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KeeraStudios: A new version of the #haskell #FRP library #Yampa is out! http://keera.co.uk/blog/2014/08/29/new-version-yampa-0-9-6/ …11 minutes ago
ANN: Yampa 0.9.620 minutes ago
Yampa 0.9.637 minutes ago
dr_Cha0s: #Haskell Вот есть у нас System.Process.createProcess . Я хочу спавнить процессы не дожидаясь их завершения, но в к… http://juick.com/2736837 37 minutes ago
hspec-wai minutes ago
about_hiroppy: Purescript with Monad #haskell #monad http://www.slideshare.net/RuiccRail/purescript-with-monad-altjs … @SlideShareさんから47 minutes ago
IntervalMap minutes ago
simple-pipe hour ago
Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho (ibid): Licentiate Thesis is now publicly availablean hour ago
hstm42: Yay! I just registered for HacBerlin2014. This will be fun! http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/HacBerlin2014 … #haskellan hour ago
Agda 2.4.22 hours ago
fossilet/yahtSolutions to exercises in Yet Another Haskell Tutorial — 2 hours ago
ANN: HacBerlin - Haskell Hackathon in Berlin, 26-28 Sep 20142 hours ago
egison 3.3.122 hours ago
skogsbaer: The #Haskell #Hackathon in #Berlin is coming (26.-28. Sep 2014). We still have some places, please register. http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/HacBerlin2014 …2 hours ago
Retrovertigo: In theory it should be possible to do what I want with Snap but in practice I want to go to bed at the bottom of a bottle of gin #haskell3 hours ago
HacBerlin20143 hours ago
sfdc-matrix/dataGendataGenerator for Matrix — 3 hours ago
egison 3.3.113 hours ago
sqlhorror: conduit stream fusion http://bit.ly/1sFgH06  #haskella few hours ago
How to generalize reads from url and file in Haskella few hours ago
Functionalworks: It's Functional Programming Friday! If you are using #Clojure #Erlang #Haskell #Fsharp #Scala #OCaml in production - RT and tell us why!a few hours ago
hspec2 0.4.2a few hours ago
hspec 1.11.4a few hours ago
hspec-meta 1.11.44 hours ago
blacktip hours ago
DebianNew: New package: #haskell-vector-binary-instances Version: by Joachim Breitner ... http://deb.li/3orHc 5 hours ago
adarqui/Abstract-TestingThis library will be used to test all of the Abstract-Impl-* libraries — 5 hours ago
"Hackathon"5 hours ago
cerberusiscute/redoredo (remake of make) in Haskell — 6 hours ago
validation 0.4.06 hours ago
"Hackathon"7 hours ago
Haskell not lazy evaluating interleaving7 hours ago
Can "applying a function for n times" be done using "exponentiating by squaring"?7 hours ago
Non-exhaustive patterns in Haskell function7 hours ago
luqui: Every time I see a #haskell library with a lot of type magic claiming to be practical, I imagine a student saying "fuck this".8 hours ago
spice hours ago
How do neural nets in Haskell work?8 hours ago
DebianNew: New package: #haskell-vector-th-unbox Version: by Joachim Breitner ... http://deb.li/G7hn 8 hours ago
Composing Monadic Functions with `<=<`8 hours ago
etorreborre: "What it’s like to use #haskell" http://bit.ly/1wKOWJZ 8 hours ago
DebianNew: New package: #haskell-glob Version: 0.7.5-1 by Joachim Breitner ... http://deb.li/3V7iv 9 hours ago
coderpost: do re mi http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.haskell.cafe/91920/ … #haskell #funny9 hours ago
Please recommend an interpreted language with pattern matching9 hours ago
Stefan Wehr shares: 2 Kommentare Stefan Wehr ...10 hours ago
lukke100/chan-class10 hours ago
coderpost: Dealing with Asynchronous Exceptions during Resource Acquisition http://www.well-typed.com/blog/97/  #haskell10 hours ago
Field Accessors Considered Harmful10 hours ago
puffnfresh: Expose lenses, not record fields: http://pocket.co/sASdQ  #Haskell10 hours ago
Blag: Just posted on Blag's Bag of Rants "My first post on Haskell" --> http://blagrants.blogspot.com/2014/08/my-first-post-on-haskell.html … #Haskell10 hours ago
Soostone/stoplightRate-limiting constructs for monadic actions — 11 hours ago
Conduit+GHC high memory use for simple Sink11 hours ago
Dojo-SP/DojosGoogleRepositório com o código dos dojos realizados na Google. — 11 hours ago
Learning Haskell - How to simplify expressions?11 hours ago
"Hackathon"11 hours ago
swinejelly/plaguehs12 hours ago
pblasucci: Want the code from my @devLink talk? It's here: https://github.com/pblasucci/BeyondTheBox … #zeromq #fsharp #rustlang #c #vb #python #csharp #haskell12 hours ago
What is the logic behind the use of different arrows (-> <-) in Haskell?12 hours ago
[ANN] Haste 0.4, now with GHC 7.8 support and binary packages12 hours ago
dysinger: How's distributed-process going these days? (#haskell) I see 0.5.0 made it out a couple months ago when I wasn't paying attention.12 hours ago
Problem finding rewrite rules12 hours ago
egaebel/haskell-playgroundA bunch of random programs I wrote when playing around with Haskell. — 12 hours ago
"Hackathon"12 hours ago
DepTrack, a library to express dependencies between objects.12 hours ago
denibertovic: Rewrite everything in #haskell !!!! #yolo13 hours ago
Functional Jobs: Senior Software Engineer (Functional) at McGraw-Hill Education (Full-time)13 hours ago
dimchansky: Announcing engine-io and socket-io for #Haskell https://ocharles.org.uk/blog/posts/2014-07-13-announcing-socket-io-for-haskell.html …13 hours ago
pwstore-purehaskell 2.1.313 hours ago
pwstore-fast 2.4.313 hours ago
haste-compiler 0.413 hours ago
What is the pattern for mathematic sequence?13 hours ago
What is the pattern for mathematic progressions?13 hours ago
Problem finding rewrite rules13 hours ago
Conduit+GHC high memory use for simple Sink14 hours ago
How to get give the state to the next Iteration in the eval-loop14 hours ago
hindent 0.014 hours ago
rdino/stuffStuff which doesn't belong to any other repository, due to its' simplicity and purpose — 14 hours ago
rdino/algo2Solutions for the Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 2 (Stanford) course @ Coursera, implemented in a few programming languages — 14 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #coq vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/coq/haskell/ …14 hours ago
mpuels/xmonad14 hours ago
serialport 0.4.715 hours ago
What is the proper way to communicate with a web client via TCP using Haskell?15 hours ago
"Hackathon"15 hours ago
"Hackathon"15 hours ago
"Hackathon"15 hours ago
Conduit+GHC high memory use for simple Sink15 hours ago
haroldcarr: @pineal_servo and I will begin facilitating learning #haskell @LambdaLoungeUT - we plan to start with Yorgey's course and @NICTA16 hours ago
geophf: Added Data.Matrix http://lpaste.net/110152 , a 'maximally-incomplete' definition of a #haskell matrix protocol posted at http://logicaltypes.blogspot.com/p/1haskelladay-problems-with-solutions.html …16 hours ago
deech: Shen has a function (receive X) allowing X, a non-Prolog variable, into a query. Now I really wish #haskell's `return` was called `receive`.16 hours ago
khrabrov: FP pub "The Bindery". Surely should exist somewhere in Portland? #haskell #scala16 hours ago
arRMorgan: @fsf Real World #Haskell! Fantastic book with lots of practical examples. http://book.realworldhaskell.org/read/ 16 hours ago
implementing curry function16 hours ago
erantapaa/decode-bug16 hours ago
"Hackathon"16 hours ago
Allzi/agentEconomySome ACE models programmed with haskell — 16 hours ago
cppcabrera: Blog post, "Comparing Haskell, Scala, and Go": https://blog.cppcabrera.com/posts/comparing-lanugages-i.html … It's a start, and it was fun to work on! #haskell #scala #golang16 hours ago
hbro-contrib hours ago
hbro hours ago
Haskell Platform 2014 build problems on OS X17 hours ago
semver 0.1.217 hours ago