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What is the difference between polymorphism and overloading?17 minutes ago
Nunovni/quituteriaRepositorio criado para atividade de Haskell — 28 minutes ago
purescript 0.9.135 minutes ago
LaParrillaKS: Chicken Enchiladas with mole #LFK #larryville #LawrenceKS #ku #haskell #foodie #enchilada #Mexicanfood #foodpornpic.twitter.com/KvOTvHF43Ran hour ago
data-function-tacit hour ago
arithmoi hours ago
aaronvargo/nested2 hours ago
octane 0.5.62 hours ago
phantom-state hours ago
Pattern Matching on Functionsa few hours ago
S3 request signing with amazonkaa few hours ago
How to use replace `Proxy :: Proxy a` with `type MyType a = Int` with `a` as phantom typea few hours ago
SIGPLAN Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop @ ICFPa few hours ago
eventstore few hours ago
How to pass and use phantom types without using Proxy?a few hours ago
delude few hours ago
chemouna/PearlsFPWorking through the book Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design by Richard Bird using Haskell — a few hours ago
wayofthepie/neo4j-bolta few hours ago
sboosali/vinyl-genericsa few hours ago
sdekker/fractalsSpace filling fractal curve encoders — a few hours ago
Library request: validate JSON structure with nice structured errors4 hours ago
Haskell pattern match on content of list4 hours ago
sboosali/refined-extra5 hours ago
Haskell - Reading data from file and storing into a container5 hours ago
AmazingGems: #Vintage #Haskell Style Enamel Flower #Rhinestone Coral #Brooch by JustSparkles http://etsy.me/1kyY1l2  via @Etsypic.twitter.com/iGivCwZisy5 hours ago
dustinrohde/stringutilsNo description — 5 hours ago
cndict 0.7.75 hours ago
functional2ch: GitHub - owainlewis/http-dispatch: A high level HTTP client for Haskell that focuses on ease of use:... http://bit.ly/1Zb9NjO  #Haskell5 hours ago
How do I use my Reader: newtype R r a = R { run :: r -> a }?6 hours ago
biohazard 0.6.66 hours ago
skedgeme: We're #hiring Sr. Front End Engineers to join our team here in Manhattan! Apply Now! #StartUp #haskell http://skedge.info/careers-3/ 6 hours ago
etorreborre: @JulienTruffaut it was my haha moment when we implemented that fn from the #haskell book today. Really glad I can do the same in #scala!6 hours ago
slave-thread hours ago
partial-handler 1.0.16 hours ago
ezrosent/lock-comonadToying around with representing locks and scoping rules as indexed (co)monads in Haskell. — 6 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: CSV encoding and decoding in Haskell with Cassava. ~ J.P. Villa http://bit.ly/22w71aO  #Haskell #Data_Science6 hours ago
[Job Ad] Programming position at the Centre for Linguistic Theory and Studies in Probability (CLASP)6 hours ago
mbernat/diagrams-playPlaying with rendering of dynamic graphs — 6 hours ago
enolan/findcrashHelp debug intermittent crashes by automatically running the program until it crashes — 6 hours ago
yulian-khlevnoy/hoursework6 hours ago
Terminology? "type class" or "typeclass"7 hours ago
NowLivecodingtv: Tune in live! "Haskell: product configurator" https://www.livecoding.tv/mgreenly/  #learning #engineer #Haskell7 hours ago
scrape-changes hours ago
octane 0.5.57 hours ago
nickarmstronggr: @RobertTalbert I think you would enjoy this #haskell article. A Very General Method of Computing Shortest Paths http://r6.ca/blog/20110808T035622Z.html …7 hours ago
telegram-api hours ago
MaximilianAlgehed/APLinHaskellAPL... Implemented in haskell... — 7 hours ago
DeBeNoPrMa/dmDrupal manager to work in a single website using several machines — 7 hours ago
irrequietus: The importance of lenses in #haskell is paragonable to the philosopher's stone in alchemy. A true connoisseur comes out immortal and rich.7 hours ago
inf-interval hours ago
rose-trie hours ago
minilens hours ago
You can find out if a list is a palindrome using (==) <*> reverse. How does it work?8 hours ago
Weigh your Haskell code by Christoph Breitkopf8 hours ago
Haskell - Read a single int from a file and print it9 hours ago
Clipboard hours ago
erisco/data-function-tacit(Haskell) Write functions in tacit (pointless) style using Applicative and De Bruijn index notation. — 9 hours ago
Clipboard hours ago
sjfloat: #Haskell-8-2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIimRbcOvM8&feature=em-uploademail …9 hours ago
<hpc> it might just be that i am spoiled by perl9 hours ago
andrevdm: Blogged: Creating a Stack Machine with #Haskell http://www.andrevdm.com/posts/2016-05-28-haskellStackVm.html …. My first Haskell project, and a new web site created with Hakyll.9 hours ago
Constraints in type family instances9 hours ago
etorreborre: Capitalize the first letter of a String with #haskell: over _head toUpper. So niiiice (import Control.Lens and Data.Char)9 hours ago
abailly/system-extraMixed system-level utilities in Haskell — 10 hours ago
rcook/par-serverParallel HTTP server in Haskell — 10 hours ago
TypeCompose 0.9.1210 hours ago
binary-list hours ago
Delude (superset of Prelude that allows for more intuitive notation in some cases)10 hours ago
HaTeX hours ago
CSV encoding and decoding in Haskell with Cassava10 hours ago
CSV encoding and decoding in Haskell with Cassava10 hours ago
delude hours ago
stack-run-auto hours ago
extract-dependencies hours ago
Delta-Lambda hours ago
Haskell eXchange 2016 Call for Contributions11 hours ago
tommototom/hs-labs11 hours ago
followsChalk/FieldE11 hours ago
phantom-state hours ago
How to prove this Haskell code using equational reasoning11 hours ago
haskell-bayern/logo11 hours ago
servant-swagger-ui hours ago
tkmsm: IORef や STRef があるのに、なぜ Reader, Writer, State が必要なのか。参照(非NULL)はポインタよりは安全だけど、固定されたコンテキストよりは十分に危険だから。(適当) #haskell11 hours ago
Teggy: Worth every bit/cent/penny. Students, go get it! #Haskell https://twitter.com/HaskellForMac/status/737619519443603456 …12 hours ago
ozgus4000: Never too young to learn #haskell pic.twitter.com/TZqWeQjHt512 hours ago
mboogerd/hello-haskellNo description — 12 hours ago
servant-swagger 1.113 hours ago
HostsTools/HostsTool-ConsoleA cross platform console tool for racaljk/hosts. — 13 hours ago
HostsTools/Haskell-ConsoleA cross platform console tool for racaljk/hosts. — 13 hours ago
intero 0.1.1313 hours ago
hw-rankselect hours ago
How to specify the instance from which a function is called13 hours ago
winterland1989/hetero-storeFast read-only heterogeneous data structures. — 13 hours ago
winterland1989/hetero-dictFast read-only heterogeneous data structures. — 13 hours ago
LightAndLight/pl0-haskellPL/0 compiler written in Haskell — 13 hours ago
sjfloat: @Profpatsch Not Perl 5 and #haskell”?13 hours ago
Jan Stolarek: Installing OCaml under openSUSE 11.4, or: “the compilation of conf-ncurses failed”13 hours ago
archfiery/hs-notes13 hours ago
rainbyte/midi-portmidi13 hours ago
hlwm hours ago