA solver for the dice game Zehntausend — 11 hours ago
bytestring-progress 1.0.511 hours ago
How can i return null in haskell?11 hours ago
linklater hours ago
Literate programming in multiple langauges11 hours ago
taswarbhatti: A compiler for Crisp, a #Lisp-inspired language, in #Haskell with #LLVM | http://bit.ly/1EFmTz8 11 hours ago
lens hours ago
exception-monads-tf 0.412 hours ago
exception-mtl 0.412 hours ago
exception-transformers hours ago
paypal-adaptive-hoops hours ago
<Polya> "If you can't solve a problem, then there's an easier problem you can solve: find it." -- George Polya12 hours ago
How to implement a source-sink pattern12 hours ago
klimesf/haskell-babyHello world app in Haskell. — 12 hours ago
exception-transformers 0.412 hours ago
fixedwidth-hs hours ago
[Video] Framing the Discussion with EDSLs13 hours ago
cairo 0.1213 hours ago
GHC 7.12 to remove Applicative constraints on Monad due to excessive complaints and unexpected code breaking13 hours ago
calumacrae: Gettin' dat karma #haskell #emacs #vt220 pic.twitter.com/eBRy5C2SEx13 hours ago
lhs2tex 1.1913 hours ago
srcloc hours ago
hatenahaskell: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/satosystems/20150401/1427904591 … 面談でググるな #Haskell 2015 年 4 月 1 日から、新しい会社に所属します。 週休 4 日という大変面白い会社です。実際には、その休みに副業を行うので、前の13 hours ago
How can Data.IntMap.Strict be kept strict after a traversal?14 hours ago
mathieudulac: @abailly nous parle d'une place de marché en #clojureScript / #haskell au #FunctionalProgrammingMeetup chez @XebiaFr pic.twitter.com/rWUb1NmNPW14 hours ago
istrel/haskell-labs14 hours ago
aaronmblevin: This beyond April Fools jokes. This is just amazing: https://github.com/mikeizbicki/parsed … #haskell #imperativepearl14 hours ago
snap-server hours ago
snap-core hours ago
romanandreg: Discoverd this lib while looking at hackage packages last night http://hackage.haskell.org/package/retry  , love the monoid instance #Haskell // cc @tavisrudd14 hours ago