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aeson-t 0.0.354 minutes ago
PawelPamula/FP101xFP101x Functional Programming in Haskell — an hour ago
ljackso/Dissertation-Stuff-OneMy first attemp at my dissertation — an hour ago
FrankCash2: @AMD Programming #haskell and #nodejs applications!an hour ago
ansi-terminal hour ago
happstack-authenticate 0.10.15an hour ago
tasty-quickcheck 0.8.3an hour ago
How to define a multiple composition function?an hour ago
a simpler way to declare typeclass instances2 hours ago
htsn-import 0.2.03 hours ago
42f87d89/BinZa few hours ago
Commutative Pattern Matchinga few hours ago
Braiko/test1learning Haskell — a few hours ago
a simpler way to declare typeclass instancesa few hours ago
lpil/learning-haskella few hours ago
aeson-t: Transform JSONa few hours ago
a simpler way to declare typeclass instancesa few hours ago
tasty few hours ago
ansi-terminal 0.6.2a few hours ago
a simpler way to declare typeclass instancesa few hours ago
CFFD/CRHFa collision resistant hash function — a few hours ago
kumarshantanu: Had a pretty cool first Bangalore #Haskell meetup at @ideadevice today with @jaseemabid covering "Tackling the Awkward Squad" paper.4 hours ago
vikraman/gentoo-haskell-statusGentoo haskell overlay status — 4 hours ago
scion-browser 0.3.44 hours ago
sqlhorror: The Antiblog: "On proper typing" by Ivan Appel http://bit.ly/1wvJuIE  #haskell4 hours ago
geraldus/WebSockets-TestsMinimal code example — 4 hours ago
codefordays: I think I'm going to learn me a Haskell for great good! #functional #haskell4 hours ago
Haskell all valuations for variables given domain of values5 hours ago
Trig functions with custom angles5 hours ago
resource-pool hours ago
_Ashish_Negi: aced second week #haskell #edx .. enjoying this new thinking #headinthebox5 hours ago
gmndl hours ago
Pause -- joe96 hours ago
Type mismatch when writing a Functor instance for Either6 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #clojure vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/clojure/haskell/ …6 hours ago
Consultants7 hours ago
xmonad io binding not working7 hours ago
gs-akhan/haskel-experimentsThis is test repo for all the experiments that I do on haskel — 7 hours ago
remote-debugger 0.1.17 hours ago
No title8 hours ago
Specify type for class function9 hours ago
Reassociating trees in Template Haskell AST's9 hours ago
remote-debugger 0.1.09 hours ago
BartoszMilewski: Implicit in @GorNishanov's talk Coroutines may provide plumbing for #monads in C++ in place of #Haskell do notation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUhSjfSbINE …10 hours ago
alexey_r: GHC weekly news https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/blog/weekly20141024 … Includes plans for a new LLVM backend and DWARF debugging information #haskell10 hours ago
Call-for-help: Add XDGBDS support to `directory` package10 hours ago
alexey_r: Permissive imports proposal for #Haskell http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/PermissiveImportsProposal …10 hours ago
Haskell: Better way of writing Maybe Endo?11 hours ago
hrevoice with ffi ( reverse.c )11 hours ago
Chromicon/jsonimpJSON HYSCRIPT importer for Hydstra webservice — 11 hours ago
In Elm, when value under a signal has a compound type such as a list, how to efficiently update one element11 hours ago
Parsing simple molecule names with Attoparsec12 hours ago
zni/highball-conductor12 hours ago
adarqui/DevUtils-StatgrabHelpers for the statgrab package (System.Statgrab) — 12 hours ago
fiendfan1/dilcueA parallel realtime(ish) haskell raytracer. Working towards non-euclidian geometry. — 12 hours ago
FRP frameworks and IO13 hours ago
install13 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #clojure vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/clojure/haskell/ …13 hours ago
install13 hours ago
kongra/hpaipHaskell implementation of some AI algorithms from P. Norvig's book "Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence programming, Case Studies in Common Lisp". — 13 hours ago
hs-php-session hours ago
igrep: ConduitのsourceFileを使ってStrictなByteStringを読むsourceを作って使った場合って、ファイルはいっぺんに読み込まれちゃうのだろうか。それともCondutiのlinesとかを使えば行ごとに読めるのだろうか #hasmoku #haskell14 hours ago
realli/TreePainterlittle tester programmer to display trees — 14 hours ago
How can a Haskell compiler deal with large projects? [on hold]14 hours ago
dillonhuff/EqualitySolverTheory solver for conjunctions of literals in the first order theory of uninterpreted functions with equality — 15 hours ago
How can a Haskell compiler deal with large projects?15 hours ago
alex_kurilin: Anybody out there managed to make @rescuetime work with @xmonad ? #productivity #ubuntu #xmonad #lifehack #haskell #linux #help #trustytahr15 hours ago
foobarsoft: I'm kicking ass with #Haskell today. Thanks to #QuickCheck I've almost got a working program to solve a children's block puzzle set. 15 hours ago
(Lack of) Ambiguous Type When Using Read and Show in Haskell15 hours ago
wihintz: Una vez pensamos que #SmallTalk era feo, pero después nos mostraron #ProLog, pero nada es peor que #Haskell...16 hours ago
Implementing Stream Integer for Coefficients16 hours ago
Randometer hours ago
alex_kurilin: A little bit of #haskell #yesod of integration with @mandrillapp tonight, pretty smooth. Network.HTTP.Client is pretty straightforward.16 hours ago
1HaskellADay: A solution (actually two defined solutions) to @BenVitale even odds problem posted for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/113167 16 hours ago
hans hours ago
colchis hours ago
bhamrick/wmonad18 hours ago
strake/lenz-mtl.hs18 hours ago
strake/lenz-template.hs18 hours ago
strake/lenz.hsVan Laarhoven lenses — 18 hours ago
Are there ANY good game engines for haskell?18 hours ago
strake/generic-tree.hs18 hours ago
strake/util.hsHaskell utility library — 18 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #commonlisp vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/commonlisp/haskell/ …18 hours ago
DifferenceLogic hours ago
How to do Lazy Map deserialization in Haskell19 hours ago
begriffs: Just created my first #haskell package on hackage: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/aeson-t  (for transforming JSON)19 hours ago
My first package on hackage - feedback please20 hours ago
Aatos Heikkinen shares: John's Go Page homepages.cwi.nl ...20 hours ago
JewelDivaNY: Early Miriam #haskell Wrap #Bracelet http://www.jeweldiva.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=SN-4786 …+ #costumejewelry #miriamhaskell #pearls pic.twitter.com/bqv0roQD9s20 hours ago
xpika/Isomorphism20 hours ago
aeson-t 0.0.220 hours ago
ttuegel/autonix-depsLibrary for Nix expression dependency generation — 20 hours ago
The GHC Team: GHC Weekly News - 2014/10/2420 hours ago
relrod/eckchayGet an email notification when various things about a list of websites change. — 20 hours ago
hsebaysdk hours ago
smurphy8/refactor-patternmatch-with-lensRefactor a large pattern matching function with lenses for clarity. — 20 hours ago
Reassociating trees in Template Haskell AST's20 hours ago
haskell_hackers: Unusual #Haskell Categories So.26.10 18:00@ indiaking.de http://haskell-hackathon.no-ip.org/#next_hackathon  #Hackathon #Munich #muc #ger #programming #meetup #math #fp21 hours ago
robertgoss/languageA repo to keep some projects exploring language. — 21 hours ago