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Speculation, OT: Program a Spreadsheet14 minutes ago
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bohadi/dtlcdependently-typed lambda calculus — an hour ago
1HaskellADay: Wednesday's #haskell problem: given a NYT article index, extract the article full text from PostgreSQL. Simple, eh? ... 'maybe.' https://github.com/geophf/1HaskellADay/blob/master/exercises/HAD/Y2017/M11/D22/Exercise.hs …an hour ago
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sort-by-pinyin 2017.10.182 hours ago
moesocks hours ago
1HaskellADay: Today's #haskell solution goes from a set of recommendations from NYT articles to briefs. https://github.com/geophf/1HaskellADay/blob/master/exercises/HAD/Y2017/M11/D21/Solution.hs …2 hours ago
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BrunnaSilva/HaskellArquivos .hs para fins acadêmicos. — a few hours ago
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lobsters: Functional Programming with Bananas, Envelopes, Lenses and Barb... via @pushcx https://lobste.rs/s/qi7lay  #pdf #haskell https://maartenfokkinga.github.io/utwente/mmf91m.pdf …4 hours ago
Fastly has served nearly 100TB of GHC, Haskell Platform, and Hackage downloads in 2017. ❤️✨ #Haskell #FastlyHeartsOSS4 hours ago
luke-clifton/dynamicalSolving systems numerically in Haskell — 5 hours ago
lenz hours ago
lenz hours ago
maraspin: We've been on #haskell road lately. And I'm sure everyone at @mvlabs would love to work w/ @Ocramius again. We can definitely think about something for then...6 hours ago
jamirvin/WriteYourselfASchemeNo description — 6 hours ago
sbditto85: @CodingBlocks I use #haskell every day! Love it so much! Check out the stack build tool https://docs.haskellstack.org/en/stable/README/ …6 hours ago
laiboonh/primesA haskell stack sample project to refer to — 6 hours ago
code5hot/subzeroTypes to support turning structured collections of seed values into the same structures with alternatives along with some functions for regular uses — 6 hours ago
fastly: Fastly has served nearly 100TB of GHC, Haskell Platform, and Hackage downloads in 2017. #Haskell #FastlyHeartsOSS6 hours ago
Persistent Template questions7 hours ago
[ANNOUNCE] GHC 8.2.2 released7 hours ago
_Ma27_: Just realized that whenever I'm programming in an imperative language I really miss all the features of #Haskell7 hours ago
taylorfausak: GHC 8.2.2 released! #Haskell https://mail.haskell.org/pipermail/ghc-devs/2017-November/015100.html …7 hours ago
BobMcFry/haskell-practiceHaskell practice exercises for the course "Principles of Programming Languages" at CSM — 7 hours ago
TsunQen/Testing-outtesting out — 7 hours ago
The GHC Team: GHC 8.2.2 is available7 hours ago
compose-ltr 0.2.47 hours ago
[ANNOUNCE] GHC 8.2.2 released7 hours ago
[ANNOUNCE] GHC 8.2.2 released7 hours ago
jeff-wise/haskell-starter-kit-blogA production-ready Haskell blog ready to be deployed on Digital Ocean or Kubernetes — 7 hours ago
AdaaoMascarelli: error, called at ./Database/Persist/Sql/Migration.hs:98:14 in persistent-2.7.0-EkiQsDHg8Z6Ikjfvk7Im1u:Database.Persist.Sql.Migration #help #haskell #newToHaskell #haskellHelp 7 hours ago
tisbruce: As a fan of both #Scheme and #Haskell, I see huge value there. There are lessons for students of parallelism/concurrency in imperative languages.8 hours ago
explanation help8 hours ago
bmabsout/spheres-and-pointsbmabsout.github.io/blog/spheres-and-points/ — 8 hours ago
rprospero/dzenBarNo description — 8 hours ago
monzo94/euler-haskellNo description — 9 hours ago
http2-client hours ago
Speculation, OT: Program a Spreadsheet9 hours ago
keithtpinson: Oh, for higher-kinded types! Oh, for type classes! Oh, for monad transformers!! .... #fsharp What's wrong with me? I'm just a #haskell dev in hiding in a .NET dev shop...9 hours ago
Speculation, OT: Program a Spreadsheet9 hours ago
slasser/ElginTool that uses Template Haskell to generate source code for an LL(1) parser — 9 hours ago
[ANN]: fin & vec9 hours ago
StephenPiment: Finding Functional Pearls: Detecting Recursion Schemes in #Haskell Functions via Anti-Unication http://www.lambdadays.org/static/upload/media/1487605199766609adambarwellldays17.pdf …9 hours ago
hs-functors hours ago
text-builder 0.59 hours ago
Data structure design - self-balancing binary tree9 hours ago
strake/hs-functors.hsNo description — 9 hours ago
jbrot/reprocA very specific csv reprocessing tool needed for a stats project. — 9 hours ago
Suggestion: "What are you reading" thread10 hours ago
KarlFish/cryptopals-haskellNo description — 10 hours ago
Having more then one databases in Yesod.10 hours ago
marianban/experimentsNo description — 11 hours ago
zbo14/bencode-hssmall bencoding library in haskell — 11 hours ago
AdamBrodziak: Java is one of the most energy-efficient languages, Python among least energy efficient - JAXenter - https://jaxenter.com/energy-efficient-programming-languages-137264.html … #Golang #rust #fortran #lisp #SwiftLang #Haskell #dart #javascript #typescript #erlang #perl #ruby #php #pascal #hackpic.twitter.com/0XyHEvhluo11 hours ago
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genesis hours ago
DebugSteven: I'll see you here tonight! #Haskell #Denver #FPhttps://twitter.com/DebugSteven/status/931622103702310912 …12 hours ago
marcoshuttle: @maraspin @stefanovalle @mvlabsit can we find a #haskell project for about that time?12 hours ago
agrif/sc2hshaskell bindings for the starcraft 2 bot api — 12 hours ago
monad-io-adapter hours ago
goconnelly/HaskellCalculatorNo description — 12 hours ago
rfc hours ago
rfc hours ago
DebianNew: New package: #haskell-basement Version: 0.0.4-1 by Clint Adams ... http://deb.li/JXUx 12 hours ago
hvze/code_orgCode.org Image activity converter. — 12 hours ago
[Help]Configuring Haskell Platform for Windows13 hours ago
YellowDogDingo/music-practiceNo description — 13 hours ago
gknauth: Informative page for #Haskell noobs I just learned about https://argumatronic.com/noobs.html  I appreciate the effort @argumatronic13 hours ago
Ocramius: Anyone wanna take me as remote junior #haskell developer in March?13 hours ago
rfc hours ago
can I test this with megaparsec and hspec13 hours ago
DrSolaAina: If in #Haskell count me in.13 hours ago
Gac70/perfect_maze_gameNo description — 13 hours ago
danbroooks/monad-transformers-step-by-stepNo description — 13 hours ago
supermonad 0.2.013 hours ago
mega-sdist: the megarepo helper13 hours ago
lzma-conduit 1.2.013 hours ago
John-J-Russell/EECS662_Hw4No description — 14 hours ago
dc25/rightPickMisoNo description — 14 hours ago