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What happens in this If-Else in Haskell?7 minutes ago
[Elm] "Controlling Time and Space: understanding the many formulations of FRP" by Evan Czaplicki15 minutes ago
owickstrom/muninNo description — 18 minutes ago
hindent 3.422 minutes ago
klao/loadtestBenchmarks of various messaging frameworks — 24 minutes ago
shell-conduit 3.027 minutes ago
Taulmarill: list of #Haskell lang extensions i want to learn: DeriveGeneric DataKinds TypeFamilies KindSignatures am i missing something interesting?30 minutes ago
opqdonut/haskell-exercisesHaskell exercises with automatic tests — 39 minutes ago
HaskellImplementorsWorkshop/201439 minutes ago
How to use Data.Default with Network.HTTP.Client53 minutes ago
magthe: Hmm, feeling limited by the OO-ness of it all. How I wish it were #haskellan hour ago
[ANN] codex hour ago
How to use Default.Default with Network.HTTP.Clientan hour ago
wfaler: Observation: tooling support ("IDE"/editors etc) for #Haskell is far better & more reliable than it is for #Scala.an hour ago
PLT_cheater: Boilerplate code... I lol'd: http://www.simontylercousins.net/it-only-multiplies-three-numbers/ … via @simontcousins #Fsharp #fp #CatTh #math #Haskell #programming #oop #failan hour ago
User:Benjijonesan hour ago
how to use hs_init_ghc and pass runtime params to a dllan hour ago
HaskellImplementorsWorkshop/20142 hours ago
File:GUMSMP-HWLoidl-HIW2014.pdf2 hours ago
no instance2 hours ago
purelyfunc: Write shell scripts in Haskell with Conduit http://chrisdone.com/posts/shell-conduit … #haskell2 hours ago
HaskellImplementorsWorkshop/20143 hours ago
hindent 3.33 hours ago
ghc-prof-options and libraries on Hackage3 hours ago
cassava hours ago
phonetic-code hours ago
BartMassey/phonetic-codephonetic codes in Haskell — 3 hours ago
Operations with user defined Datatypea few hours ago
ghc-prof-options and libraries on Hackagea few hours ago
JoukoVirta: Had wild nightmares about allegedly improper #haskell function definitions. Thanks a lot @pyrtsa !a few hours ago
ghc-prof-options and libraries on Hackagea few hours ago
cppcabrera: #haskell More details here as to the latest state of this line of research - 1.0: http://bibiserv.techfak.uni-bielefeld.de/adp/ps/adp.pdf  2.0: http://www.bioinf.uni-leipzig.de/conference-registration/13haskell/submissions/hal8_submission_6.pdf …a few hours ago
elm-reactor 0.1a few hours ago
konn/objc-animatedA simple FRP & Cocoa bindings based particle animation — a few hours ago
elm-get 0.1.3a few hours ago
pit 0.2.04 hours ago
elm-repl 0.34 hours ago
Elm 0.134 hours ago
Haskell job opportunity in Santiago, Chile5 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: What is functional programming? (R. Bird "Thinking functionally with Haskell" p. 1) http://bit.ly/1pe4vjJ  #Haskell pic.twitter.com/XAeRXJAxsX5 hours ago
NeuroAvalanche: #Programming QOTD: "This isn’t as awesome as #haskell but is pretty good.”5 hours ago
NeuroAvalanche: #Programming QOTD: "This isnt as awesome as #haskell but is pretty good.”5 hours ago
sharpevo/xmonad5 hours ago
gitit hours ago
purescript hours ago
persistent-mongoDB 2.0.66 hours ago
persistent hours ago
purescript hours ago
Haskell - How to write twice function using (.) f g - function composition6 hours ago
which language extension to enable this behavior?6 hours ago
spruett345/sudoku-solverSimple sudoku solver — 6 hours ago
pandoc-citeproc 0.66 hours ago
vimus 0.2.06 hours ago
sseefried/free-monad-in-free-monad-exampleAn example of evaluating a free monad inside a free monad — 6 hours ago
marchelzo/hlispmy attempt at a lisp implementation in the Haskell programming language. — 6 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #elisp vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/elisp/haskell/ …7 hours ago
Haskell - How to write (.) f f = (\x -> f (f x)) - Correctly7 hours ago
bulldawg/hh_interviewInterview code sample for hannon hill — 7 hours ago
plbrannen/hh_interviewInterview code sample for hannon hill — 7 hours ago
xmpipe hours ago
HonanTio: Back in the city, and happy my #bolts won... now for the start of a busy week. Looking forward to my #LFK trip! #Haskell8 hours ago
engelsanchez/findpath_hsToy Haskell program that finds a path in a text input map using the A* search algorithm — 8 hours ago
fix-imports 1.0.48 hours ago
0x65/compilerA compiler for something, I don't know what yet — 8 hours ago
ghc-prof-options and libraries on Hackage8 hours ago
Leksah 0.14.1 includes a Web Inspector8 hours ago
Haskell / GHCi - loading modules from different directories8 hours ago
DSL implementation9 hours ago
GaloisInc/mistralAn interpreter for the Mistral language. — 9 hours ago
mvc-updates 1.1.19 hours ago
cevaris/space-sceneA Haskell OpenGL/GLUT implementation Space 3D Scene — 9 hours ago
LinkChecker: this compiles at least10 hours ago
How to define superclass?10 hours ago
lwm/hakyll-sourceMy personal website source — 10 hours ago
Haskell superclass10 hours ago
No title10 hours ago
raichoo: A little #haskell dependent type kata https://gist.github.com/raichoo/d0a94883040ac6b0e7bc …10 hours ago
keystore hours ago
ardamose123: @Functionalworks Next weekend, I want to implement in #Haskell some stuff recently written in PHP. Gotta convince some people to move to FP.11 hours ago
ghc-prof-options and libraries on Hackage11 hours ago
lukke100/quad-trees11 hours ago
swish hours ago
ghc-prof-options and libraries on Hackage11 hours ago
Does creating a (non-list) data structure via fromList actually create the list?11 hours ago
xml-push hours ago
mvc-updates 1.1.011 hours ago
hactor hours ago
fujimura/mongodb-query-builderMongoDB Query Builder in Haskell — 12 hours ago
vty 5.2.212 hours ago
yoeight: New post: MVC in #Haskell http://www.corecursion.net/article/2014-09-20-MVC_in_Haskell …12 hours ago
Haskell - how to wire together components that have different subsets of dependencies?13 hours ago
benma/bitdBlockchain indexer — 13 hours ago
miniutter hours ago
debasishg: @kmett & @luqui on typeclasses and dictionary passing .. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25855507/are-typeclasses-essential … #Haskell13 hours ago
ghc-prof-options and libraries on Hackage13 hours ago
ghc-prof-options and libraries on Hackage13 hours ago
binary-strict hours ago
binary-strict hours ago
Jiggins/Travelling-Sales-PersonPlaying around with the TSP again. — 14 hours ago
chatsftd/HTML_in_HaskellLet ghc do the HTML5 validation — 14 hours ago