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dizzeehaskell: @mietek @jr0cket I really like it! I'm going to use it to get a little something I've been working on running. Thank you! #haskell13 minutes ago
What's wrong with my code?49 minutes ago
albertnez/rewrite-systemRewrite system, a project from programming languages class, in Haskell. — an hour ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Uninstalling Cabal packages. ~ Phil Ruffwind http://bit.ly/1z15kAO  #Haskellan hour ago
Casillic: #Haskell programming today! No time for #SuperBowl oh well...an hour ago
os-release 0.2.0an hour ago
Which streaming library do you recommend to parse a network feed, demultiplex it into channels, build some state on each of them and produce events?an hour ago
TechWars_io: We compared #erlang vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/erlang/haskell/ …an hour ago
shebang: Nice set of exercises on universal quantification in #haskell, by @S11001001 https://gitorious.org/nt-in-haskell/nt-in-haskell/source/88c67d0457ba6b05afce58fee116a84798800b1e:src/NT …an hour ago
finite binary tree. I d like infinite one to work tooan hour ago
cpp questionan hour ago
units 2.2.12 hours ago
cpp question2 hours ago
deech: Scraping Doxygen generated HTML for a GUID that links to a member function to document the #haskell binding calling C calling C++. #fml2 hours ago
cpp question2 hours ago
junjihashimoto/pocket-dns3 hours ago
athuras: Rebuilding #haskell ... again, because 7.8.3 just wasn't good enough. #Cacophony3 hours ago
shaped trees3 hours ago
uhc-light hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: LVars: Lattice-based data structures for deterministic parallel and distributed programming ~ @lindsey http://bit.ly/1wQJcIP  #Haskella few hours ago
csabahruska/immunitya few hours ago
cabal glib installation errora few hours ago
athuras: Today marks the 'official' start of my efforts to build a real-time digital synthesizer from scratch. #Haskell #Cacophonya few hours ago
os x - brand new install - 2014.2a few hours ago
os x - brand new install - 2014.2a few hours ago
divipp/gamejamLambdaCube gamejam result — a few hours ago
dino-r/DyeSVGRemove RGB color attributes from SVGs and insert CSS style colors. — a few hours ago
chennaihaskell: #haskell in the serious wild. This is what vamshi was talking about @arunatma http://code.haskell.org/~dons/talks/dons-google-2015-01-27.pdf …4 hours ago
haskell-docs 4.2.34 hours ago
PLT_cheater: @BrittMathis @mwotton probably works in current #Haskell too4 hours ago
singletons 1.14 hours ago
file-command-qq hours ago
func.hs5 hours ago
hannahci hours ago
Can't log into wiki.haskell.org with a new account5 hours ago
cobbpg/bounded-corruptionLambdaCube Game Jam entry. — 5 hours ago
MoeDict 0.0.15 hours ago
hannahci hours ago
BryceAnderson22: So #stackage has made building things in #Haskell less pain and more fun. Only regret: not trying it sooner. Thanks @FPComplete.5 hours ago
mkovacs/libovr-haskellHaskell bindings for LibOVR — 5 hours ago
taktoa/HsCalculatorA simple calculator written in three hours in Haskell — 5 hours ago
synner_lda: Learning Process of #Haskell's Syntax was split into several stages of confusion, denial, depression, creativity, and finally: mind = blown6 hours ago
nonpop/yesodtest6 hours ago
alexey_r: Use #Haskell for shell scripting http://www.haskellforall.com/2015/01/use-haskell-for-shell-scripting.html …7 hours ago
akru/data-munMultiUN corpus extractor and bindings in haskell — 7 hours ago
notvitor: Haskell in the large at Standard Chartered http://code.haskell.org/~dons/talks/dons-google-2015-01-27.pdf … #haskell #functionalprogramming7 hours ago
No title7 hours ago
sanketh95/HalgosAlgorithms and Data structures in Haskell — 7 hours ago
peter-fogg/lockfree-test7 hours ago
calculator hours ago
hlian/thomas-hauk8 hours ago
JP Moresmau: HGraphStorage on Hackage8 hours ago
SimonLab/bog.lab8 hours ago
muhuk: "If we try to evaluate it ... Haskell will throw a hissy fit (technically referred to as an exception)" http://learnyouahaskell.com/  #haskell #fp8 hours ago
Deinonychus555/Haskell-Procesamiento-de-Noticias8 hours ago
Mixing pure code with IO and another Monad8 hours ago
Gtk : Make a pixbuf cellrenderer editable8 hours ago
LibbysMoms: Miriam Haskell Feather Double Brooch Pin by Libbysmomsvintage http://etsy.me/1vVuDWR  via @Etsy #etsy #haskell #brooch #fashion #vintage9 hours ago
Haskell: getCurrentTime always returning the same value9 hours ago
fwgl-javascript hours ago
fwgl-glfw hours ago
Fylwind: Uninstalling Cabal packages: removing broken dependents and associated files [blog post] #haskell :3 https://rufflewind.com/2015-02-01/cabal-gc …9 hours ago
mwotton: @aemeredith pop into #haskell.au or #haskell-beginners if you get stuck:)9 hours ago
fwgl hours ago
barrucadu: #York #Haskell meetup 2, last Thursday of February: http://www.meetup.com/York-Haskell/events/220226762/ … (please suggest things)9 hours ago
Template Haskell attempts to load mingw32.dll during build9 hours ago
handsy 0.0.69 hours ago
PLT_cheater: "@BrittMathis: Why can't we have hyphens in #Haskell identifiers? Couldn't we just require infix operators to be separated by spaces?" #fp10 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #perl vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/perl/haskell/ …10 hours ago
edwardwas/pokedex10 hours ago
hadoop-tools 0.610 hours ago
muhuk: Project Euler 09 in Frege https://github.com/muhuk/FregeEuler/blob/ad74bca398b108e9f5d7ae281a575e131c3a7542/src/Euler09.fr … #frege #haskell #projecteuler11 hours ago
leaky hours ago
hub 1.4.011 hours ago
hadoop-rpc hours ago
hadoop-rpc hours ago
hmatrix-csv hours ago
hashable-time hours ago
jacobstanley: Hacking and refactoring mercilessly for the last 3 hours. Finally compiles, worked first time. #haskell11 hours ago
Gtk2Hs : Existing function not found11 hours ago
Stop (ab)using CPP in Haskell sources11 hours ago
mchowning/learn12 hours ago
Yuras/blog.haskell-exists.comPersonal blog — 12 hours ago
mwc-random-monad hours ago
findmjob: Software Developer (Functional Programming) - London http://bit.ly/1EX2KkZ  #haskell #ocaml #jobs #hiring #careers12 hours ago
DebianNew: New package: #haskell-icalendar Version: by Clint Adams ... http://deb.li/tScl 12 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Simpler, easier! | Things that amuse me http://bit.ly/1wQG2EZ  #Haskell #Logic12 hours ago
what is the type () :: () in haskell means? [duplicate]12 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Simply easy! (An implementation of a dependently typed lambda calculus). ~ A. Löh, C. McBride & W. Swierstra http://bit.ly/1wQFM8R  #Haskell12 hours ago
yoeight: How I can contribute to xmonad-contrib ? I'd like to send a patch that handles bépo keyboard layout. #haskell #xmonad13 hours ago
what is the type () :: () in haskell means?14 hours ago
cumber/havroHaskell implementation of Apache Avro — 14 hours ago
DasAsozialeNetzwerk/irc2twitter14 hours ago
trifecta hours ago
No title14 hours ago
DasAsozialeNetzwerk/circus15 hours ago
Template Haskell attempts to load mingw32.dll during build15 hours ago
leaky hours ago
lukasepple/ockcala very simple calendar — 16 hours ago
realli/haskellDataAnarandom code (haskell data analysis cookbook) — 16 hours ago