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Haskell Data.Void: undefined turns into infinite loop7 minutes ago
Execute MonadIO action inside of reactimate20 minutes ago
michelelepage1: @jazz3162 this colt is not capable of bad pic #AmericanPharoah #stunning #magnificent #TripleCrown #Haskell #WINNER pic.twitter.com/nd8myevP5i22 minutes ago
brodyberg: What's the next #Haskell thing to read after http://learnyouahaskell.com/  ? #functionalan hour ago
Testing Servant + Persistent Web Appan hour ago
wingston: #Navigating #Haskell source code #WatchTheVideo http://bit.ly/1SdNH0B an hour ago
Introduction to Category Theory for Programmers by Ken Scambleran hour ago
APPSportsDesk: There's beauty in the absurdity of #AmericanPharoah. Columnist @SteveEdelsonAPP explains why: http://on.app.com/1HZSZVE  #APPHaskell #Haskellan hour ago
GenoveseItalian: @FreeStateBeer @Boulevard_Beer All local micro brews for $2.50 today #LFK #Lawrence #ku #haskell #beer #Handcrafted #microbrew #beeroclockan hour ago
DerbyWill: When the #Haskell M/L comes out, I anticipate American Pharoah will be installed as the 1-to-Infinity favorite.2 hours ago
putStrLn function does not accept [Char] parameter2 hours ago
Grammar stripping isPalindrome function for Haskell3 hours ago
eventocal: Mañana en @stackbuilders #Quito, meet up de #Programación Funcional con Snap Framework en #Haskell. +Info: http://goo.gl/LbL6JM 3 hours ago
LePetitBohemian: #seesummerbetter @warbyparker #summerstyle #summer laying by the pool catching some rays in #haskell… https://instagram.com/p/5sfW9nrDlX/ 3 hours ago
`derivingUnbox` doesn't work for types with more than 6 Intsa few hours ago
BrynKeller: Nice intro to available #Haskell tooling (for any editor): http://begriffs.com/posts/2015-07-27-haskell-source-navigation.html … via @SGoresht , by @begriffs Must try haskell-vim-now ..a few hours ago
tmj_tul_hrta: Want to work in #Haskell, OK? View our latest opening: http://bit.ly/1exZLXR  #Hospitality #Job #Jobs #Hiring #CareerArca few hours ago
ACPressMcGarry: American Pharoah holds final workout before heading to New Jersey #haskell http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/sports/american-pharoah-holds-final-workout-before-heading-to-new-jersey/article_eb1f67c8-3567-11e5-9422-db6f51a094b4.html#.VbfrZsnMB-Q.twitter … via @ThePressofACa few hours ago
MarciRubinN12: .#MonmouthRacetrack & #Oceanport expect record crowds at Sundays #Haskell race. more on how prepping on @News12NJ. pic.twitter.com/r37lfvNobNa few hours ago
haskellscrabble 1.1a few hours ago
TwinSpires: TURF TALK: @EJXD2 & @VPHanson discuss American Pharoah racing against history in #Haskell https://youtu.be/W8FjnG6Tv38  pic.twitter.com/xqD8BmWotLa few hours ago
DPCarmodyAPP: #Haskell and #AmericanPharoah are exciting at Jersey Shore, but Showplace Farms closing shows horseracing troubles. https://twitter.com/mdiamondapp/status/626127992599760896 …a few hours ago
icecoldexacta: @LooochRacing unveiled War Story's silks for #haskell. 10% of $ won donated to @simontvg. #prayforbray #goodforracing pic.twitter.com/ISSYPrjqxy4 hours ago
raichoo: I was asked to make a little demo of the new `haskell-vim` features. So here it is: https://vimeo.com/134767975  #haskell #neovim4 hours ago
yonathanGeek: When you thought you were an OO programmer, but then #haskell comes around and confuses you5 hours ago
monoidal-containers hours ago
How attoparsec can return values of different types?5 hours ago
unagi-streams 0.1.35 hours ago
raichoo: Initial `ghc-modi` support in haskell-vim works now: * case split * add declaration * refine #haskell #neovim https://github.com/raichoo/haskell-vim …5 hours ago
how to define a haskell function by using built-in functions sum and map?6 hours ago
Is there a name for "map head . group"?6 hours ago
IdealisticStats: Next Idealistic Stats podcast focuses on Enlightened Trails (Mountaineer) & the #Haskell, #GarciaMalignaggi, PGA. Publishing on Thursday6 hours ago
OTBonline: Triple Crown winner #AmericanPharoah will race Sunday in #Haskell @MonmouthPark! Bet online at http://OffTrackBetting.com  pic.twitter.com/zCS72oZt0v6 hours ago
what does the 'r' prefix of sequential evaluation strategies of Haskell stand for?6 hours ago
1HaskellADay: Wait. WUT? It's today, already? How did that happen? Today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/2307182433419657216 … is about structuring data well.6 hours ago
How do you multiply two generating series?6 hours ago
Pureli - My haskell project6 hours ago
ib-api hours ago
headergen hours ago
claferwiki 0.4.07 hours ago
thlorenz: The #Haskell galaxy looks pretty :) @anvaka @debian pic.twitter.com/nlGycxKKnO7 hours ago
What is the relationship between static typing and lazy functional languages? [closed]7 hours ago
How to define a haskell function? [on hold]7 hours ago
Shouldn't this sub's title be changed?7 hours ago
EdgeHorse: Watch my dominating Pat Day Stakes. I am coming for @amer_pharoah @jazz3162 @ZayatStables #haskell #nofear https://youtu.be/MsQW4X9PID8 7 hours ago
claferIG 0.4.07 hours ago
how to define a haskell funtion?7 hours ago
pjb1150: Hey Mike - Fast Times at the Jersey Shore!! American Pharoah #HASKELL 2015!!!7 hours ago
J_Keelerman: Wondering which horses are going to run in the #Haskell? Check out @OrngNBluegrass's Haskell Cheat Sheet on @ABRLive! http://www.americasbestracing.net/en/the-latest/blogs/2015/7/28/2015-haskell-invitational-cheat-sheet/ …8 hours ago
raichoo: Ok, now adding `ghc-modi` support to haskell-vim #neovim features. No need to spawn a new process for every query #haskell8 hours ago
DanonymousMan: The OFFICIAL @ABRLive 2015 Haskell Cheat Sheet IS HERE! http://www.americasbestracing.net/en/the-latest/blogs/2015/7/28/2015-haskell-invitational-cheat-sheet/ … @MonmouthPark #Haskell pic.twitter.com/BAmvtnJvhY8 hours ago
raypaulick: Martin Garcia aboard Triple Crown winner American Pharoah in final serious work for Sunday's #Haskell @MonmouthPark pic.twitter.com/nakD4m6ENq8 hours ago
clafer 0.4.08 hours ago
moesocks hours ago
APPSportsDesk: UPDATE: NJ Transit will add trains for #AmericanPharoah fans. Good news: http://on.app.com/1Sccd2b  via @SteveEdelsonAPP #APPHaskell #Haskell8 hours ago
Improving naive qsort implementation8 hours ago
josephirace: And there you have it! @NJTRANSIT now WILL add extra trains for the #Haskell! Only in New Jersey! https://twitter.com/russzimmer/status/626059606167539712 …8 hours ago
steveedelsonapp: UPDATE: NJ Transportation Commish says 4 trains will be add for #AmericanPharoah fans http://on.app.com/1Sccd2b  via @AsburyParkPress #Haskell8 hours ago
text hours ago
josephirace: I need one of these! @jazz3162! #AmericanPharoah comes to beautiful Oceanport, NJ! #Haskell https://twitter.com/steve_byk/status/626050575017340928 …9 hours ago
BH_AEberhardt: #AmericanPharoah works @DelMarRacing. :48 4/5 #Haskell next @MonmouthPark @jazz3162 @ZayatStables @benoitphoto_ pic.twitter.com/eW4bRH28IZ9 hours ago
haskell-src-exts maintenance9 hours ago
tmj_nj_retail: Can you recommend anyone for this #Retail #job? http://bit.ly/1LPSlwq  #Haskell, NJ #Hiring #CareerArc9 hours ago
headergen hours ago
NewReleaseNotes: of haskell/language-javascript was released: https://allmychanges.com/p/haskell/language-javascript/# … #haskell #language-javascript #release pic.twitter.com/HLpbQ6aoYq9 hours ago
vlnw1958: WOW Go Pharoah Go !!!! #Haskell https://twitter.com/drfprivman/status/626047381553807361 …9 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #haskell vs #coq - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/haskell/coq/ …9 hours ago
raypaulick: Thanks to @bobike1 you can see comments from trainer Bob Baffert after American Pharoah workout on the @horsebills Periscope app #Haskell9 hours ago
How can I install a recent version of the Haskell GHC compiler on Ubuntu?9 hours ago
ronflatter: After the bang-up job @NJTransit did not do clogging Secaucus before #SuperBowl48, this #Haskell non-move should come as no surprise.9 hours ago
kmeans-vector 0.3.19 hours ago
josephirace: Seriously! Is @NJTRANSIT really that clueless?! Anticipating over 60,000 people to Oceanport! UGH! #Haskell https://twitter.com/steveedelsonapp/status/626042302776086528 …9 hours ago
package that reexports base's IO (e.g. readFile) as MonadIO?10 hours ago
Mark Jason Dominus: Another ounce of theory10 hours ago
Haskell: Serial received data not printed correctly10 hours ago
Non-C++ languages for generative programming?11 hours ago
josephirace: Thanks for your support of NJ horse racing! Look at the excitement & revenue generated from the #Haskell! https://twitter.com/stevenoroho/status/626027272718393344 …11 hours ago
Haskell Criterion - 'nf' is applied to too few arguments11 hours ago
TRCommentary: Before the #Haskell, take a look back at #AmericanPharoah's impressive @BelmontStakes run http://j.mp/1LOKn6N 11 hours ago
Xpressbet: What can @amer_pharoah do for horse racing in the #Haskell? Here are Jeremy Plonk's hopes @HorsePlayerNow > http://www.xpressbet.com/ReadBlogs?id=14229 …11 hours ago
Haskell Pattern matching in let on function return vs function arguments11 hours ago
Why did GHC notice me about missing libraries while it actually had been installed?12 hours ago
http-link-header 0.2.012 hours ago
Slow parsing12 hours ago
Navigating Haskell source code12 hours ago
hjsmin hours ago
raichoo: haskell-vim nowsupports case splitting and other ghc features if you are using #neovim https://github.com/raichoo/haskell-vim/ … #haskell12 hours ago
language-javascript hours ago
Why no Floating instance for Data.Fixed / Data.Fixed.Binary12 hours ago
probable 0.1.113 hours ago
How to associate FormFailures to specific input fields?13 hours ago
DawidLoubser: Interesting how stable the (low-ish) interest in both #Haskell and #Lua programming langauages over almost a decade. pic.twitter.com/Pc45Vw16J813 hours ago
Haskell Data.Fixed.Binary status13 hours ago
dgeurkov: Optimising Garbage Collection overhead for #haskell by Simon Marlow https://simonmar.github.io/posts/2015-07-28-optimising-garbage-collection-overhead-in-sigma.html …13 hours ago
Integrator13 hours ago
fast-builder hours ago
steveedelsonapp: EXCLUSIVE: #AmericanPharoah owner Ahmed Zayat talks #Haskell, young fans and his critics http://on.app.com/1S6Mus1  pic.twitter.com/pLtOR7nKl413 hours ago
steveedelsonapp: at #MonmouthPark, longshots 'dream' of #Haskell victory over #AmericanPharoah http://on.app.com/1S9lqbn  pic.twitter.com/nP5JnthxSA13 hours ago
wraith131: 5 DAYS..5 LONG DAYS!!! @jazz3162 @Zipseatthetrack @FrankMirahmadi #AmericanPharoah #HASKELL #SUNDAY #MONMOUTHPARK pic.twitter.com/Mkp69oGORe14 hours ago
list manipulation with "no indata"14 hours ago