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Jose_A_Alonso: #I1M2017: Programas interactivos en Haskell. http://www.glc.us.es/~jalonso/vestigium/i1m2017-programas-interactivos-en-haskell/ … #Haskell2 minutes ago
ndm_haskell: I wrote a #haskell library for simple debugging, ‘debug’ on #hackage. Example and docs at https://github.com/ndmitchell/debug#readme ….pic.twitter.com/rlS4in3y5M6 minutes ago
chessai/discrete-intervalsNo description — 6 minutes ago
discrete-intervals 0.0.18 minutes ago
owickstrom: #Haskell beginners! What is most approachable and valuable, in terms of learning Haskell, for you: blog posts, books, complete codebases, conference talks, screencasts? Or something else?8 minutes ago
vagarenko/record-storableAnonymous storable-based records. — 12 minutes ago
yesod-auth-oauth2 0.3.116 minutes ago
bunz 0.0.5half an hour ago
StephenPiment: Beginner’s #Haskell: Creating Bitmap Images https://mendo.zone/fun/beginners-haskell-bitmap-images/ …half an hour ago
eikke: Exactly what I did (or am doing), but s/#fsharp/#Haskell33 minutes ago
bunz 0.0.4an hour ago
bunz 0.0.3an hour ago
Functional programming with graphsan hour ago
marangisto/ptf2cPaper-tape text format to C for 6502 — an hour ago
etorreborre: it does! Lots of new things to build where #haskell is well positionedan hour ago
etorreborre: You are a FP-minded #scala or a #haskell developer and willing to relocate to Berlin to start #haskell projects in 2018? Please send me an email "my twitter handle"@yahoo.fran hour ago
Is Haskell the best programming language?an hour ago
Is Haskell the best programming language?2 hours ago
Mark Jason Dominus: Wasteful and frugal proofs in Ramsey theory2 hours ago
Dark-Ethereal/DiagArtAn experiment in using the Diagrams package to make artwork. — 2 hours ago
InterVenture_: Ponosni smo što imamo kolege od kojih svakoga dana naučimo nešto novo! Ovoga puta nam je Saša objasnio zbog čega se "zaljubio" u programski jezik Haskell. :) #InterVenture #Haskell pic.twitter.com/Pi7dYefEH03 hours ago
ochintin-daicho hours ago
danclien/prometheus-client-load-testNo description — 3 hours ago
ashotbes/LokiNo description — a few hours ago
dsp 0.2.4a few hours ago
dcastrop/poly-sessionsNo description — a few hours ago
KushalP: Just came across the excellent "24 days of Hackage" series by @acid2 from 2012! Worth checking out if you're interested in #Haskell https://ocharles.org.uk/blog/pages/2012-12-01-24-days-of-hackage.html …a few hours ago
ymynem/KattisHaskellProblem Solving in Haskell — a few hours ago
IgnasZdanis/Notakto-clientNo description — a few hours ago
radius few hours ago
lpeterse/haskell-sshPlaying around with protocols — a few hours ago
plot few hours ago
webPapaya: Mainly for fun as I want to get more into functional programming. I tried #haskell for quite some time but couldn't get my head around it. #fsharp seem pretty accessible in comparison to #haskell.4 hours ago
rleppink/xrp-ath-botNo description — 4 hours ago
accelerate-cufft 1.04 hours ago
trigger hours ago
dfithian/advent-of-codeNo description — 4 hours ago
Template rendering with WAI/Warp web server?5 hours ago
Neo03/TraversableNo description — 5 hours ago
chronos 1.0.15 hours ago
Functor Functors5 hours ago
lubomir/aoc2017No description — 5 hours ago
nebtrx: After 1 month doing FP in #Scala for fun and professionally, first leaded to second, here are my conclusions: -#Haskell is like @Scarlett_Jo, gorgeous but complex to conquer if you're not in her league -#Scala is the hot girl nextdoor. Keep going snd you'll eventually bang her5 hours ago
svenkeidel/ai-libHaskell Library for Abstract Interpretation — 6 hours ago
quickcheck-state-machine 0.3.06 hours ago
mgkoning/programming-demoa programming demo — 6 hours ago
debug 0.06 hours ago
indegro/eta-with-hlintNo description — 6 hours ago
hOff-display hours ago
hOff-parser hours ago
lobsters: Anatomy of a Haskell-based Application, Revisited :: Capital Match Tech... https://lobste.rs/s/vnlion  #haskell #scalinghttps://tech-blog.capital-match.com/posts/3-anatomy-of-haskell-web-app.html …7 hours ago
HaskellingWorks: Now's the time to decide where you're working next year, In a pokey office that smells like your coworkers smoked salmon he ate for Breakfast, or from your home office, coding in #Haskell https://hubs.ly/H09r5M30 pic.twitter.com/pU4kdYWNj67 hours ago
markdown-unlit 0.4.17 hours ago
clitetailor/haskell-university-solutionsNo description — 7 hours ago
k0001: #Haskell safe-money-0.4 is out! https://hackage.haskell.org/package/safe-money-0.4 … … — Some breaking changes simplifying things. Small fixes. Support for xmlbf and serialise. New currencies: Ripple, Monero, Cardano, Litecoin.7 hours ago
GHC >=8.2.1 enables BangPatterns by default or bug?7 hours ago
tomas_ehrlich: The irony: My first parser ever is written in a functional language. #haskell7 hours ago
safe-money 0.47 hours ago
jrlarsen: Deals every day this month from @ManningBooks - Today it's 50% off ALL eBooks! https://www.manning.com/news/countdown-to-2018?a_aid=r51&chan=tw … #golang #fsharp #csharp #swift #haskell #scala #nodejs #javascript #aws #es6 #dotnet #java #MachineLearning #python #MEAN #MERN #rubypic.twitter.com/S9SGE8eef27 hours ago
kraulain: who would have thought that learning #haskell and #elm would have made my #groovy much better? I think it caused a shift in my way of thinking from #oop thinking to #functional think8 hours ago
Help porting a recursive function to map/fold8 hours ago
steevessaillant/Haskell-RDNo description — 8 hours ago
pooja2012/CodeComplexityNo description — 8 hours ago
log-warper 1.8.18 hours ago
Parsing Haskell with Parsec8 hours ago
dhenis/functionalcourseworkNo description — 8 hours ago
d-dorazio/hs-miscrandom haskell things — 8 hours ago
Welsh_Matt: #100DaysOfCode #day6 that feeling when you stay up till 4am to finish your #Haskell assignment because you want 100% . #perfectionist #compsci #computerscience #functional #noobdev #html #css #portfolio8 hours ago
mjdklein: #Haskell scales: 7.7MB real memory, 1.00TB virtual, no input, output to stdout, 190 lines of code pic.twitter.com/fKwy2fYaqh8 hours ago
Enzo-Liu/heNo description — 9 hours ago
jaseemabid: Compiled some of my old #Haskell code on the newer tooling and hey! the error messages look so much better! :) pic.twitter.com/C7qHNOSgtz9 hours ago
logiclogue/subleq-assemblerSubleq assembler embedded in Haskell — 9 hours ago
alexeyraga: Published hw-kafka-client-2.3.0. Main feature: async callbacks (rebalance, stats, etc.) #haskell #kafka9 hours ago
hw-kafka-client 2.3.09 hours ago
Kromgart/postqueryNo description — 9 hours ago
zkessin: What is a Pure programming Language #elmlang #haskell #typeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjpgdcNeD3s …9 hours ago
takayuki_kamei: let 〜 in … を開いて、そのまま終了。#haskell10 hours ago
mbrock/oasis-ordersNo description — 10 hours ago
raichoo: 2017 most important tools for me: OS: #freebsd Shell: fish Programming language: #haskell (ghc) Build tool: stack Editor: #neovim11 hours ago
The Arch Linux community does not look very about Haskell11 hours ago
danclien/prometheus-effect-load-testNo description — 11 hours ago
namratachaudhary/AOC-2017-Haskelladventofcode.com — 11 hours ago
puffnfresh: hey there can we interest you in some #Haskell???? pic.twitter.com/xjUnkTvpPP11 hours ago
clupasq/CalculatorSolverA solver for Calculator puzzles (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sm.calculateme) — 11 hours ago
Neo03/FoldableNo description — 11 hours ago
Ken T Takusagawa: [agobrown] Longest games of chomp11 hours ago
sjlee2016/HaskellNo description — 12 hours ago
marththex/HaskellHaskell Assignments — 13 hours ago
hmatrix-quadprogpp hours ago
hup hours ago
jcrichman: Freenode #haskell IRC has 1720+ people currently, and a few active chatters at a glance. Can't speak for it in general but you could drop in if stuck.13 hours ago
servant-quickcheck hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: A tour of Go in Haskell. ~ Osanai Kazuyoshi https://a-tour-of-go-in-haskell.syocy.net/en_US/index.html … #Haskell13 hours ago
[ANN] Experimental Windows GHC 8.2.2+ 64-bit binary release. Binary compatible with Visual C and Native Windows SDK.13 hours ago
dungvn3000: learning #Haskell love it13 hours ago
HaskellLibHunt: Our #Haskell Newsletter #42 is out https://haskell.libhunt.com/newsletter/42  Featuring @sgraf1337 @holidaychecklab @johnmendonca @Meetup14 hours ago
AustinMooreT/DoomskellImplementation of Doom in haskell. — 14 hours ago
markdown-unlit 0.5.014 hours ago
megaparsec 6.3.015 hours ago
What is the easiest way to extend Morte to enable pattern-matching, induction and similar?15 hours ago