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MonmouthPark: Official 2014 #Haskell hat. Get yours on Sunday! Gates open 10am. First race 12pm. Haskell 5:44pm live on @nbc pic.twitter.com/70j2sFKsSD2 minutes ago
Fiveouttasix: Untapable in post 7 is M/L favorite #Haskell2 minutes ago
DJFiske: #untapable draws 7 of 9 for Sundays #haskell3 minutes ago
MonmouthPark: #Haskell field w/ post position & ML odds. #Untapable draws #7 ML favorite at 2-1. #BornToRun #WinandYoureIn pic.twitter.com/ayuUqIlBlD11 minutes ago
BrixxisKING: Damn the #Haskell field is deep..I'm a big fan of Social Inclusion,I think he's really talented..gotta pick between him and Untapable11 minutes ago
ronflatter: Untapable drew 7, ML 2-1 in the field of 9 for the #Haskell. Bayern drew 2, ML 5-2. @MonmouthPark14 minutes ago
nkartashov/brainfuck-hs14 minutes ago
DRFInsidePost: Draw for the #Haskell is today. @JayHovdey looks at Untapable's attempt to beat the boys: http://bit.ly/1rM0szh 17 minutes ago
Why do I love Haskell more than Ruby? [beginner's point of view]18 minutes ago
Papers every haskeller should read19 minutes ago
DanonymousMan: @BradShadesOff @transit010 I think what we all really want to know is your Tri for the #Haskell. C'mon, give it up! Haha23 minutes ago
screamradius: What are people saying locally about #Haskell, #Texas? Find out here! http://bit.ly/qONFLY 24 minutes ago
mecampbellsoup: On #mavericks and wanna get #haskell super easily? Drag and drop into /Applications and double click! http://ghcformacosx.github.io/ 33 minutes ago
Filtering Applicatives34 minutes ago
PenelopePMiller: Another reason I love the #Haskell draw? Drinking coffee from cup&saucer makes me feel like a fancy adult-style human pic.twitter.com/ZhfFRbA3m234 minutes ago
cowpig/learn_haskelljust what it sounds like — 45 minutes ago
jarrodmyrick: RT @HuffPostLisman: i hear the stinkbreath @nytimes turf writer not impressed w #haskell contigent lol45 minutes ago
ICFP Contest starts in less than 24h !45 minutes ago
DRFDunleavy: Untapable is given a bath after arriving @MonmouthPark. #haskell pic.twitter.com/x0SCQiWbbo49 minutes ago
DRFDunleavy: Untapable has arrived @MonmouthPark for #haskell53 minutes ago
MonmouthPark: #Haskell Press Conference & Post Position Draw in 30mins. Details to follow! #BornToRun #WinandYoureIn @BreedersCup @ABRLive54 minutes ago
sqlhorror: Building Monad Transformers in Haskell - Part 1 http://bit.ly/1r6GgGT  #haskellan hour ago
Haskell Hackathon in Berlin, Friday 26 September 2014 - Sunday 28 September 2014an hour ago
mongoDB 2.0.3an hour ago
DRFDunleavy: Medal Count is on the grounds @MonmouthPark for Sunday's #haskell.an hour ago
Haskell -- Timing out computations in the Rand monadan hour ago
Monad bind probleman hour ago
DanonymousMan: Morning Coffee READ: Here's Why... Bayern is a Bad Bet in the #Haskell -- By Candice Hare @chare889: http://www.danonymousracing.com/heres-bayern-bad-bet-haskell-candice-hare/ … #Monmouth2 hours ago
ScaranoAdam: Got the #JimDandy posted now #Saratoga Will do the #haskell tomorrow #MonmouthPark http://the8thpole.blogspot.com/ 2 hours ago
HaskellImplementorsWorkshop/20143 hours ago
JackpotNick: @TravisStone @MonmouthPark - Man, Travis you got a dandy race to call coming up don't ya? A great renewel of the #Haskell!3 hours ago
Arrow's place in the Applicative/Monad hierarchy3 hours ago
Markov Text Generator & Randomness3 hours ago
Applicative (Make) vs Monadic (Shake) build systems3 hours ago
BendotK: What is some good source code to read, in #Haskell or #Nodejs?3 hours ago
Propositions as Types - [PDF] (Wadler, Version 8 - 2014)3 hours ago
HaskellImplementorsWorkshop/20143 hours ago
ixmatus/stat-parseChallenge project. — 3 hours ago
hackport 0.4.33 hours ago
Markov Text Generator & Randomnessa few hours ago
np/hxBitcoin CLI tools: Haskell port of Sx using Haskoin — a few hours ago
repa-examples few hours ago
repa-algorithms few hours ago
repa-io few hours ago
repa few hours ago
repa-algorithms few hours ago
repa-io few hours ago
repa few hours ago
Markov Text Generator & Randomness4 hours ago
error message I don't understand...5 hours ago
error message I don't understand...5 hours ago
mitsch/webcrawlerallows simple yet efficient web crawling from the command line with easy extension with further tools — 5 hours ago
1HaskellADay: WEAKSAUCE! Goldbach's conjecture irreverently presented as a #haskell exercise. http://lpaste.net/108019 5 hours ago
determining the origin of imported symbols6 hours ago
sqlhorror: Care to help me build a msgpack encoder/decoder for Aeson types? encoder done, needs decoder and tests! http://bit.ly/1A4NPUy  #haskell6 hours ago
Functionalworks: Make sure you enjoy what you do! http://functionalworks.ghost.io/2014/06/23/functional-should-always-be-fun/ … particularly if you work with #scala #haskell #erlang #clojure #fsharp #OCaml6 hours ago
ghcjs/ghcjs-ffiqqQuasiQuoter for GHCJS JavaScript FFI — 7 hours ago
TypingTester hours ago
itchyankles: The people in #haskell on IRC are generally incredibly friendly. It truly is wonderful to see :-)7 hours ago
apiary-purescript 0.14.07 hours ago
haskell-token-utils hours ago
apiary-eventsource 0.11.67 hours ago
apiary-authenticate 0.14.07 hours ago
apiary-clientsession 0.13.17 hours ago
apiary-cookie 0.13.17 hours ago
apiary-websockets 0.11.47 hours ago
apiary-persistent 0.13.17 hours ago
apiary-logger 0.11.37 hours ago
apiary 0.14.07 hours ago
determining the origin of imported symbols7 hours ago
samkit993/haskell_practice7 hours ago
determining the origin of imported symbols7 hours ago
About haskell's difficulty7 hours ago
FPComplete: Intro video from July 2013 http://ow.ly/zwMAA . New news about FP Haskell Center coming soon. Fun to look back #TBT #Haskell @FPComplete7 hours ago
determining the origin of imported symbols7 hours ago
findmjob: DevOps Engineer im Cloud Krankenhaus: Docker, CoreOS, Haskell, BigData http://bit.ly/1og7snB  #bash #haskell #jobs #hiring #careers7 hours ago
yesod-dsl hours ago
writing file with output function haskell8 hours ago
determining the origin of imported symbols8 hours ago
Haskell: Filtering based on an index vector, using only basic higher-order functions8 hours ago
Locating Modules in Haskell8 hours ago
jorgefioranelli: The guy next to me on the bus is programming in #haskell, I cannot stop watching his screen #jelous8 hours ago
ma0e: #haskell-gameを覗いてみたら、Arrows suckが並んでいてうけた8 hours ago
cjmcgraw/ProjectEuler_SolutionsSolutions to Project Euler — 8 hours ago
equivalence 0.2.49 hours ago
NotAnchor: "Typecheck yo' self before you wreck yo' self" #haskell9 hours ago
TacticalGrace: “@mprry: Teaching FP to first year students with @TacticalGrace and #haskell http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~chak/papers/CK02a.html …” [co-author is @gckeller]9 hours ago
lens 4.3.110 hours ago
keter 1.3.310 hours ago
Zip a Set with an ordered Int10 hours ago
No title10 hours ago
How do functional programming languages work?11 hours ago
blakehaswell/exposeA minimal utility for finding files, somewhat inspired by find(1). — 11 hours ago
How can I refactor this code12 hours ago
CBOR hours ago
happou31: @cohalz Hしよう #Haskell12 hours ago
Yesod - Escaping quotes within JSON12 hours ago
hailgun-send hours ago
Good math libraries for haskell like pylab and scipy for python? [on hold]12 hours ago
hailgun hours ago