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1HaskellADay: Let's put all our primes in a circle, shall we? http://lpaste.net/121154  Ah, how cute! Today's #haskell problem suggested by @jamestanton20 minutes ago
Working hist32 minutes ago
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ZRJobs01: Voyage Health is hiring Travelers Needed Urgently. Physical Therapist Physical Therapist. http://ziprecruiter.com/tj/68177c8b  #jobs #HASKELL56 minutes ago
ohgyun/haskell-99-questionshttps://wiki.haskell.org/99_questions — an hour ago
flash_us: criterion: a #Haskell microbenchmarking library http://www.serpentine.com/criterion/ an hour ago
Map alter2 hours ago
samellard: this week in code: laravel -> rails -> express -> rails -> hakll -> rails -> laravel #haskell #laravel #rails2 hours ago
wai-middleware-preprocessor hours ago
Trouble building a haskell module in IntelliJ3 hours ago
baconscript/upcadFunctional Representation modeling in Haskell — a few hours ago
rodrigogribeiro/type-theoryBeing the materials of type theory course at UFOP — a few hours ago
Simple Histograma few hours ago
diagrams/diagrams-solveMiscellaneous solver code for diagrams (low-degree polynomials, tridiagonal matrices) — a few hours ago
Error when running chart-cairo Haskell program on Yosemitea few hours ago
allsproul: Is there some church of #LISP/#Haskell that I can join that makes writing C against my religion?a few hours ago
alejandrorusso/mac-privacyA simple static library for Mandatory Access Control in Haskell — 4 hours ago
ddssff/syb-with-classImport of hackage tarballs for syb-with-class — 4 hours ago
manishmirwani: #hiring #Development Specialists for #BigData #platform http://bit.ly/1AdIIOg  #haskell or #scala, #mapreduce #hadoop #hbase #CAnCareers5 hours ago
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Taking from a list until encountering a duplicate5 hours ago
DyslexicAtheist: @Functionalworks @businessBoris Hello World in #Haskell http://i.imgur.com/6FhL6QJ.jpg 5 hours ago
b9 0.2.55 hours ago
Rnhmjoj/hsilopRPN calculator in Haskell — 5 hours ago
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Win32-junction-point 0.2.16 hours ago
Cairo fill a polygon with a hatch pattern6 hours ago
deech: Either Shark Shark. #haskell6 hours ago
Finding all the indexes of some elements on a given list. Can it be done in less than O(n^2) without arrays in Haskell?6 hours ago
hackuador: Talk idea: "Why The World's Worst #Haskell Is Better Than Your #Javascript" ping @michaelneale @mankykitty6 hours ago
Fylwind: <$ and <$> are apparently "bling operators" XD #haskell https://mail.haskell.org/pipermail/libraries/2015-February/025125.html …6 hours ago
Haskell Inferred/Explicit Types of Where Bindings6 hours ago
Idiom Brackets for GHC (first full proposal)6 hours ago
garry__cairns: The trouble with learning #haskell is the more I expose myself to it the more I dislike what I have to work with to pay the bills.7 hours ago
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th-lift 0.7.27 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Sample criterion Haskell project for benchmarking various sorting algorithms. ~ gosubpl http://bit.ly/1zJOsjN  #Haskell7 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #clojure vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/clojure/haskell/ …7 hours ago
Passing more values into hspec tests cases with Yesod7 hours ago
xhb-ewmh hours ago
pertain/TokenizerA tokenizer and stopword remover - Information Retrieval course — 8 hours ago
[haskell-platform#165] Cannot install new version of network on Windows out of the box8 hours ago
cirsteve/haskell_hwhomework assignments for intro to haskell course — 8 hours ago
How to write this case expression with the view pattern syntax?8 hours ago
unsafePerformIO and FFI library initialization8 hours ago
1HaskellADay: Okay, check this! Today's #haskell problem is as easy as 1, 2, 3! http://lpaste.net/121250 9 hours ago
Idiom Brackets for GHC (first full proposal)9 hours ago
text-and-plots hours ago
levinotik/ParseBirdParsers for parsing Tweets — 9 hours ago
iblech/constructive-algebraHaskell library for dealing with algebraic numbers and Galois groups — 9 hours ago
timbussmann/HaskellPuzzlesHaskell katas and puzzles — 9 hours ago
Example for k = 59 hours ago
interpret Parigot's lambda-mu calculus in Haskell9 hours ago
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conradho/haskell_server9 hours ago
Mortezaipo: Why we use #Haskell https://lnkd.in/e5xZ_kZ 10 hours ago
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stefichjo/ceremony.hs10 hours ago
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ant1441: A very low tech #Haskell presentation tonight. pic.twitter.com/Ta8M6roOGy10 hours ago
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ags799/LP4Programming Languages HW4 — 10 hours ago
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Gioyik/HaskHelpHelper for Haskell — 11 hours ago
diversity hours ago
ant1441: Managed to find my way to and around York for an evening of #Haskell talk11 hours ago
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rest-types 1.13.111 hours ago
RankNTypes question11 hours ago
RankNTypes question11 hours ago
<josephle> I wouldn't say Harper's book is easier on beginners than Pierce's11 hours ago
synsem/texhsA Haskell library for parsing TeX and LaTeX documents — 11 hours ago
tattsun/slack-notify-haskellSlack notifier for Haskell project. — 11 hours ago
RankNTypes question11 hours ago
boundedvariation/quantfinquant finance in pure haskell — 11 hours ago
i-amd3/pefoxSimple chat in web — 11 hours ago
RankNTypes question12 hours ago
horizon 0.1.112 hours ago
dysinger: ok time for work. back to trying to figure out how to eliminate repeat compiling cabal libraries from source. #cabbage #nixos #haskell12 hours ago
abesto/brainfuck-hsBrainfuck interpreter in Haskell — 12 hours ago
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taswarbhatti: What is indexed monad? #haskell #programming | http://bit.ly/1GxuRbb 12 hours ago
krisajenkins: @functionalworks #Haskell, #Clojure & #Scala walk into a pub. "Upstairs folks," says the landlord, "you'll want the function room."12 hours ago
cschneid/strawpollhsA toy project to explore GHCJS - reimplementing strawpoll.me — 12 hours ago
taswarbhatti: Sodium - translate Pascal into Haskell #haskell #programming | http://bit.ly/1GxuTzL 13 hours ago
Can this multi-parameter type class be simplified?13 hours ago
Haskell Equivalent of Json or Edn [on hold]13 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Smoothie, a Haskell library for creating smooth curves. ~ D. Sabadie @phaazon_ http://bit.ly/1zJNHHi  #Haskell13 hours ago
sidraval/snap-api-tutorial13 hours ago
Masters degree work tip13 hours ago