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DebianNew: New package: #haskell-snap-templates Version: by Clint Adams ... http://deb.li/3XqE4 26 minutes ago
Check if a value is an integer number with mod32 minutes ago
Syntax error with propositional logic implementation in haskell42 minutes ago
Wardaniel/LpfNo description — 46 minutes ago
Making my canvas dispaly the graph correctlyan hour ago
coghex/abridgefarawayrefactor, hopefully the last time i make a new repo — an hour ago
Sort [Value] by keyan hour ago
hledger-diff hour ago
egorovanton/mathlogNo description — an hour ago
Haskell calling a file has input2 hours ago
Mercerenies/4020-reducibilityNo description — 2 hours ago
hledger-ui 1.0.23 hours ago
LaParrillaKS: Call us for your catering needs at 785-841-1100 #LFK #larryville #LawrenceKS #ku #haskell #Kansas #catering #party #wedding #birthday #foodpic.twitter.com/WUOGzt26cV3 hours ago
diagrams-rubiks-cube hours ago
StephenPiment: MuniHac 2016 keynote: Beautiful folds are practical, too #Haskell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a5Ti0r8Q2s …a few hours ago
titlecase few hours ago
hledger-interest 1.5a few hours ago
hledger-web 1.0.1a few hours ago
Functions with higher kinds?a few hours ago
nurpax/snap-reactjs-todoReact/Redux Todo app running on Haskell Snap server — a few hours ago
re :a few hours ago
pandoc-citeproc few hours ago
colonnade 0.4.74 hours ago
Inject a list of Json Values into a HashMap4 hours ago
ip1981/sproxy2No description — 5 hours ago
A1-Triard/midnight-visionNo description — 5 hours ago
git-annex 6.201610275 hours ago
pbogdan/lifted-async-extraNo description — 5 hours ago
Haskell-Cafe Digest, Vol 158, Issue 295 hours ago
vitalijzad/haskell-reddit-botNo description — 5 hours ago
Java developer @ Richfield, Mn5 hours ago
amitaibu/yesod-restful-exampleNo description — 5 hours ago
operation_code: You learned how to get 'Hello World' going in #Haskell. Time to let the world know. http://buff.ly/2exR4ku 5 hours ago
craciunBogdan/morse-codeDecode morse code using Haskell. — 5 hours ago
SamuelSchlesinger/hakaruFound this and made it run on lts-7.5 — 5 hours ago
ocramz/dynamic-bayesian-netsNo description — 5 hours ago
Slides hours ago
P7h/Programming_in_HaskellCode snippets and solutions to exercises of "Programming in Haskell". — 6 hours ago
bnordbo/sendinblueHaskell client library for the SendInBlue platform. — 6 hours ago
Business Systems Analyst - Banking | Home Loans/Mortgage - Moorpark, CA6 hours ago
Haskell: What does type `f a` actually mean?6 hours ago
luisxkimo: Las excepciones (efectos) han pasado a no ser tan excepcionales... #Haskell&Effects7 hours ago
gjasinski/functional-programming-courseBasic course of programming in Haskell — 7 hours ago
NTHINGs/HaskellExamplesEjercicios en HASKELL para ITD — 7 hours ago
livecodingtv: Learn live! "2016-10-27 Bill of Material Generator" https://www.livecoding.tv/mgreenly/  #game #education #Haskell7 hours ago
hledger-irr hours ago
gibtsdes/cs970No description — 7 hours ago
altverse/structured-descriptionsAltverse structures described via Haskell — 7 hours ago
hamsql hours ago
RibbonsEdge: Miriam #Haskell Necklace Large Shell Pendant with by RibbonsEdge http://etsy.me/2eKkJaG  via @Etsy #ecochic #gotvintage #etsyvintage8 hours ago
stratosphere 0.2.08 hours ago
RibbonsEdge: Miriam #Haskell Bracelet Orange Pink Red Coral Blue by RibbonsEdge http://etsy.me/2eQKmEG  via @Etsy #ecochic #gotvintage #etsyvintage8 hours ago
AdrianFRadulescu/HuffmanEncodingNo description — 8 hours ago
json-bytes-builder 0.38 hours ago
withdependencies 0.2.48 hours ago
json-bytes-builder hours ago
http-reverse-proxy hours ago
for infandum8 hours ago
kammitama5/algo_practice_10_27_16No description — 8 hours ago
json-bytes-builder hours ago
chrisdone/purifyNo description — 8 hours ago
peti/titlecaseCapitalize all English words except articles, coordinating conjunctions, and prepositions (unless they begin or end the title). — 8 hours ago
zim-parser hours ago
Is there any way to restrain the ADT data so that only the valid data could be constructed?9 hours ago
Create arbirtrary data in Hspec examples9 hours ago
Is there a a predefined way to skip calculations that result in Nothing?9 hours ago
sebasHack/haskellAesonExampleAn example of using the haskell aeson library — 9 hours ago
get Chalmers' Haskell Interpreter and Compiler source code9 hours ago
hledger-ui 1.0.19 hours ago
hledger 1.0.19 hours ago
hledger-lib 1.0.19 hours ago
Haskell: getting more informative exceptions9 hours ago
rattletrap 0.1.010 hours ago
What good typeclasses are?10 hours ago
What good typeclasses are? [on hold]10 hours ago
Rendering a function onto a canvas [on hold]10 hours ago
mostalive: I love #stack managed package sets. Dust off old project from last year. `stack test`and up & running. #haskell #winning .10 hours ago
ealejandrootalvaro/haskell-empresarialesNo description — 10 hours ago
tmj_ar_hrta: Want to work at SONIC Drive-In? We're #hiring in #Haskell, AR! Click for details: http://bit.ly/1LKsndK  #Job #SONIC #Hospitality #Jobs10 hours ago
vzaccaria/vz-docker-assistantNo description — 10 hours ago
Yesod devel and developing two libraries10 hours ago
Gabriel Gonzalez: Electoral vote distributions are Monoids11 hours ago
QA with Validation and cable Domain@Denver, CO11 hours ago
mojobojo: GC pauses are meaningless if you run a fixed step game sim. On the contrary you get the full power of your language, in my case #haskell11 hours ago
tzakian/super-eager-evaluationEager evaluation inside closures when partially applied — 11 hours ago
joranvar/FutureLearn-Haskell-CountdownNo description — 11 hours ago
get Chalmers' Haskell Interpreter and Compiler source code11 hours ago
ryu1kn/csv-writer-haskellNo description — 11 hours ago
Haskell profiler sees too little memory use11 hours ago
diagrams-graphviz 1.412 hours ago
How do I check through the individual strings of a word in Haskell?12 hours ago
ghcjs-dom hours ago
ghcjs-dom-jsffi hours ago
plow-technologies/servant-streamingSupport for servant requests and responses via the 'streaming' library — 12 hours ago
telegram-bot hours ago
ugeorge/demoNo description — 12 hours ago
pvign/dotfilesNo description — 12 hours ago
jsaddle-dom hours ago
blazeT 0.0.412 hours ago
blazeT 0.0.312 hours ago