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DanonymousMan: Some fun facts ahead of this Sunday's #Haskell @MonmouthPark by @orngnbluegrass @ABRLivehttps://www.americasbestracing.net/lifestyle/2017-thirteen-things-you-should-know-about-the-haskell-invitational …23 minutes ago
BetfairUSA: We've got another 2 #Haskell day Turf Club tickets to give away, just RT & FAV this tweet to enter. NJ residents only. Winner drawn at 4pm! pic.twitter.com/ZmR3Gm43ZQ25 minutes ago
Fox1340AM: Talking #Haskell, #JimDandy and more racing topics on @1stsports with @chare889 . Listen LIVE on @iHeartRadiohttp://sports1340.com 27 minutes ago
RDUTechEvents: Did you sign up for the Raleigh #Haskell meetup tomorrow? Looks good: http://j.mp/2v0iDrq 37 minutes ago
io-streams minutes ago
lobsters: The Partial Options Monoid https://lobste.rs/s/5kol70  #haskell https://medium.com/@jonathangfischoff/the-partial-options-monoid-pattern-31914a71fc67 …60 minutes ago
ABRLive: NEW this morning, our @orngnbluegrass has 13 Things You Should Know About the #Haskell Invitational @MonmouthParkhttps://www.americasbestracing.net/lifestyle/2017-thirteen-things-you-should-know-about-the-haskell-invitational …an hour ago
ABRLive: NEW this morning, our @orngnbluegrass has 13 Things You Should Know About the #Haskell Invitational @MonmouthPark https://www.americasbestracing.net/lifestyle/2017-thirteen-things-you-should-know-about-the-haskell-invitational …an hour ago
SSTG hour ago
DebJewel: It's a #Miriam #Haskell kind of day. @ Retro Jewels https://www.instagram.com/p/BXAqFSEDVU7/ an hour ago
Emmy8423: Hectic work schedule, the weekend can't come fast enough. So excited for the #Haskell @MonmouthPark and looking forward to seeing everyone!2 hours ago
lobsters: Announcing Eta v0.1 Developer Preview https://lobste.rs/s/9i9ggb  #haskell #releasehttps://medium.com/eta-programming-language/announcing-eta-0-1-developer-preview-65b6c1838c6 …2 hours ago
skillsmatter: Want to look deeper into #Haskell typesystem? Join @kosmikus workshop 18th October to find out more! http://bit.ly/2kmW6CN  #functionalpic.twitter.com/XRKW9FhZJY2 hours ago
Budapest Hackathon 2017/Attendees3 hours ago
temporary hours ago
ChalouxAnn: Who is your #Haskell Horse? CMT your pick then RT! #BCSweepstakes #BreedersCup #WinAndYoureIN #DaddyDaughterDelMar #Entrypic.twitter.com/QTAHPm7U3la few hours ago
HorseLoverMaga1: "A filly for the ages." #RachelAlexandra #CalvinBorel #Haskella few hours ago
toghs/impartial-gamesNo description — 5 hours ago
Ann: (unofficial) nightly cabal-install builds for OSX5 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: #RevExercitium: Ramas de un árbol general. https://github.com/jaalonso/Exercitium1/blob/master/src/Ramas_de_un_arbol.hs … #Haskell5 hours ago
Announcing yesod-routes-metrics: Automatically monitor Yesod routes5 hours ago
Jobs: Software engineer, static analysis at Facebook6 hours ago
donsbot: I'm hiring an FP engineer with to work on extending @fbinfer's analysis for C++. @fb_engineering #ocaml #haskell https://tinyurl.com/yapfgmng 6 hours ago
shoichiro-kitano/h-na-repositoryNo description — 6 hours ago
kogoia/HaskellSamplesNo description — 6 hours ago
Announcing Eta v0.1 Developer Preview7 hours ago
fast-mult hours ago
clintonmead/fast-multA numeric type that asymptotically increases the efficiency of multiplications of many numbers. — 7 hours ago
pruvisto: The Munich #Haskell meeting, where ‘that ultra-communist’ is non-unique, while ‘guy who does Haskell & Scala’ narrows it down to 1 person.7 hours ago
tcp-streams-openssl hours ago
tcp-streams hours ago
RHaghighi/Haskell_WorkspaceNo description — 8 hours ago
Budapest Hackathon 20178 hours ago
ahgibbons/EncryptAESImplementation of AES Encryption/Decryption Cipher in Haskell. 128, 192, and 256 bit supported. — 8 hours ago
TRManderson: Is there a #Haskell package that will let me parse C files with CPP macros intact? `language-c` always runs the preprocessor before parsing.9 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: List of companies that use Haskell. https://www.reddit.com/r/haskell/comments/6p2x0p/list_of_companies_that_use_haskell/ … #Haskell9 hours ago
sbp 2.2.99 hours ago
Declarative semantics for functional languages: compositional, extensional, and elementary [PDF]9 hours ago
leolimasa: I haven't written a "for loop" in about 2 years. #javascript #FunctionalProgramming #Haskell9 hours ago
User:Vuto9 hours ago
dhall-text 1.0.19 hours ago
DRouh/urlshortenerNo description — 9 hours ago
jacobb246/Logcis194_hw2_q1 — 10 hours ago
dhall-bash 1.0.310 hours ago
dhall-json 1.0.410 hours ago
yuanw/xlsx-bgNo description — 10 hours ago
dhall-nix 1.0.510 hours ago
dhall 1.5.011 hours ago
g_lebec: Enjoyable #haskell talk by Simon Peyton-Jones (@simonpj0):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re96UgMk6GQ …11 hours ago
garetht/json-to-schemaUnifies JSON documents (and JSON Schemas) into a single schema — 11 hours ago
Pmasterpalo: How about this one..... fantastic move to move as soon as she did https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vGw9GiXPwoA … #serenasong #haskell12 hours ago
Pmasterpalo: What she did that day was absurd. We have had a lot of great #Haskell winners hard pressed to thing of more impressive runs.12 hours ago
skiddieproof/brick-sampleNo description — 12 hours ago
Yi blog: Release 0.1412 hours ago
Fox1340AM: Tomorrow @1stsports @LarryPepe #UFC214 @GolfNewsNet #Spieth @chare889 @TVG #Haskell @abqdowns 9a ET @iHeartRadiohttp://sports1340.com 13 hours ago
steshaw/google-logging-exampleExample Google/Stackdriver Logging using gogol-logging — 13 hours ago
subjectification/proof-generatorGenerate natural deduction proofs in propositional logic using Haskell — 13 hours ago
jedahu/hs-outorgOutcommenting Outorg formatted files without Emacs — 13 hours ago
jsren/test-resultsNo description — 14 hours ago
obchain/BFTRaftNo description — 14 hours ago
SebastBake/modelsOfCompHaskellHaskell code written for Unimelb course Models of Computation (COMP30026) — 14 hours ago
numhask 0.0.814 hours ago
justinbloomfield/comp1100-srcNo description — 14 hours ago
propellor 4.5.215 hours ago
avi_press: The haskell-brainfuck package has better documentation than most of the practical #Haskell libraries I actually use. It even has examples!15 hours ago
kellymclaughlin/manta-test-hsHaskell program for testing Manta — 15 hours ago
E-TD/CSE_131_CompilersNo description — 15 hours ago
puffnfresh: I really want this as a GHC #Haskell extension: https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/wiki/DesugaredDictionaries … - but now how would it interact with the Constraint kind?16 hours ago
ThrowingCrosses: @BradShadesOff looking out my window I think I have the #Haskell solved pic.twitter.com/6Z1sP1jY2e16 hours ago
ronnyldo/PLP---LabsNo description — 16 hours ago
SSTG hours ago
jbetzend: Cool #Haskell SO question about magic boxes with brilliant answers. #Yoneda #Codensity #FreeTheorems #Hashtagshttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/45287954/is-having-a-a-b-b-equivalent-to-having-an-a …16 hours ago
noteed: A single source file to create a Node.js program, a web application, and a native executable. CPP can be nice. #haskell #ghcjs #ghc16 hours ago
yesod-auth-hmac-keccak hours ago
1HaskellADay: Today's #haskell solution shows unification of grown terms in a monadic domain. https://github.com/geophf/1HaskellADay/blob/master/exercises/HAD/Y2017/M07/D25/Solution.hs …16 hours ago
htoigo/sudokurryA Haskell module for solving and generating Sudoku puzzles, along with a command-line solver / generator that uses the module. — 17 hours ago
Problem compiling simple GTK+/VTE example with haskell-gi and gi-vte (Overlapping instances)17 hours ago
MortimerMcMire315/squawk.hsInteractive bird-call quiz: The web-app — 17 hours ago
k0ral/gh-pagesGitHub pages — 17 hours ago
hledger-diff hours ago
network-transport 0.5.218 hours ago
stratosphere 0.7.018 hours ago
propellor 4.5.119 hours ago
tessmero/CIS194-HW02CIS 194: Introduction to Haskell, Homework 2 — 19 hours ago
thelinkor/Haskell-CheckersA checkers game made in haskell — 19 hours ago
ThorobredZone: #PointGiven 2001 #Haskell Invitational Stakes https://youtu.be/CB8UeFmbAdU  via @YouTube19 hours ago
thelinkor/Haskell-TicTacToeA tic tac toe game made in Haskell — 19 hours ago
thelinkor/Haskel-GamesContaining the boardgames which I have created using Haskell — 19 hours ago
Budapest Hackathon 2017/Attendees19 hours ago
Budapest Hackathon 2017/Attendees20 hours ago
samarasss/Haskell_PLP_FinalNo description — 20 hours ago
KC_56: Bring on the new #Haskell Platform20 hours ago
RhettDelFierro/algorithmsNo description — 20 hours ago
Stack 1.5 released20 hours ago
dat2/silver-v3a third try at silver, this time with haskell and LLVM working properly — 20 hours ago
steveedelsonapp: Could Timeline be this year's Arrogate? An impressive win in the #Haskell would start the conversation http://on.app.com/2v2Vau0 pic.twitter.com/ujZCRM0HUV20 hours ago
noam_lewis: any cool sum type unboxing vids? #GHC #Haskell20 hours ago
Budapest Hackathon 201720 hours ago
Budapest Hackathon 201720 hours ago
miguelibagar/EulerianPathRepositorio del proyecto "Los puentes de Königsberg. Estudio y resolución con Haskell" — 20 hours ago