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romhack/kirbyLzRleMixed LZ-RLE compression tool for HAL Laboratory games. — 13 minutes ago
distributed-process-p2p hour ago
yesod-auth 1.6.1an hour ago
SusanPotter: I hate wasting time on people embroiled in personal hatred of others. Everyone's time & good work is being wasted for ego. So here's a plastic bucket to argue with, because I'm tired of being misquoted by [many] men. #haskell pic.twitter.com/SAj7QW9Wszan hour ago
snu5mumr1k/haskell-courseNo description — an hour ago
GHC Compile-time evaluationan hour ago
loothood/hask_webdriver_exampleNo description — 2 hours ago
Chart-diagrams 1.8.32 hours ago
zsamotw/somehaskellNo description — 2 hours ago
Chart-gtk 1.8.32 hours ago
Chart-cairo 1.8.32 hours ago
Chart 1.8.32 hours ago
timeit 2.03 hours ago
SoupEvil: Our self written papego backend runs ‘completely’ with Haskell extremely stable. We doubled our engineering staff recently (now 2), we are far from billion and we don’t make a buzz about us. I’m happy with #Haskell in production.3 hours ago
merijn/timeitA simple wrapper of an IO computation to show the used CPU time. — a few hours ago
StefanKoppier/INFOAFP-ProjectNo description — a few hours ago
jproyo/market-parserNo description — a few hours ago
ocramz_yo: Another day, another quarrel over the PVP and management of core #Haskell infrastructure. Please consider downstream tools like stack when you change cabal and friends, that's all.4 hours ago
jet8a/haskell-tutorialNo description — 4 hours ago
hadolint 1.5.05 hours ago
Arrow laws of Netwire5 hours ago
herulume: let f = foldr ((++).(\n ->if n>0 then [n+1] else [])) #haskell can be beautiful5 hours ago
yamad/count_read_lengthsCount sequencing read lengths in a FASTQ file, implementation study — 5 hours ago
Arrow laws of Netwire5 hours ago
AnickaBurova/find-filter-runNo description — 6 hours ago
toxicafunk/haskellbookNo description — 6 hours ago
DataNinjasUK: Not something that we come across very often, but do you agree with today's Commuter Read? https://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2018/01/24/when-is-haskell-more-useful-than-r-or-python-in-data-science/ … #python #R #Haskell #ML #MachineLearning #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #analytics #data #analytics #programming #technews6 hours ago
nwtgck/struct-indenter-haskellIndent structure — 7 hours ago
language-c 0.7.27 hours ago
mjgerdes/ctestAutomatic, corpus based solving of language C-tests. — 7 hours ago
fedora-haskell-tools 0.5.17 hours ago
codeworld-api hours ago
microgroove hours ago
microgroove hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: #Exercitium: Soluciones de "Menor número divisible por 10^n cuyos dígitos suman n". http://www.glc.us.es/~jalonso/exercitium/menor-numero-divisible-por-10n-cuyos-digitos-suman-n … #Haskell #I1M20178 hours ago
Lysxia/generic-dataNo description — 9 hours ago
Tell the compiler to `justDoIt` – djinn as a GHC typechecker plugin9 hours ago
Mark Jason Dominus: Composition of utility pole ID tags9 hours ago
meriy100/nippougen-botNo description — 9 hours ago
mjgerdes/fwgFantasy World Generator — 9 hours ago
Arrow laws of Netwire9 hours ago
No title9 hours ago
xah_lee: #math free text book. Functional Geometry, 2013, Sussman, Wisdom, Farr. http://xahlee.info/math/functional_geometry_2013_sussman.html … Sussman is the same guy who wrote SICP #lisp #racketlang #haskell pic.twitter.com/Vsb1Z5qtBB9 hours ago
No title10 hours ago
Daniel_Nikpayuk: Has anyone done the #Haskell joke: Call me Maybe yet? #PleaseShareLink10 hours ago
aaronchall: #Haskell function parameters, or arguments, are listed after the name of the function: foo a b c = a + b + c Passing an argument is called "application" - which happens left to right: > foo 1 2 3 6 In #python: def foo(a, b, c): return a + b + c >>> foo(1, 2, 3) 6pic.twitter.com/Bnv91lpR5m10 hours ago
aaronchall: #Python vs #Haskell Haskell functions look like assignment, e.g.: main = print "hello World" that main is special, in Haskell it runs automatically. Python - it's got a keyword, parens, and a colon: def main(): print("hello World") Python's main won't run automatically.10 hours ago
1HaskellADay: Tuesday's #haskell problem: More fun with elements in a list! Whee! https://github.com/geophf/1HaskellADay/blob/master/exercises/HAD/Y2018/M02/D20/Exercise.hs …11 hours ago
snowleopard/build-systemsNotes and experiments in build systems — 11 hours ago
apoorvingle: Minimalistic type checker. Currently implements: algorithm M and algorithm W flavors to type check HM style let-polymorphic STLC https://github.com/apoorvingle/stlc-type-checker … #Haskell #typetheory11 hours ago
Tsuru is hiring!11 hours ago
Tsuru is hiring12 hours ago
jacqueline-homan/TracerA Haskell program that tracks who is hitting your website according to their IP addy, doubling as a Haskell prisms and lenses tutorial — 12 hours ago
Two of the main contributors to the Haskell web3 library will be hosting an AMA next Wednesday.12 hours ago
sgeop/kronNo description — 12 hours ago
Arrow laws of Netwire13 hours ago
ANN: stack-1.6.513 hours ago
Lysxia/show-combinatorsNo description — 13 hours ago
HList hours ago
language-ats hours ago
tuckergs/cosi-rpgThe adventures of an old, decrepit college student named Reese. — 14 hours ago
psygnisfive/BBHSBarbados Haskell Class Lecture Notes — 14 hours ago
aavogt/HList-gitNo description — 14 hours ago
Tanzeel_Akhtar: ..... late night trying to understand #coding #blockchain concepts .... #technical details .... #Plutus #Haskell #techpic.twitter.com/DoEnYgupvn14 hours ago
ats-pkg hours ago
jacobb246/ConcNo description — 14 hours ago
r-amaral/haskell_ramblingsNo description — 15 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Atomic expressions generically. ~ Neil Mitchell http://neilmitchell.blogspot.com.es/2018/02/atomic-expressions-generically.html … #Haskell15 hours ago
tmsm1999/Functional-Programming-HaskellNo description — 15 hours ago
rfc hours ago
morteako/liquid-masterNo description — 15 hours ago
rayl/musicHaskell code to model harmonic music — 15 hours ago
mjgerdes/sucthisNo description — 15 hours ago
[ANN] WebSockets tunnel library, wstunnel15 hours ago
jesuschroist/cellular_automatashort project written in Haskell, output via SVG file — 15 hours ago
sboosali/reflex-audioReflex FRP for Audio, Behaviors define audio signals — 15 hours ago
No title16 hours ago
sparse-linear-algebra hours ago
Maybe and First monad16 hours ago
Spaceghost/luna-stdlibLuna programming language standard library — 16 hours ago
parsing millions of log data in seconds.16 hours ago
RichieMobile/logparserNo description — 17 hours ago
dino-/uacpidUserspace Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon — 17 hours ago
odanoburu/unitex-pb-parserNo description — 17 hours ago
chris-martin/postgresql-queryFork of https://bitbucket.org/s9gf4ult/postgresql-query — 17 hours ago
Pointer equality for nullary constructors18 hours ago
rfc hours ago
m-bradley/rosalind-solutionsNo description — 19 hours ago
ryanbas21/HaskellLearning Haskell — 19 hours ago
abhishekmsharma/haskell-snippetsNo description — 19 hours ago
haneybarg/RSA-criptography-hsThe RSA criptography in haskell, made for learning purposes — 19 hours ago
conduit-algorithms hours ago
ketzacoatl/quitoHaskell webapp for my learning about yesod — 20 hours ago
gcapizzi/jamespath-hsAn Haskell implementation of the JMESPath query language for JSON. — 20 hours ago
qfjp/MipsPPMIPS Pretty Printer (Preprocessor?) — 20 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Haskell exercises with automatic tests. ~ Alexey Kuleshevich https://github.com/lehins/haskell-exercises … #Haskell21 hours ago
katip-rollbar hours ago
guibou/CGSamplesComputer Graphics samples — 21 hours ago
Walkthrough building an ultra light docker image21 hours ago
TheKojuEffect/haskell-exercismHaskell solutions from http://exercism.io/languages/haskell/exercises — 21 hours ago