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display historgram in haskell with a set of float values3 minutes ago
socket-io 1.2.03 minutes ago
sqlhorror: Testing internals without exposing them? http://bit.ly/1yf4bIP  #haskell7 minutes ago
SeanTAllen: "Program imperatively using #Haskell lenses" => http://buff.ly/1HGMjM6 20 minutes ago
Int List To Integer List42 minutes ago
>>= implementation for Poor Man's Concurrency Monad52 minutes ago
engine-io 1.2.360 minutes ago
khalilfazal/IANAHaskell Library for RFC 5646: Tags for Identifying Languages — an hour ago
angerman/network-serviceThin layer over network-simple — an hour ago
iso639 hour ago
Lazy fibonnaci seriesan hour ago
HugoDaniel/iso639ISO-639-1 language codes mapping to Haskell datatypes — an hour ago
How to mock for testing in Haskell?an hour ago
yoavz/functional-musicMusical accompaniment generation with Haskell and the Haskore music library — an hour ago
krisajenkins: Okay, dumb #Haskell question - can anyone tell me how to fromJSON "seconds since epoch::Int" into a UTCTime, please? I'm losing my mind…an hour ago
No title2 hours ago
sanityinc: The @fromPeerToPeer #ruby and #haskell videos are currently on sale: http://peertopeer.io/h/sp1/ 2 hours ago
Trouble importing packages: Haskell2 hours ago
unsquaredfeed: Lazy Evaluation #haskell: http://unsqua.red/kios/haskell/lazy-evaluation/article … #article3 hours ago
amazonka-swf 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-support 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-sts 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-storagegateway 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-sqs 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-sns 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-ses 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-sdb 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-s3 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-route53-domains 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-route53 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-redshift 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-rds 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-opsworks 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-lambda 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-kms 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-kinesis 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-importexport 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-iam 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-emr 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-elb 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-elastictranscoder 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-elasticbeanstalk 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-elasticache 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-ec2 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-dynamodb 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-directconnect 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-datapipeline 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-config 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-cognito-sync 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-cognito-identity 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-codedeploy 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-cloudwatch-logs 0.0.6a few hours ago
amazonka-cloudwatch 0.0.6a few hours ago
uulm-ai/moodle-mdA markdown to Moodle-XML converter for authoring Moodle quizzes using Markdown. — a few hours ago
multiple declarations error in Haskell - should it be relaxed?a few hours ago
imarshut: #Haskell #Program https://www.marshut.net/kswvmx/multiple-declarations-error-in-haskell-should-it-be-relaxed.html … multiple declarations error in Haskell - should it be relaxed?a few hours ago
multiple declarations error in Haskell - should it be relaxed?a few hours ago
alexey_r: Pain Free Unfix with Pattern Synonyms http://mpickering.github.io/posts/2014-11-27-pain-free.html … #haskella few hours ago
unsquaredfeed: Strong Types #haskell: http://unsqua.red/kios/haskell/strong-types/article … #articlea few hours ago
alexey_r: Image Processing with Comonads http://jaspervdj.be/posts/2014-11-27-comonads-image-processing.html … #haskell4 hours ago
screamradius: Find a restaurant in #Haskell, #Oklahoma here! http://bit.ly/puptep 4 hours ago
1HaskellADay: OKAY, FOLKS! TODAY, AND _ONLY_ TODAY, EVERYTHING IS ON SAAAAAAAALLLLEEEE! http://lpaste.net/115229  Today's Black Friday #haskell problem4 hours ago
krisajenkins: I'll plug it again: @chrisdone's hndent tool has transformed my experience of writing #Haskell. Much awesomeness. https://github.com/chrisdone/hindent …4 hours ago
call hours ago
KayLionHeart: Programar #Haskell al ritmo de Herb Alpert - Spanish Flea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mML2fPec7xU …4 hours ago
gitcache 0.14 hours ago
BLDSBE/CBG2_JavaCB WS2014 — 4 hours ago
vincenthz/gitcachesimple git clone cache use and management tool — 4 hours ago
alarmclock hours ago
Attacking smartcard RSA, parallel version5 hours ago
shell-conduit 4.55 hours ago
pdfinfo 1.5.15 hours ago
check-email 1.05 hours ago
relrod/bioparseA set of parsers for various bioinformatics sequencing formats. — 5 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: An introduction to recursion schemes and codata. http://bit.ly/11A4lyA  ~ P. Thomson #Haskell5 hours ago
extensible effects and open unions6 hours ago
phaazon_: What’s this function (that’s easy ;) ): f = 1 : 1 : (tail >>= zipWith (+)) f The non-monadic version is clearer I guess ;) #haskell6 hours ago
How to include current date in mongodb-haskell aggregation query6 hours ago
Why is type level (+) not commutative?6 hours ago
extensible-effects hours ago
objective hours ago
Music made with Haskell7 hours ago
Generating valid html8 hours ago
call 0.1.18 hours ago
alexey_r: #Haskell development job with @welltyped http://www.well-typed.com/blog/101/ 8 hours ago
Licensing requirements for distributing GHC/Haskell binaries8 hours ago
ZgJUG: Prezentacje o #Haskell i #GoogleGlass ze spotkania listopadowego: http://slides.com/michalstaruch/kilka-slow-o-haskellu#/ … i http://slides.com/michalstaruch/google-glass-w-praktyce#/ …. Dzięki @MichalStaruch :)8 hours ago
duncanburke/toliman-core9 hours ago
duncanburke/toliman-graphical9 hours ago
sqlhorror: Pain Free Unfix with Pattern Synonyms http://bit.ly/15BuFLa  #haskell9 hours ago
Haskell parse error: "possibly incorrect indentation or mismatched brackets"9 hours ago
Functionalworks: Forget #BlackFriday lets shout about Functional Programming Friday RT and support the use of #fsharp #scala #clojure #haskell #erlang #ocaml9 hours ago
Functionalworks: It's Functional Programming Friday! If you use #scala #fsharp #clojure #haskell #OCaml #erlang at work or believe more can be done please RT9 hours ago
LHC Team: The New LHC.9 hours ago
yesod-form 1.4.29 hours ago
yesod-core 1.4.510 hours ago
monad-logger 0.3.1010 hours ago
minioperational 0.4.810 hours ago
Can't get approximation of sine function to work in Haskell10 hours ago
http-client 0.4.610 hours ago