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taylorfausak: I love a good #Haskell rant. https://www.reddit.com/r/haskell/comments/5wb5qw/how_do_you_guys_get_anything_done/ …5 minutes ago
hdevtools using implicit global project config19 minutes ago
mayc0njr/TPHaskellcreate a market app that receive a list of codes and print the invoice — half an hour ago
rewinfrey/unix-socket-server-clientA simple, bare-bones Unix socket server and client written in Haskell — 53 minutes ago
zesme/project-eulerProject Euler solutions to problems — 53 minutes ago
hatenahaskell: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/displecliaca1977/20170227/1488145774 … nwtcibg #Haskell OFFLINE Annas Book by Barbara Vine pdf ibooks iphone FB2 Home ofan hour ago
DSA 1.0.2an hour ago
FFI + IO ByteString yield a crash on Windowsan hour ago
achimdomma: @pro_cessor In the context of my simple #Haskell examples, smart means very clean and simple, just to the point. Exactly as code should be.an hour ago
mariosal/haskell-perfect-mazeSolving perfect mazes in Haskell using a modified version of Kruskal algorithm and DFS. — an hour ago
dimitriosvasilas/99_Haskel_ProblemsNo description — an hour ago
lol-benches hour ago
HsOpenSSL hour ago
lame 0.1.0an hour ago
Couldn't match type IO with Map and couldn't match type Map with [Char]2 hours ago
SBrundu: #sofunny premiata ditta #Haskell&Hartley che figura di m.... https://youtu.be/FU1irXn8YaM  via @YouTube2 hours ago
rjcphoto: Classic response from the ref 2 #England #Haskell 'What do i do' re #Italian breakdown tactic. #I'mUrRefNotUrCoach #NigelOwens esque2 hours ago
NewMountain/Haskellbook-ReaderMonadDreaded Monads — 2 hours ago
goodlyrottenapple/yesod-sensible-scaffoldMinimal Scaffold for Yesod, using Protolude for the handler code. — 2 hours ago
servant-auth-cookie hours ago
NewMountain/HaskellBook-MonoidsJust working some examples from Haskellbook Monoid chapter — 2 hours ago
NatJMichaels: Listen to #Haskell & #Hartley; completely confused by #Italy. It's comic & sad. #England utterly flummoxed. No imagination or flexibility3 hours ago
updating all values on a row in a haskell matrix3 hours ago
AdamSmitht1: #Haskell error when implementing Tower of Hanoi #Tech #News #HowTo http://abizy.com/p/view.html?url=http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42473917/haskell-error-when-implementing-tower-of-hanoi …3 hours ago
How do I format numerical arguments correctly?3 hours ago
Haskell error when implementing Tower of Hanoia few hours ago
efbman: @Samueloc235 Not stupid enough to realise what was going on and correct it. #Haskell aint the smartest top in the sheda few hours ago
2 data list comparaisons Haskella few hours ago
Why does the following type constructor take less arguments than the data constructor?a few hours ago
chaseries/leetcodeNo description — a few hours ago
htaglib 1.1.0a few hours ago
wildarch/is-nominalExample code for functional programming talk — 4 hours ago
Mushy-pea/Game-DangerousNo description — 4 hours ago
BioHMM 1.0.55 hours ago
Haskell Lambda expression and matching types5 hours ago
minBound and MaxBound in haskell5 hours ago
haskell-ui/cef3-raw-exampleUsage example for cef3-raw — 5 hours ago
rahulmutt/djinn-ghcFork of djinn-ghc for Eta support — 5 hours ago
makkuzin/.xmonadConfiguration for xmonad — 5 hours ago
UriSamuels: #Haskell Yesod: How to give UTCTime an toMarkup instance #Tech #Internet #Question #HowTO http://abizy.com/p/view.html?url=http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42472168/haskell-yesod-how-to-give-utctime-an-tomarkup-instance …6 hours ago
AGoCorona: Escaping the trap of inversion of control for better composability https://gitter.im/Transient-Transient-Universe-HPlay/Lobby?at=58b313b0e961e53c7f6dee3b … #haskell6 hours ago
Haskell Yesod: How to give UTCTime an toMarkup instance6 hours ago
Failure of a dll/so containing unpackChars6 hours ago
rlupton20/vanguard-coreCore vanguard libraries — 6 hours ago
AndrewJFrizzell: All very well laughing at @DylanHartley and #Haskell asking the ref for clarification but how many players have intimate knowledge of law?6 hours ago
how do you guys get anything done?6 hours ago
CreateGHCiProcess failed with failed with error 0: The operation completed successfully6 hours ago
Multramate/whatsapp-chat-statisticsWhatsApp Chat Statistics — 6 hours ago
ruudkoot/raytracer-haskellNo description — 6 hours ago
ogianatiempo/TP_Taller_Algebra1Trabajo práctico del taller de Álgebra I — 6 hours ago
WotnotCloCo: Did Haskell just admit he'd seen that tactic before - yet STILL didn't know what to do? Schoolboy. #EngVIta #6N #haskell7 hours ago
ruudkoot/dimension-inferenceImplementation of Kennedy's dimension inference algorithm — 7 hours ago
How should get value an other table by foreign key in hamlet?7 hours ago
ruudkoot/program-slicer-phpProgram slicer for PHP — 7 hours ago
dumpandsplit: #ENGvITA why everyone giving #Haskell grief, his captain #Hartley should have been asking these questions??? #outofhisdepth7 hours ago
GenoveseItalian: We serve Sunday Brunch till 2 pm. Look forward to seeing you #ku #haskell #lfk #larryville #LawrenceKS #breakfast #brunch #sundaybrunch7 hours ago
vincenthz: Suddenly you're doing #haskell and then, BAM , you're doing x86 instructions decoding.7 hours ago
london__geordie: What's a ruck? I'm a referee, not a coach #burn #Haskell #sassyref7 hours ago
haskell - Pattern matching on deque7 hours ago
Juev/travis-hakyllNo description — 7 hours ago
kafka-device-glut hours ago
kafka-device-leap hours ago
kafka-device-vrpn hours ago
kafka-device hours ago
kafka-device-joystick hours ago
kafka-device-spacenav hours ago
ruudkoot/instant-zipperNo description — 8 hours ago
MPDView: That #Haskell Roman #Poite conversation will be a feature/question on Question of Sport & League of their Own for years! #ENG #SixNations8 hours ago
Cleuplats: #EFU To counter Italy's ruck tactic England should use #Haskell at scrum-half to pick&go.8 hours ago
Wombat80: Wowsers, apparently there is now crowdfunding underway to get James #Haskell a rule book.... Brava Italia, canny work. @SixNationsRugby8 hours ago
dsorokin/aivikasim-gpssGPSS-like DSL for AivikaSim — 8 hours ago
Allyyates_UC: @TelegraphRugby stop moaning #Haskell8 hours ago
Welshbird_: #Haskell did you really just ask the ref to clarify for you *facepalm*8 hours ago
opaleye-trans 0.3.58 hours ago
Relation between the Semigroupoid and Semigroup classes8 hours ago
Haskell Documentation on Terminal8 hours ago
ruudkoot/lambda-interpreterInterpreter for the lambda-calculus — 8 hours ago
hheedat/haskell_codelearn haskell — 9 hours ago
http-conduit hours ago
http-client-tls 0.3.49 hours ago
http-client hours ago
datagonzo: Learning #Haskell this year I'm actually finding this less intrusive than py3 annotations. https://twitter.com/dabeaz/status/835843896521408512 …9 hours ago
chakravarthiponmudi/exercismNo description — 9 hours ago
AmazingGems: Miriam #Haskell #Turquoise #Lampshade #Brooch Frank #Hess by JustSparkles http://etsy.me/1mvrkAw  via @Etsypic.twitter.com/ASGRnrZDPd9 hours ago
kphloonafh/hangmanjust trying to get a hang of StateT — 9 hours ago
sugry/xmonadMy configuration xmonad based archlinux — 9 hours ago
rodic/hangmanNo description — 9 hours ago
CRogers/frp-from-temporal-logicPlaying around with the code/ideas from http://haskellexists.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/frp-for-free.html — 10 hours ago
trenta3/zeno- Unofficial repository of zeno- (Haskell), intended to have it to work with recent versions of ghc — 10 hours ago
Write a function from IO a -> a?10 hours ago
tmj_RAM_jobs: We're #hiring! Click to apply: Shift Supervisor Management Trainee - http://bit.ly/2ibTasP  #Haskell, NJ #Job #Jobs #CareerArc10 hours ago
mono-traversable-wrapper hours ago
mono-traversable-wrapper hours ago
oisdk/mono-traversable-wrapperNo description — 10 hours ago
AmazingGems: #Vintage #Haskell Style Enamel Flower #Rhinestone Coral #Brooch by JustSparkles http://etsy.me/1kyY1l2  via @Etsypic.twitter.com/Mn8BFgKUD110 hours ago
Juan_A_Lleo: #Rust #rustlang #Haskell #FunctionalPrograming #programming #trends #strategy @HaskellMADhttps://twitter.com/bodil/status/835833993559945216 …11 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Introducción a generar sitios web estáticos con Hakyll. ~ Anler Hernández Peral #Haskell [Vídeo] https://youtu.be/8d1vqd9_YqA 11 hours ago
edwardwas/carpetFishingNo description — 11 hours ago
Yesod Hamlet getHomeR can't find reference11 hours ago
tdfirth/lambdaA poor man's lisp — 11 hours ago