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nshimaza/async-supervisorA simplified implementation of Erlang/OTP like supervisor over async and underlying behaviors. — 57 minutes ago
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cassava-records hour ago
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mbparis/pracHaskellNo description — 2 hours ago
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daikihi/haskellStudythis project is only for my personal studying haskell language. — 3 hours ago
pvenable/haskell-bowling-kataNo description — a few hours ago
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zenhack/cbor-dumpTrivial command line tool for pretty-printing CBOR — a few hours ago
RyanGlScott/cabal-sdist-bugNo description — a few hours ago
texmath few hours ago
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convention for documenting a package's required extensions5 hours ago
MaxGabriel/large-filesBug? — 5 hours ago
xintron: Will have to dig deeper into MonadReader. From what I know now it could simplify a lot of my code. #haskell5 hours ago
A small milestone5 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Reasoning about functional programs. ~ Christian Sternagel http://cl-informatik.uibk.ac.at/teaching/ws17/fp/pdfs/reasoning.pdf … #Logic #Haskell6 hours ago
vectortiles 1.3.06 hours ago
DarinM223/photo-mosaicPhoto mosaic generator WIP — 6 hours ago
TheLinuxKitten/hsoldappsNo description — 6 hours ago
TheLinuxKitten/hethtestNo description — 6 hours ago
TheLinuxKitten/hethdappNo description — 6 hours ago
youPickItUp/projecthaskell project — 6 hours ago
TheLinuxKitten/hethrpcNo description — 6 hours ago
TheLinuxKitten/hjsonrpc-http-serverNo description — 6 hours ago
TheLinuxKitten/hjsonrpc-httpNo description — 6 hours ago
JulianBirch: I'm feeling pretty dumb right now. #Haskell I've got a sequence of numbers [Just 1, Just 2, Just 3] and I want to take the maximum. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to lift maximum correctly. liftM gives me [Int], rather than Maybe Int, for instance.6 hours ago
cabal-helper hours ago
TheLinuxKitten/hjsonrpcNo description — 7 hours ago
1HaskellADay: Today's #haskell solution defines etl: Looping over calls to the REST endpoint then database insertions. https://github.com/geophf/1HaskellADay/blob/master/exercises/HAD/Y2018/M01/D18/Solution.hs …7 hours ago
A small milestone7 hours ago
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A small milestone8 hours ago
programmeratwk: F(by) 2017. Michael Snoyman - What Makes Haskell Unique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DebDaiYev2M … #haskell8 hours ago
How to prove a compiler correct (using hs-to-coq)8 hours ago
puffnfresh: e.g. GHC 7.8 got this and automatically made your #Haskell IO faster: http://haskell.cs.yale.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/hask035-voellmy.pdf …8 hours ago
puffnfresh: how much should we charge for #Haskell's head, fromJust, etc?8 hours ago
How can I rewrite this so I can use tasty or test-framework8 hours ago
Serialize a program written in a free monad?8 hours ago
Battleship game combinatorics8 hours ago
olynch/resumeNo description — 8 hours ago
ocramz/experimentsMiscellanea — 8 hours ago
combinatorial 0.18 hours ago
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newtype field naming: getX vs runX8 hours ago
Brandon Simmons: In defense of partial functions in the haskell Prelude8 hours ago
googleson78/playgroundNo description — 9 hours ago
alittlemind/haskellNo description — 9 hours ago
Created haskell-indexer-users mailing list9 hours ago
Order-5 square tiling9 hours ago
fdedden/language-c99No description — 9 hours ago
packcheck 0.1.19 hours ago
turtle 1.5.19 hours ago
hood 0.3.110 hours ago
owickstrom: Friends, the second episode of #CODA is out! "Domain Modelling with Haskell: Data Structures" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe6S5skZwNE … #Haskell #Programming10 hours ago
Use Vector as much as possible?10 hours ago
paparga/learn-haskellNo description — 10 hours ago
ehildenb/gllNo description — 11 hours ago
Mark Jason Dominus: Presidential tax return disclosure11 hours ago
morte 1.6.1411 hours ago
dejafu hours ago
concurrency hours ago
How to compile the Hoodle GUI app?11 hours ago
VipulMathur: Programming Notes for Professionals is a series of free PDF books on topics ranging from #rstats #ruby #haskell #nodejs #javascript #algorithms #python #linux and a lot more. http://books.goalkicker.com/ 12 hours ago
joelelmercarlson/randomrandom — 13 hours ago
ArthurGlushenko/TODO-ListTODO List — 13 hours ago
DaveCTurner/es-toolsNo description — 13 hours ago
jrlarsen: Big savings possible on everything at @ManningBooks https://www.manning.com/?a_aid=r51&chan=tw … … #Ethereum #Python #JavaScript #csharp #fsharp #Haskell #Scala #golang #Swift #dotnet #Linux #bitcoin #MEAN #MERN #Mongodb #NodeJS #Angular #React #expressjs #VueJS #MachineLearningpic.twitter.com/4x2LVZN17G13 hours ago
LambdaDays: This year we offer workshops on #Haskell #Scala and #Elixirlang. Last spots are available so reserve yours fast! http://bit.ly/2BenCaV  #OMGkrk13 hours ago
IanIsSoAwesome: We got #Haskell on the education menu today @Undabot !pic.twitter.com/4QWdS5SW3M14 hours ago
Adding packages from within ghci session14 hours ago
clevinson/naturgem-was the longing still there and the burning silence /? — 14 hours ago
kgadek/gumbyMr Gumby, a stupid slackbot. — 14 hours ago
jrlarsen: Big savings possible on everything at @ManningBooks http://enews.manning.com/q/wSQaGtXP4L_xPfCs_V-I8TvlsjapdyFnnKkYNdIzZxbbbHAQSf3OjK94f?a_aid=r51&chan=tw … #Ethereum #Python #JavaScript #csharp #fsharp #Haskell #Scala #golang #Swift #dotnet #Linux #bitcoin #MEAN #MERN #Mongodb #NodeJS #Angular #React #expressjs #VueJS #MachineLearningpic.twitter.com/5hDZ8DdGLm14 hours ago
[PDF] A new tutorial for nginx-haskell-module with examples15 hours ago
Adding packages from within ghci session15 hours ago
dlist hours ago
mucla/currency-converterA simple currency converter web service using Haskell and the scotty web framework (https://hackage.haskell.org/package/scotty). A task for the JYU course TIEA341 Functional programming. — 16 hours ago
etorreborre: Is there a #haskell puzzles website like there is a #scala puzzles one? (don't tell me there are no puzzles in Haskell )16 hours ago
Haskell for JavaScript programmers16 hours ago
Haskell for JavaScript programmers16 hours ago
tsoding: Explaining #Haskell to #JavaScript Programmers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUN3algpvMs …pic.twitter.com/uqDrZRLSVN16 hours ago
zsc/qubit-fpgaAn implementation of Deutsch–Jozsa algorithm on FPGA. — 16 hours ago
noamoss: Just understood what #haskell Closures are. Must find a place to relax.16 hours ago
justinmimbs/hs-wordsearchNo description — 16 hours ago
rutanjr/TDA342Course in advanced functional programming — 16 hours ago
johanhaleby: Very nice tutorial on hspec and tasty by @owickstrom. #Haskell https://coda.wickstrom.tech/episodes/2018-01-13-dynamic-test-suites-in-haskell-using-hspec-and-tasty.html …17 hours ago
warp 3.2.1517 hours ago
Pharap/CapeHaskellA Haskell port of Cape — 18 hours ago
shishirkumar1996/LearningHaskellNo description — 18 hours ago
Jwhiles/haskell-parse-partycoding along with this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_Enynu_TV0 — 18 hours ago
FrankelJb/css-to-elmHaskell project used to parse css files — 18 hours ago
NodeJsQnA: What is the Haskell response to Node.js? #multithreading #haskell #concurrency #nodejshttps://goo.gl/ChCy29 18 hours ago