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adw1n/haskell-tutorialNo description — 10 minutes ago
fastparser 0.3.010 minutes ago
Why was Haskell named after someone's first name and not last name?12 minutes ago
servant-auth-server minutes ago
servant-auth-client minutes ago
polyconfhq: Practical Deep Learning in #Haskell http://buff.ly/2r3vieq  by @huwasp52 minutes ago
thiry/DCompNo description — 53 minutes ago
cocreature: I’m using alex/happy for the first time and it’s surprisingly pleasant #haskell.an hour ago
noavarice/hs-hanoiNo description — an hour ago
Rhinestonediva: ♢❋ #Vintage MIRIAM #HASKELL Milk Glass Bead Rhinestone Bib Necklace Runway... Just for you http://ebay.to/2qmDvrz pic.twitter.com/fGF4Zynd1Dan hour ago
Hackathon2 hours ago
e-bigmoon/NewlineTestNo description — 2 hours ago
vojiranto/siteNo description — 3 hours ago
RamanBut-Husaim/cis194No description — 3 hours ago
codygman/tmphsoh the possibilities — 3 hours ago
Adding support for user defined data types to cassandra-cql3 hours ago
asherlie/memesNo description — 3 hours ago
jonathanknowles/eta-bytearray-conversionNo description — a few hours ago
AdamSmitht1: #Haskell - How would I run a list of state monads? #Tech #News #HowTo http://abizy.com/p/view.html?url=https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44193347/haskell-how-would-i-run-a-list-of-state-monads …a few hours ago
Rhinestonediva: Vintage MIRIAM #HASKELL Milk Glass Bead #Rhinestone Bib #Necklace Runway... Exclusive! http://ebay.to/2qmDvrz pic.twitter.com/Rb5yapKts5a few hours ago
Rhinestonediva: ◕∞ HUGE Vintage RARE #Early 30s MIRIAM #HASKELL #Glass Tube Bead Dangle Broo... Check It Out http://ebay.to/2oNrxdr pic.twitter.com/uLVdCHBv9ba few hours ago
BenjyWiener/dekryptoA Krypto puzzle solver written in Haskell. — a few hours ago
How to quickly customize Read/Show instances on the lines of FromJSON/ToJSON instances5 hours ago
jfischoff/partial-options-monoid-patternA demo of the Partial Options Monoid pattern — 5 hours ago
StephenPiment: Blogdown: a markup language based on Markdown, designed for writing blog posts. #Haskell https://github.com/alexbecker/blogdown …5 hours ago
StephenPiment: Traversable: A Remix #Haskell http://duplode.github.io/posts/traversable-a-remix.html …5 hours ago
d-Yamaguchi/ECDSANo description — 5 hours ago
ajaysusarla/charchaNo description — 5 hours ago
haiji hours ago
Rhinestonediva: ‡ Vintage MIRIAM #HASKELL #Milk Glass Bead Rhinestone Bib #Necklace Runway... Limited Time http://ebay.to/2qmDvrz pic.twitter.com/xGdiSxGLOs6 hours ago
objectxplosive: ASAHI Net が sponsor に出てる ➤ Accepted projects for 2017 http://j.mp/2qlPMw0  #Haskell6 hours ago
chewzerita/bitqget data about bitcoin, wow — 7 hours ago
vishalgautamm/programming-in-haskellSolutions to problems from the book 'Programming in Haskell' by Graham Hutton — 7 hours ago
LogikEdge/YarisYet Another Really Intelligent System — 7 hours ago
JasonKerney: Dinner learning after @lambda_conf #types #Haskell pic.twitter.com/ioz3KMEfTd7 hours ago
versions 3.0.27 hours ago
A new type of newtype --- Type-level instance diversification and resolution (tl; dr)8 hours ago
sbp 2.2.38 hours ago
Beginner Haskell Question8 hours ago
morecobol: well, I'll keep making $350/hr writing #cobol that'll still be running 50 years from now, and you an go write #haskell with broke hipsters8 hours ago
HaskellLibHunt: Our #Haskell Newsletter #13 is out https://haskell.libhunt.com/newsletters/13  Featuring @int_index @ali_pang @puffnfresh9 hours ago
zw3rktech: In case you missed this #haskell post in your timezone. https://twitter.com/zw3rktech/status/867675565482029056 …9 hours ago
hnormalise hours ago
gnss-converters 0.2.910 hours ago
nvmd/hs-servant-querylistNo description — 10 hours ago
EgorKotenko/Haskell-courseCompleted Haskell course — 11 hours ago
lucasdicioccio/http2-clientA native HTTP2 client in Haskell — 11 hours ago
jackboot7: (I need to include more #Haskell and #Golang into my daily routine)11 hours ago
Rhinestonediva: ✯ Vintage MIRIAM #HASKELL Milk #Glass #Bead Rhinestone Bib Necklace Runway... Share http://ebay.to/2qmDvrz pic.twitter.com/jVZt6a3bX212 hours ago
fltkhs hours ago
bench 1.0.412 hours ago
nfallen/Regex-to-DFA-ConstructorNo description — 12 hours ago
ndmitchell/profiteroleGHC prof manipulation script — 13 hours ago
SvenWille/HaskellGraphicsImplementing graphical "stuff" using different graphic libraries — 13 hours ago
wowofbob/scratchNo description — 13 hours ago
sbp 2.2.213 hours ago
cocreature/llvm-tablegenNo description — 13 hours ago
stutter hours ago
dunnl/listerineTesting Haskell's servant with pandoc and GHCJS — 14 hours ago
rayhogenson/urandomNo description — 14 hours ago
waxzce: Grenade: Practical Deep Learning in #Haskell https://github.com/HuwCampbell/grenade …pic.twitter.com/Z3mO8o3xAx14 hours ago
StephenPiment: #Haskell on Android using Eta https://brianmckenna.org/blog/eta_android …14 hours ago
StephenPiment: Discovering Continuations with Typed Holes #Haskell http://vaibhavsagar.com/blog/2017/05/22/discovering-continuations/ …14 hours ago
StephenPiment: Type Class Patterns and Anti-patterns #Haskell https://hackernoon.com/type-class-patterns-and-anti-patterns-efd045c5af66 …14 hours ago
SvenWille/ParsecImplementingEsolangsimplementing mostly esolangs using multiple (parsec) libraries — 14 hours ago
joaolrpaulo/html_browserNo description — 14 hours ago
Gregb122/pracownia_nr4No description — 15 hours ago
emilianbold: I've been doing #Haskell on @exercism_io for the past hours. This stuff is fun!15 hours ago
GrosQuildu/agh_gomokuHaskell minmax gomoku game — 15 hours ago
johnhaley81/email-fetcherNo description — 15 hours ago
How do you split a string into a list of strings all of length 3?16 hours ago
claudiumarinescu/haskell-monte-carloMonte Carlo Tree Search (Haskell), used in Tic Tac Toe. — 16 hours ago
lobsters: Issue 56 :: Haskell Weekly https://haskellweekly.news/issues/56.html  https://lobste.rs/s/h5qgvu  #haskell16 hours ago
esqueleto 2.5.216 hours ago
vasanthaganeshk: Interning with #HSoC, working for #haskell-mode #Haskell #FreeSoftware #Emacs17 hours ago
glirc 2.21.117 hours ago
line 3.1.017 hours ago
rohan-choudhari/HaskellDailyDaily Haskell Projects — 17 hours ago
Bitcoin reward for a solution to this problem17 hours ago
hbklain: Congratulations @soph_esteem on signing her NLI to play volleyball at Haskell University #GoWarriors #WarriorVolleyball #TubaCity #Haskell pic.twitter.com/x8Qcr5L6sO17 hours ago
jbddc/ac1617Haskell lib for AC1617 — 18 hours ago
tomas_ehrlich: Escaping Hell with Monads, great examples how monads solve various problems https://philipnilsson.github.io/Badness10k/posts/2017-05-07-escaping-hell-with-monads.html … #haskell #monad #javascript18 hours ago
jbddc/actp3Class assignment — 18 hours ago
tmj_tul_hrta: Interested in a #job in #Haskell, OK? This could be a great fit: http://bit.ly/2r0GJ6K  #SONIC #Hospitality #Hiring #CareerArc18 hours ago
som 9.0.218 hours ago
CodePicnic: Learn all you need to know about Haskell with our Haskell development playground! Click and is all ready - https://codepicnic.com/try/haskell?utm_source=facebook&utm_term=codepicnic+haskell&utm_campaign=codepicnic_try_201705 … #Haskell pic.twitter.com/Ek7jo367eM18 hours ago
racingicemen/racingicemen.github.io.hakyllHakyll source for racingicemen.github.io — 18 hours ago
StephenPiment: Matterhorn, a #Haskell text user-interface (TUI) chat client for the MatterMost chat service. https://github.com/matterhorn-chat/matterhorn …18 hours ago
karls/stack-hpack-build-testWeird build behaviour — 18 hours ago
jmn/goodreadsa Command line client for Goodreads website — 18 hours ago
jchitel/ProjectEuler.hsMy implementation of Project Euler solutions in Haskell — 18 hours ago
creatur 5.9.1619 hours ago
Better step-through debugging for ghci?19 hours ago
Issue 56 :: Haskell Weekly19 hours ago
tmj_RAM_jobs: We're #hiring! Click to apply: Shift Supervisor Management Trainee - http://bit.ly/2r0oK0i  #Haskell, NJ #Job #Jobs19 hours ago
haskellweekly: #Haskell Weekly issue 56! @nikivazou @jaspervdj @ali_pang @zw3rktech @jfischoff @james_OWA @cdepillabout @puffnfreshhttps://haskellweekly.news/issues/56.html 19 hours ago
haskellweekly: #Haskell Weekly issue 56! @nikivazou @jaspervdj @ali_pang @zw3rktech @jfischoff @james_OWA @cdepillabout @puffnfresh https://haskellweekly.news/issues/56.html 19 hours ago
mtesseract/servant-streaming-exampleServant Streaming Example — 20 hours ago
snipcheck hours ago
nyah_check: Monads is one of the most dreaded concepts in @HaskellOrg I think it's just a myth for the unenlightened. This summarizes it all. #Haskell21 hours ago