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1HaskellADay: For Wednesday's #haskell problem we are using Haskell to automate writing a set of SQL INSERT statements. https://github.com/geophf/1HaskellADay/blob/master/exercises/HAD/Y2018/M10/D17/Exercise.hs …2 minutes ago
kazu-yamamoto/netwrok-bsd-trySplitting Network.BSD — 45 minutes ago
giuliohome_2017: #haskell: the first of all #functional #languages theorists singing "FunList is able to freely accumulate the effects from traversable, so that they can be interpreted later." But when it comes to make things really work:45 minutes ago
GroupBy of stream by agreggateId (Haskell / concurrency streaming)53 minutes ago
servant-swagger-ui-redoc minutes ago
servant-swagger-ui minutes ago
servant-swagger-ui-jensoleg 0.3.258 minutes ago
aeson-schema minutes ago
mitchellvitez/99-haskell-problemsFrom https://wiki.haskell.org/99_questions — 59 minutes ago
servant-swagger-ui-core 0.3.260 minutes ago
Mouse handler in Haskell Gloss on Macan hour ago
xah_lee: new book. #haskell #ocaml The Little Typer https://amzn.to/2PElvVE  out last month. By Daniel Friedman et al. Friedman is one of the top lang researcher. He's 74 now. So am not sure he's actually the main author.an hour ago
ko_bx: Oh, so it looks like Brittany is the state of the art in #Haskell code formatting now? Those corner-cases of hindent are indeed annoying, happy to check something new https://www.reddit.com/r/haskell/comments/8x0x77/brittany_vs_hindent_vs_stylishhaskell/ …an hour ago
Adding type constraints to data declarationsan hour ago
ZooeyMiller/todo-haskellA command line todo app in haskell — 2 hours ago
lucasdicioccio: I have the PoC working last evening. An HTTP2 client for Servant is coming soon https://github.com/lucasdicioccio/servant-http2-client … #haskell3 hours ago
yesod-fay 0.9.03 hours ago
How the input should go inside the ghci interpreter?3 hours ago
gubatron: Nice, here's Hello Lambda In #Haskell! pic.twitter.com/c1RlsQsFCma few hours ago
cmark-gfm 0.1.64 hours ago
jcolemang/code-reportNo description — 5 hours ago
iproute 1.7.65 hours ago
Is there a standard immutable "Map" (e.g. Data.Map, Data.HashMap) typeclass in Haskell?6 hours ago
extensible-effects-concurrent hours ago
Haskell Assignment6 hours ago
Splitting a list in haskell6 hours ago
tcmch/H99Haskell 99 Problems — 6 hours ago
Sorting a list before executing the guard clause in Haskell7 hours ago
apecs-physics-gloss hours ago
tanyabouman/music-processingNo description — 7 hours ago
gnull/whrapA primitive one-liner program for wrapping text to specified width (supports UTF-8) — 8 hours ago
ANN: Extrapolate: generalized QuickCheck-style counterexamples.8 hours ago
viking66/purpleHaving fun with haskell, lisp, and plt — 9 hours ago
avro hours ago
evincarofautumn/ktnNo description — 10 hours ago
pineapplevendor/haskell_99_problemsA scratchpad for work on https://wiki.haskell.org/99_questions — 10 hours ago
nixCodeX/xmonad-configNo description — 10 hours ago
Would Haskell be good for a Requesting Tool?10 hours ago
devu4/HaskellTextEditorSimple text editor functions made in functional haskell code — 11 hours ago
Haskell: Reversing Children of Binary Tree11 hours ago
Nimor111/IPLTasksTasks for Implementation of programming languages course in uni — 11 hours ago
martinsson/fp-max-haskellReplica of John De Goes "FP to the max" demo code in haskell (WIP) — 11 hours ago
Thomascountz/haskell-ttt2TicTacToe in Haskell — 12 hours ago
haddock 2.21.012 hours ago
lucasdicioccio/servant-http2-clientGenerate http2-client from Servant APIs — 12 hours ago
Haskell - Bags - How can I use polymorphism in Haskell?12 hours ago
vaibhavsagar/turbo-octo-funicularNo description — 12 hours ago
shapr: Demonstrating property based testing in #haskell on IRC is fun: <shapr> ?check \x y z -> x * (y * z :: Float) == (x * y) * z <lambdabot> *** Failed! Falsifiable (after 4 tests and 1 shrink): <lambdabot> 4.3816306e-2 -3.1394832 2.491630312 hours ago
ginger hours ago
leancheck 0.7.612 hours ago
mpi-hs hours ago
ats-pkg hours ago
werediver: It could have been better only if it would be in #Haskell! https://youtu.be/kHBcVlqpvZ8 13 hours ago
haddock-api 2.21.013 hours ago
What do you call a function or operation that returns a boolean?13 hours ago
RobersonCosta/Calculadora-HaskellNo description — 13 hours ago
Functionalworks: Work with Haskell/ DAML/ and Scala for one of the fastest growing, most recognized fin-tech startups globally! Language Engineer , with competitive salary in New York #newyork #haskell #scala #damlhttp://zpr.io/6CV6c 13 hours ago
BlockchainWorks: Work with Haskell/ DAML/ and Scala for one of the fastest growing, most recognized fin-tech startups globally! Language Engineer , with competitive salary in New York #newyork #haskell #scala #damlhttp://zpr.io/6CV6e 13 hours ago
RobersonCosta/Exercicios-em-HaskellNo description — 13 hours ago
zimuzeng99/haskell-lsystemsHaskell application that generates L-Systems which can be used to produce complex graphics on screen with a drawing turtle — 14 hours ago
servant-swagger 1.1.614 hours ago
zimuzeng99/haskell-calculusHaskell application that processes expressions and performs symbolic differentiation — 14 hours ago
r-dog/haskell-solutionsSolutions to my haskell lab questions — 14 hours ago
haddock-library 1.7.014 hours ago
mariatsji/kommandCommand tool written in haskell — 14 hours ago
JuanVicenteGuillenCasas/Practica-PDEste repositorio contiene la práctica final de la asignatura de Programación declarativa del curso 2017/2018. — 14 hours ago
nekketsuuu/SatysfiFilterPandoc filter to add compiled result of SATySFi — 14 hours ago
AdLucem/server-ad-lucemServer for a personal website. — 14 hours ago
alphasheets-development/zeromq-haskellClone of https://gitlab.com/twittner/zeromq-haskell.git — 14 hours ago
tau3/hackerrank-haskellNo description — 14 hours ago
kuribas/hednNo description — 15 hours ago
wavefront hours ago
toodles hours ago
haddock-library 1.6.116 hours ago
Haskell split list16 hours ago
VoxlDavid/lstcNo description — 16 hours ago
Empty (zero height) documents in Haskell prettyprinter16 hours ago
RGiskard/AddictiveHaskellMany problems in haskell — 16 hours ago
0nkery/write-you-a-schemeNo description — 16 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: DBFunctor: Functional data management (type safe ETL/ELT in Haskell). ~ Nikos Karagiannidis. https://github.com/nkarag/haskell-DBFunctor … #FunctionalProgramming #Haskell via @StephenPiment17 hours ago
enobayram/relocatableNo description — 17 hours ago
jeron7/Projeto-PLP-HaskellNo description — 17 hours ago
dez_blanchfield: "Data data data, I can't make Bricks without Clay", Sherlock Holmes ;-) #AFInfluencer #AFIndex #Game #GameDev #IndieDev #Gaming #Games #IoS #Android #Nintendo #MobileApp #Clojure #Cpp #CompSci #Haskell #Java #RStats #Scalahttps://twitter.com/AppsFlyer/status/1049300939495170049 …17 hours ago
matrix-static 0.217 hours ago
Iceland_jack: reminded of an old ticket #Haskell #GHC #GHCTrac #Trac1142 https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/11442 …pic.twitter.com/RwU9m9hbQc17 hours ago
ngx-export-tools hours ago
ibraheem-moosa/haskell-ninty-nine-problemsNinety-Nine Haskell Problems — 17 hours ago
TreyE/hxsdHaskell XSD Validation Using LibXML2 — 18 hours ago
FPComplete: All Set for Tomorrow's #Webinar on “Development Workflows in #Haskell "? Join @romanandreg at 10 AM sharp & take your Haskell's knowledge to an entirely different level! Haven't Registered Yet? Register Now! Today is the Last Day! https://hubs.ly/H0f8fbN0 pic.twitter.com/czF3GfcnOC18 hours ago
emmanueldenloye/tetrisforanothertimeNo description — 18 hours ago
eggplantbren/MarginalKLPrototype/proof of concept — 18 hours ago
Mark Jason Dominus: I redesign the LA Times’ Hurricane Maria chart18 hours ago
Getting data elements through match18 hours ago
shakespeare 2.0.1918 hours ago
Granule: a statically typed functional language with graded modal types (written in Haskell)19 hours ago
raichoo: Ah, gotta love pipes and conduits. Streaming massive amounts of data in constant memory while writing totally straightforward and reusable code. #Haskell pic.twitter.com/FXw85Zyv0j19 hours ago
mk2366/HaskellNo description — 19 hours ago
postgresql-simple 0.620 hours ago
Is there an easy way to compile static binaries?20 hours ago
tombusby/haskell-project-skeletonNo description — 20 hours ago