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Two PhD positions in Ljubljana starting October 201713 minutes ago
zyzek/regularRegular language utilities. — 15 minutes ago
SomeGame.hs30 minutes ago
FunctionalFran: Up to £80,000 to work with this #haskell team in #London - http://hubs.ly/H06SR6V0 pic.twitter.com/EGcCYW9sT052 minutes ago
gssapi-wai hour ago
GraknLabs: What will you build today? What you need to create #software with #opensource GRAKN.AI #Java #Python #R #Haskell https://blog.grakn.ai/get-started-with-grakn-ai-72bb210f915c …an hour ago
opencog-atomspace hour ago
UriSamuels: #Haskell count elements in a list tail recursion #Tech #Internet #Question #HowTO http://abizy.com/p/view.html?url=http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43066658/haskell-count-elements-in-a-list-tail-recursion …an hour ago
Haskell count elements in a list tail recursionan hour ago
Why isn't there an Enum instance for Sum and Product?2 hours ago
BurhanNabi/99-problems-haskellSolving the famous 99 problems in Haskell — 2 hours ago
writer-cps-mtl hours ago
Proposal for an extension: in-module namespaces2 hours ago
FunctionalFran: Create a reliable, high performance next generation financial infrastructure using #Haskell - http://hubs.ly/H06SRMY0  #Zurich3 hours ago
How do I combine Result and State in Elm?3 hours ago
Get info about function application operatora few hours ago
SelectSequencesFromMSA 1.0.2a few hours ago
Pocap/HaskellNo description — a few hours ago
BOB 2017 - Andres Löh: Write one program, get two (or three, or many)a few hours ago
praglude few hours ago
casing hours ago
Generating a list of the gaps in other lists. Type error holding me back,4 hours ago
flocknroll/haskell_cis194Haskell homework for CIS 194 — 4 hours ago
beneyal/CIS194Solutions for Brent Yorgey's CIS194 (Spring 2013) — 4 hours ago
Proposal for an extension: in-module namespaces5 hours ago
brackets in Haskell function call5 hours ago
identicon 0.2.15 hours ago
How to collect output from pipes to file in Haskell5 hours ago
regex-examples hours ago
regex-with-pcre hours ago
regex hours ago
haskell-gi-base 0.20.16 hours ago
CIRB/xmonad-configNo description — 6 hours ago
llogiq: @mgattozzi try to shoot urself in the foot in #haskell outside IO, u may find the bullet go through w/o any ill effect whatsoever.6 hours ago
Minio Client SDK simple APIs to access Minio and Amazon S3 compatible object storage server.7 hours ago
travitch/dismantleA library of assemblers and disassemblers derived from LLVM TabelGen data — 7 hours ago
katherinele436/CISC260_Assignment2No description — 7 hours ago
julian1-testing/metadata-hsNo description — 7 hours ago
BSCCO/haskell_practicecis194 — 8 hours ago
Aj_Pens: #internet #e #language #javascript #java #Php #hack #scala #flash #haskell #django #python #D #xhp... http://fb.me/NPnuvKyI 8 hours ago
hushunxu/CacheDNSNo description — 9 hours ago
StephenPiment: Who needs HashLife when you have comonads? #Haskell https://samtay.github.io/posts/comonadic-game-of-life.html …9 hours ago
FeibHwang/ECE_7864_Presentation_Source_CodeSource code for the presentation — 9 hours ago
hackuador: ``My company is still on GHC 7.10'' <- #FirstWorldProgrammingProblems #Haskell10 hours ago
Elfy23/haskellmtgbotHaskell MTG Bot — 10 hours ago
zach007/99problemsNo description — 10 hours ago
haroldcarr/blockchain-frameworkexplore blockchain architecture — 10 hours ago
cmc-haskell-2017/demo-char-panelЭкран выбора персонажа для ролевой игры. — 11 hours ago
rtnetlink hours ago
kakkun61: POST の Handler でも runFormPost していいもんなんかな? #Yesod #Haskell11 hours ago
Haskell Text-Adventure13 hours ago
unicornhuntio: @heyhabito are looking for a Senior Software Engineer http://buff.ly/2mBrLmQ  #hiring #haskell13 hours ago
proto-lens-optparse hours ago
proto-lens-combinators hours ago
proto-lens-arbitrary hours ago
proto-lens-protoc hours ago
proto-lens-descriptors hours ago
proto-lens hours ago
lens-labels hours ago
Jxic/TestTrying to learn how to use GitHub — 13 hours ago
MarkusKL/plasmaForsøg på at simulere plasma — 14 hours ago
The type variable ‘a0’ is ambiguous Note: there are several potential instances:14 hours ago
The type variable ‘a0’ is ambiguous Note: there are several potential instances: [on hold]14 hours ago
magthe: List, functor and applicative done. Next comes monads. #data61 #haskell14 hours ago
mbszarek/lmwiLogika matematyczna w informatyce AGH IET — 14 hours ago
superbuffer hours ago
plutonmania/RastaZikLe Bot de la musique — 14 hours ago
plutonmania/RastazikLe Bot de la musique — 14 hours ago
plutonmania/RastazicLe Bot de la musique — 14 hours ago
speepsio/deftoidcNC MX5 ECU Definition to IDC Script — 14 hours ago
Proposal for an extension: in-module namespaces15 hours ago
Microservices - using strict types to enforce the API?15 hours ago
green4free/rushsTest runing haskell code from rust — 15 hours ago
log-elasticsearch 0.8.115 hours ago
creasetoph/haskell-funLearning haskell — 15 hours ago
haskell-ui/cef3-exampleExample usage of cef3 haskell bindings — 15 hours ago
User:Bwroga15 hours ago
tmj_tul_hrta: If you're looking for work in #Haskell, OK, check out this #job: http://bit.ly/1LHAPdO  #SONIC #Hospitality #Hiring #CareerArcpic.twitter.com/AG9THTRXw415 hours ago
haskell-gi 0.20.115 hours ago
Syntax for List Patterns in Function Declaration15 hours ago
magicbane 0.1.015 hours ago
jenkers_en: 2nd #Vernon College #rodeo team member dies 8 days after #Haskell County crash; 3rd death t... http://jenke.rs/w4M5Yc pic.twitter.com/jzDrNJPSKS16 hours ago
function thats has for input a list of functions and a list of elements and applies the functions to the elements16 hours ago
AnickaBurova/shownthShow nth item from the input. — 16 hours ago
Miguel-Fontes/hs-simple-checkA simple library for writing (extremely) simple tests for your code! — 16 hours ago
High order function thats has for input a list of functions and a list of elements and applies the functions to the elements16 hours ago
myfreeweb/magicbaneA web framework that integrates Servant, ClassyPrelude, EKG, fast-logger, wai-cli… — 16 hours ago
intricacy hours ago
High order Sum function17 hours ago
MaximilianAlgehed/GranularParMonadThe par monad, with granularity control. — 17 hours ago
No title17 hours ago
FeauxTxDOT: Update: RIP #JakobPlummer 20 fm #Petrolia, sadly died 26Mar. 3rd #VernonCollege RodeoTeamMbr killed in 18Mar InterX TBone crash #HASKELL TX. pic.twitter.com/ALEkJzlJhO17 hours ago
UriSamuels: #Haskell functions with parameters different types #Tech #Internet #Question #HowTO http://abizy.com/p/view.html?url=http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43054124/haskell-functions-with-parameters-different-types …17 hours ago
Haskell functions with parameters different types17 hours ago
wai-cli 0.1.117 hours ago
gokhankici/brisk-benchmarksNo description — 17 hours ago
hspec-snap hours ago
lambdista: An #idris to a #haskell dev​ in 10 yrs: "come on, don't tell me you're still using that language with that ridiculous type system!" :troll:18 hours ago
Performance improvement from leveraging comonads18 hours ago
unbounded-delays hours ago