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ttk_vim: 最近やっと固まってきたコーディングスタイル #Haskell on @Qiitahttp://qiita.com/Tatsuki-I/items/558d02e7025ac848b2f3 …34 minutes ago
brick 0.2449 minutes ago
Haskell binary size on Windowsan hour ago
schell/reflex-glishGLish reflex host or app — an hour ago
rmathew4tw: AFAICT, this one: https://www.utrechtsummerschool.nl/courses/science/applied-functional-programming-in-haskell … Wow! #Haskell https://twitter.com/vu3rdd/status/898904600056446977 …an hour ago
hudson684/API_EP_TestNo description — 3 hours ago
anahiwozniak/Algoritmos1No description — 3 hours ago
human-parse few hours ago
human-text few hours ago
Interesting management-level insights into FP and Haskell (FP Complete)a few hours ago
deusx_tw: The latest 蟻巣 In Wonderland! http://paper.li/deusx_tw?edition_id=083d2580-85fb-11e7-b799-0cc47a0d1609 … #haskell #vra few hours ago
tmj_tul_hrta: Want to work at SONIC Drive-In? We're #hiring in #Haskell, OK! Click for details: http://bit.ly/2taHzPt  #SONIC #Hospitality #Job #Jobsa few hours ago
vrom911/TTTlkjlk — a few hours ago
chris-martin/humanNo description — a few hours ago
data-forest few hours ago
mvc 1.1.5a few hours ago
chris-martin/data-forestNo description — 4 hours ago
chris-martin/num-qqNo description — 4 hours ago
StephenPiment: Especially when some languages, like #Haskell, are great for both. https://twitter.com/raichoo/status/899203413824688128 …4 hours ago
BlackCapCoder/timeoutA hyper turing complete programming language for regular turing machines — 5 hours ago
executor 0.0.35 hours ago
chris-martin/bad-twenty-fourNo description — 5 hours ago
nitros12/analyticord-hsAnalyticord library for haskell — 5 hours ago
nomeata: The recording of my @composeconf talk on networked multi-player games in CodeWorld is online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kKvVe673MA … #Haskell5 hours ago
adomokos/crud-sqliteA Haskell CRUD project with Sqlite — 5 hours ago
stratux 0.0.95 hours ago
stratux-http 0.0.95 hours ago
stratux-websockets 0.0.95 hours ago
shebang: Understanding Asymmetric Numeral Systems with #Haskell https://ro-che.info/articles/2017-08-20-understanding-ans …6 hours ago
stratux-types 0.0.96 hours ago
chris-martin/equivalent-listNo description — 6 hours ago
wazab1t/canvasAn OpenGL canvas for simple drawing — 6 hours ago
vivid-synth/vivid-oscNo description — 6 hours ago
KatJon/BFCK-HSBfck to C transpiler — 6 hours ago
Neil Mitchell: Ghcid and VS Code6 hours ago
rewinfrey/lambdays-are-fundaysExploration of the Lambda Calculus through Haskell. — 6 hours ago
chris-martin/clock-appA toy Haskell clock app. Demonstrates use of gtk3, cairo, pango, async, and STM. — 6 hours ago
fizzbuzz-as-a-service hours ago
Roman Cheplyaka: Understanding Asymmetric Numeral Systems7 hours ago
chris-martin/fizzbuzz-as-a-serviceFizzBuzz as a service — 7 hours ago
tmj_tul_hrta: Can you recommend anyone for this #job? Assistant Manager - http://bit.ly/2t6Z3vQ  #SONIC #Hospitality #Haskell, OK #Hiring #CareerArc7 hours ago
distrap/cidlCANOpen Dictionary genartor — 7 hours ago
out-of-cheese-error/out-of-cheese-error.github.ioNo description — 7 hours ago
sbe123/haskell-blogNo description — 8 hours ago
s-knibbs/haskdokuToy Sudoku solver implemented in haskell — 8 hours ago
Joachim Breitner: Titel8 hours ago
Joachim Breitner: Compose Conference talk video online8 hours ago
executor 0.0.28 hours ago
currencies hours ago
HsLua8 hours ago
the-joksim/real-world-haskellWalkthrough — 8 hours ago
Epdfphron - the shepherd of your open pdfs8 hours ago
VeezVillage: #Vintage #MIRIAM #HASKELL 1950s #Goldtone #Baroque Seed #Pearl Large #Brooch #Pin #miriamhaskell http://www.ebay.com/itm/122285052575?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 …pic.twitter.com/pfT0lgxjlD8 hours ago
Looking for an accountability partner.8 hours ago
philderome: #Haskell Haskell Free Library and Opera House - Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haskell_Free_Library_and_Opera_House …9 hours ago
EricKutschera/lambda-calculus-dynamic-continuationsUIUC CS 421 final project Summer 2017 — 9 hours ago
aivika-distributed 0.79 hours ago
libgraph 1.139 hours ago
Episplit: {-# LANGUAGE IncoherentInstances, UndecidableInstances, OverlappingInstances #-} #yolo #haskell #fightme9 hours ago
mountain/chaitinan environment for iota and keraia which is very interesting in AIT github.com — 9 hours ago
bobbyrauchenberg/crackingthecodinginterivewAttempt at Cracking the Coding Interview questions in Haskell — 9 hours ago
Atom package gathering haskell plugins for Atom10 hours ago
jon-chuang/Haskell-Minor-Projects-No description — 10 hours ago
twitter-conduit hours ago
trees that grow + traversal11 hours ago
YuChen-Qian/btclientA bit torrent client implemented in Haskell — 11 hours ago
GambolingPangolin/KbdBacklightA tiny utility to control my keyboard backlight — 11 hours ago
Villefort hours ago
DiazCarrete: My "backpackified" streaming library, now with grouping operations and (some) bytestring-specific functions https://github.com/danidiaz/streamy … #haskell11 hours ago
HyungjunAn/haskell_cMapNo description — 11 hours ago
ahgibbons/HaskSHA3No description — 12 hours ago
ydimova/OefeningenHaskellNo description — 12 hours ago
maverick_code: Tras lanzar warp desde un script al vuelo (via stack) llevo toda la semana estudiando el código de mighttpd2.. una pasada! #haskell12 hours ago
mspaulding06/eta-aws-lambdaAn example of running an Eta program as an AWS Lambda function — 12 hours ago
Boshen/haskell-sandboxlearning haskell — 12 hours ago
r-raymond/epdfphronEpdfphron - The sheppard of your opened pdfs — 12 hours ago
grumply/atomic-baseNo description — 12 hours ago
grumply/atomic-domNo description — 12 hours ago
No title13 hours ago
No title13 hours ago
masakiishii/purified-traderNo description — 13 hours ago
khanage/servant-workshopA workshop project for compose conf — 14 hours ago
AkiiZedd: Slowly fetching station data for http://elescore.akii.de  #Haskell Pipes make this so easy! pic.twitter.com/neImy3l8LH14 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Cryptographic protocols specification and verification tools: a survey. ~ A.H. Shinde et als http://ictactjournals.in/paper/IJCT_Vol_8_Iss_2_Paper_7_1533_1539.pdf … #Haskell #Isabelle #Coq15 hours ago
raichoo: I mainly prototype with interpreted #haskell.15 hours ago
GHC Proposal on name shadowing15 hours ago
hsyslog-tcp hours ago
osa1/hsyslog-tcpsyslog over TCP — 15 hours ago
rightfold/siteNo description — 15 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Back to the future: time travel in FRP. ~ Ivan Perez http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/~psxip1/papers/2017-HaskellSymposium-Perez-BackToTheFuture-TimeTravelInFRP-latest.pdf … #Haskell #FRP16 hours ago
Woskrese/Grokking-AlgorithmsNo description — 16 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Domain-specific language embedded in #Haskell for programming mixed discrete-time and continuous-time systems. ~ https://github.com/ivanperez-keera/Yampa …16 hours ago
takoeight0821/taplTaPLを読んでHaskellで実装していく — 16 hours ago
raichoo: The lack of laziness gave me the biggest headaches. The #purescript implementation did a lot more unnecessary work compared to #haskell.17 hours ago
dsorokin/aivika-distributed-testA stress-test distributed simulation model for Aivika — 17 hours ago
rikvdkleij: Released new version of IntelliJ-Haskell plugin with support for REPL and running (hspec)tests https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/8258-intellij-haskell/update/37902 … #haskell #intellij17 hours ago
raichoo: Ok, I've used #haskell to prototype a #nodejs project, which made me use #purescript in the end. The prototype still outperformed it though.17 hours ago
msosnicki/data-structuresNo description — 17 hours ago
ekmett/codaA language experiment — 17 hours ago
Context Managers in Haskell17 hours ago