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sai-shape-syb 0.3.33 minutes ago
tweag/static-pointers-examplesExamples and tutorials for GHC's -XStaticPointers language extension. — 6 minutes ago
qtamaki: #scalajp #haskell 自己ブクマ / “「関数プログラミング 珠玉のアルゴリズムデザイン」をScalaで実装してみる 第2章 - セカイノカタチ” http://htn.to/CyDRcg 15 minutes ago
OverloadedStrings for chars [duplicate]16 minutes ago
sqlhorror: Getting Parse Error... http://bit.ly/1CgZgez  #haskell32 minutes ago
objectxplosive: .@fumieval type-safe printf として http://j.mp/13TQODO  なんてのがあるのです。他にも TH 使うやつが有ったなあ #Haskell44 minutes ago
OverloadedStrings for chars50 minutes ago
TechWars_io: We compared #haskell vs #rust - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/haskell/rust/ …an hour ago
pretty hour ago
findmjob: Software Developer (Functional Programming) - Hong Kong http://bit.ly/1zns0kC  #ocaml #haskell #jobs #hiring #careersan hour ago
savannidgerinel: A basic tool for describing command-line applications in #haskell. http://savannidgerinel.com/page/name/2014-12-22 …an hour ago
geophf: #haskell So, how do you show numbers in hex or binary or octal or sextal or whatever? Is there a switch on the REPL?an hour ago
cabal-src 0.2.5an hour ago
emmanueltouzery: that feel when the type signature is longer than the function itself #haskellan hour ago
hspec-server 0.3.12 hours ago
mankyKitty/MeteorNo description — 3 hours ago
Variable associated types / data types in Haskella few hours ago
http-client-streams few hours ago
Haskell Poll Results - Stephen Diehl's Commentarya few hours ago
Trouble booting Hastea few hours ago
"Inferred type is ambiguous" error using Data.Vectora few hours ago
Could someone help me to understand funB?a few hours ago
Converting list of tuples to String in Haskell?4 hours ago
sqlhorror: Use Stackage for docs http://bit.ly/16Dc41Y  #haskell5 hours ago
Stratege/Brainfuck-InterpretersA few quick BF interpreters made while learning more about compilers and interpreters. — 5 hours ago
gl 0.6.25 hours ago
1HaskellADay: Today's #haskell: in which we want to have the most zeros. Fancy that! http://lpaste.net/116932  (I guess we're not playing Dodgeball, then!)5 hours ago
bigjhill23: Shout out to all my day ones just because @Friend918 @Clark04Haymaker @ronsterD @Ty_Johnson40 @joshdneal @arterberry_j #haskell #045 hours ago
bholdt/learninghaskellHaskell Exercises from http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~cis194/spring13/lectures.html — 6 hours ago
KeeganMyers/taskTrackerThis is a basic task tracking web application written using yesod, mongodb, and angularjs. It was created for the express purpose of learning Haskell and is currently under heavy development — 6 hours ago
podmostom: http://pleac.sourceforge.net/pleac_haskell/datesandtimes.html … a small #haskell time and date cheatsheet.6 hours ago
aeud/firsths7 hours ago
Chobbes/RotundaThe scheduler of life. — 7 hours ago
Haskell: Alternative, non-circular definition of Redex?7 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #rust vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/rust/haskell/ …7 hours ago
cron 0.2.37 hours ago
marcoy/ThinkingFunctionallyThinking Functionally with Haskell — 7 hours ago
estsauver/simple_projects8 hours ago
hasql-postgres-options 0.1.28 hours ago
How to call hUpdateAtHNat with a value known only at runtime8 hours ago
Faleidel/lambdaLit8 hours ago
Faleidel/lambdaBase8 hours ago
24 Days of GHC Extensions: Arrows (guest post by Tom Ellis)8 hours ago
24 Days of GHC Extensions: Arrows8 hours ago
Faleidel/newArchD8 hours ago
Haskell tester for evaluation / apply steps taken by the parser?9 hours ago
Returning a function in Haskell9 hours ago
Template haskell: This pattern-binding binds no variables9 hours ago
sound-collage 0.19 hours ago
sound-collage 0.09 hours ago
sebaste/xmonad_hsXMonad configuration file. — 9 hours ago
nt2subtle: Introduction to Functional Programming. http://www.slideshare.net/mobile/ScottWlaschin/fp-patterns-ndc-london2014 … #Haskell #fp# #programming9 hours ago
Requirements for a cabal sandbox to completely shadow default environment10 hours ago
sbv 3.410 hours ago
maxscheiber/haskell-data-structuresLet's implement some data structures in Haskell. — 10 hours ago
LambdaConf 2015: May 22 - 24, CFP now open10 hours ago
monad-journal hours ago
ksander314/r2cControl r2 devices over snmp. — 11 hours ago
ANN: deepseq-bounded, seqaid, leaky11 hours ago
cabal nistall either --dry-run -v3 ( hvr )11 hours ago
pkamenarsky/safedata-bson11 hours ago
dgonyeo/functional-data-structsHaskell examples of functional data structures defined in Chris Okasaki's "Purely Functional Data Structures" — 11 hours ago
WaterFace/bounceLearning Yampa, OpenGL — 11 hours ago
Making two distributed-process programs connect to each other11 hours ago
Why does using my function as a parameter for another function cause an error? Haskell11 hours ago
pmiddend/tiletestTest for a little tile system using the minimal wrench engine — 11 hours ago
Parametric kinds12 hours ago
sanketh95/hackenbushA simple gui for hackenbush game developed in haskell — 12 hours ago
Alternative Haskell definition of Redex?12 hours ago
gabebw: Always pronounce "whamlet" as "wham-let" #haskell #fun12 hours ago
ghcid 0.3.313 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #haskell vs #rust - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/haskell/rust/ …13 hours ago
Langton's Ant in Haskell [on hold]13 hours ago
micjagga/dompNo description — 13 hours ago
reactive-banana hours ago
reactive-banana hours ago
StephenPiment: 24 Days of GHC Extensions: Scoped Type Variables in #Haskell https://ocharles.org.uk/blog/guest-posts/2014-12-20-scoped-type-variables.html …13 hours ago
hatenahaskell: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/seinzumtode/20141221/1419174607 … haskellのWebフレームワーク #Haskell unix-timeがビルドできないおかげで 使えるフレームワークがない 試したもの yesod happstack14 hours ago
TailCallingDev: @jonathanmarvens it's just because you where taught the "other side" - see here https://cdsmith.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/haskell-for-kids-introduction/ … - basic #haskell *IS* easy!14 hours ago
StephenPiment: Nice intro example beyond "Hello World" in #Haskell The "99 Bottles of Beers" of Type Systems http://gelisam.blogspot.ca/2014/12/the-99-bottles-of-beers-of-type-systems_21.html …14 hours ago
appc 0.0.214 hours ago
Template haskell: This pattern-binding binds no variables14 hours ago
Hackage docs live again (read: retraction of yesterday's blog post)14 hours ago
Yesod Web Framework: Hackage docs live again, please do the READMEs!14 hours ago
cabal-src 0.2.414 hours ago
Symbo1ics: A straw man, and offensive to teachers. #Scheme & #Haskell can *absolutely* be beginner languages, with right teacher/text @jonathanmarvens15 hours ago
The "99 bottles of beer" of Type Systems15 hours ago
hs-bibutils 5.515 hours ago
HaTeX hours ago
eonpatapon/mch15 hours ago
rvion/easyapi-twitter15 hours ago
CT_KREAMTEAM: #DEC 27 Get Ready It's The #Platinum #Party Live From #Haskell Building It's A #25&Up Affair Me… http://instagram.com/p/w4LxKBuMgG/ 15 hours ago
Jebes/CodeEvalCodeEval.com challenges — 15 hours ago
hwchen/calc-hsBasic calculator in haskell — 15 hours ago
IvanSindija/HaskellMy implementation of a Haskell-based shell — 15 hours ago
stackage hours ago
sumitsahrawat/calculatorA calculator operating on textual input — 15 hours ago
Haskell trouble writing bind function for a monad instance (function transformation?)15 hours ago
paulkoerbitz/rpn-demoA simple Haskell introduction demonstrating a few features while implementing a RPN calculator — 16 hours ago
alexey_r: Static indices for speedy array-based algorithms http://quasimal.com/posts/2014-12-21-indices.html … #Haskell16 hours ago