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Can I get my (byte-)string back?15 minutes ago
rprospero/statusbarPersonal status bar in haskell to keep track of the things that I need to know — 31 minutes ago
coderpost: hreinhardt/amqp https://github.com/hreinhardt/amqp  #haskell #amqp32 minutes ago
monad-gen minutes ago
keystore minutes ago
monad-gen minutes ago
monad-gen minutes ago
monad-gen hour ago
Aeson with types that have lots of "maybes"an hour ago
plow-technologies/simple-storeAn atomic, durable, and transactional data store — an hour ago
zalora/json-streaman hour ago
plow-technologies/simple-stateAn atomic, durable, and transactional data store — an hour ago
hGetContents vs hGetLinean hour ago
CMC_NYC_Pros: http://www.creativemediaconsultantsnyc.com/cmc-content/cmc-presents-wyatt-rushton-haskell-20140626155743 … #lawyer #haskell #rushton #wyattan hour ago
profunctors hours ago
btbytes: I want mine in haldi colour tho. RT @YitzOfTheBits: wannnnnttt #haskell pic.twitter.com/j2efaG5Jrv2 hours ago
fpco/snoc-vectorVectors with cheap append operations — 3 hours ago
Functionalworks: #googlesummerofcode building interactive web interfaces from #Haskell - mentored by Luite Stegeman and @haskell_org - http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/project/details/google/gsoc2014/knrafto/5741031244955648 …3 hours ago
resourcet hours ago
yesod-core 1.2.19a few hours ago
yesod-form 1.3.14a few hours ago
PLT_cheater: @Functionalworks to expand: algebra is 4000 years old. #Haskell #math Making clueless crap has been known for millions of years. #JavaScripta few hours ago
Functionalworks: Great article on #Haskell @facebook http://www.pcworld.com/article/2451480/facebook-uses-functional-programming-to-make-news-feeds-run-smoothly.html … minus this line "novel programming methodology, called functional programming"a few hours ago
why doesn't this worka few hours ago
Can the Traversable laws be derived from the fact that every Traversable is also a Functor?4 hours ago
redundant loads and saves in code generated for recursive functions?4 hours ago
Haskell syntax for type definitions: why the equality sign?5 hours ago
ekarlsso: One week until we have our first Helsinki Haskell users meetup at @NitorCreations office. #haskellhel #haskell5 hours ago
1HaskellADay: ACHTUNG! BlinkenLights! Today's #haskell exercise http://lpaste.net/108420 5 hours ago
redundant loads and saves in code generated for recursive functions?5 hours ago
How to convert my thoughts in OOP to Haskell?5 hours ago
Are there any Haskell CMS systems?5 hours ago
NerdGGuy/wai-middleware-oauth2OAuth2 middleware for wai — 6 hours ago
How to effectively work with leksah?6 hours ago
How to effectively work with leksah? [on hold]6 hours ago
haroonga hours ago
PLT_cheater: "@aaronmblevin: sick: #haskell library for writing Drum Machine patterns! https://github.com/5outh/Bang  /cc @ddddddeon" x=boom:tsh:x #producers6 hours ago
Wendymcgie: Check out Vintage WW2 Wood Bead & Glass Bead Necklace Needs Repair Repurpose Haskell #Haskell http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/111421466648?roken=cUgayN … via @eBay6 hours ago
redundant loads and saves in code generated for recursive functions?6 hours ago
sqlhorror: Bloggy Badger: Homemade FRP: a study in following the types http://bit.ly/1rWzMga  #haskell6 hours ago
frantisekfarka/ghc-examplesExample sources for compilation with ghc-dsi — 7 hours ago
irrequietus: All that thinking about metaprogramming suddenly made me remember I have to finish a project where typed template #haskell is involved.7 hours ago
redundant loads and saves in code generated for recursive functions?7 hours ago
wren gayle romano: Transitioning is a mindfuck.7 hours ago
gpolyline hours ago
Philip Wadler7 hours ago
KushalP: @jcoglan doesn't look like you can have a blind first argument for it. Or perhaps try asking in #haskell on Freenode? They're really helpful8 hours ago
Beware of bracket8 hours ago
fpco/timeseriesFork of: https://projects.nilcons.com/fpcomplete/timeseries — 8 hours ago
NitorCreations: Helsinki Haskell Users Group meetup @NitorCreations office next week: http://www.meetup.com/Helsinki-Haskell-Users-Group/events/193300422/ … #haskell #functional #programming8 hours ago
hamidebadi: I know what #monad is & don't want to go any further in the "real world #Haskell". Next pages may reveal otherwise. pic.twitter.com/9B97OTp2rL8 hours ago
FPComplete: 5 Languages you'll need next year #Haskell is usually considered the best example of a functional language http://ow.ly/zJPEP 8 hours ago
vectorBuilder: packed-representation yielding for conduit8 hours ago
FPComplete: Followup - conduit for high performance analyses. http://ow.ly/zJMlZ  #haskell @FPComplete @snoyberg9 hours ago
redundant loads and saves in code generated for recursive functions?9 hours ago
How to update a cabal dependency automatically9 hours ago
How to design this in Haskell?10 hours ago
egison 3.3.1011 hours ago
techieshark: "The 5 programming languages you'll need next year." #js #html #css #swift #java #php #erlang #csharp #haskell #logo http://news.dice.com/2014/07/29/5-programming-languages-youll-need-next-year-beyond/ …11 hours ago
tuleism/ztask11 hours ago
Functional Jobs: Pragmatic Haskell Developer at Anchor Systems (Full-time)11 hours ago
hs-java 0.3.411 hours ago
simple-stacked-vm 0.1.112 hours ago
bjonica/dot_files12 hours ago
nicholashaydensmith/rayskell12 hours ago
cleichner/haskell-ipfsHaskell implementation of the InterPlanetary File System — 12 hours ago
alex_kurilin: Is anybody else using #yesod in production for a paid product? Are we the only ones? #welldoitlive #haskell #pleasework12 hours ago
johntyree/HaschemeWrite yourself a Scheme in 48 hours. — 12 hours ago
haskmon hours ago
FP Complete: vectorBuilder: packed-representation yielding for conduit13 hours ago
kfedorov91/arithmetic-expression-evaluator13 hours ago
shakthimaan: What I Wish I Knew When Learning Haskell 2.1 http://dev.stephendiehl.com/hask/  #haskell13 hours ago
Fylwind: There's no automatic script that adds type signatures to all top-level declarations in a Haskell source file. Really? #haskell13 hours ago
khrabrov: Stitch implements Haxl in #Scala from @simonmar with #Scala w/o #haskell or #php! #sfscala @jakedonham @TwitterOSS pic.twitter.com/f6itiaW75B13 hours ago
Creating a `newtype Maybe a`14 hours ago
Why is `liftM2` defined the way it is?15 hours ago
nativebydesignz: Spectular #Vintage 1950s #MIRIAM #HASKELL Glass Bead Clamper Gilt #Flower #Bracelet (#Earrings #Necklace Available) http://ow.ly/zInlb 15 hours ago
choiness27: @chachport I never made it to #Haskell (was planning on sending some items to u), but u will be getting #hambo14 care pkg from me next wk :)15 hours ago
JasonNgLee/JasonNgLee.github.io.source15 hours ago
Why `liftM2` produces a different result than `do`?15 hours ago
Fylwind: "Windows build broken again!" --GHC mailing list #haskell16 hours ago
raymoo/pins-psPokemon Showdown chatbot coded in Haskell — 16 hours ago
Can ghci reoder IO actions within unsafePerformIO IO blocks16 hours ago
arRMorgan: .@rustlang is the beautiful love child of #Haskell and #C.16 hours ago
locallycompact/tldrTLDR Literate Programming — 16 hours ago
LosPonies: Kaleem Shah and I were pretty much doing the same thing when watching #Bayern romp in the #Haskell. #Gif #HorseRacing http://twitter.com/LosPonies/status/494272586633576448/photo/1pic.twitter.com/tB2z9hGvYm 17 hours ago
mbbx6spp/sslmonSimple monitoring agent for SSL/TLS certificates — 17 hours ago
How to update a cabal dependency automatically17 hours ago
wren gayle romano: "Is it bad to look for signs from the past?"17 hours ago
Danny Gratzer: Many Shades of Halting Oracles17 hours ago
I want to take repetitive elements off of a list17 hours ago
Why can I use Maybe with record syntax, but not regural ADT syntax?17 hours ago
RocksDB Haskell bindings18 hours ago
rocksdb-haskell 0.1.018 hours ago
No title18 hours ago
coffeecup-winner/gvty18 hours ago
noteed/hewBup rolling checksum.ting, — 18 hours ago
GLUtil 0.819 hours ago
hansbrems: Just solved #ProjectEuler problem number 2 using #Haskell. Slowly progressing but having fun with it. On to number 3!19 hours ago
ffmpeg-light 0.819 hours ago