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tmj_tul_hrta: Want to work in #Haskell, OK? View our latest opening: http://bit.ly/1LHAPdO  #Job #SONIC #Hospitality #Jobs #Hiring #CareerArc7 minutes ago
aneksteind/hexta text classification library written in haskell — 10 minutes ago
turing-machines minutes ago
kmein/markovMarkov-chain based text generator — 18 minutes ago
volothamp: Third and last day of Zurihac. Our demo went great! Thank you everyone and see you next year! #haskell #Zurihacpic.twitter.com/yyAkzxVM0b20 minutes ago
What does (x:_) and [x:_] mean?33 minutes ago
Folding over [Word8] and ByteString with same function?56 minutes ago
Inverse of the absurd functionan hour ago
classy-prelude hour ago
stack setup on openSUSE Tumbleweedan hour ago
santoniuk/dlCPUquick&dirty haskell RNN implementation — an hour ago
async-ajax hour ago
gitHUD 1.3.3an hour ago
dgvargas: Designing with Passion https://www.infoq.com/presentations/panel-erlang-haskell-elm-ruby … #erlang #haskell #elman hour ago
baituhuangyu/some-program-haskellexercise — 2 hours ago
How to store OpenGL TextureObjects in haskell?2 hours ago
skillsmatter: Join our community to watch #fullstackcon talk by @jsnightowl on #Haskell #Elm (almost) live http://buff.ly/2aqg7lp pic.twitter.com/U9q7VHfU9D2 hours ago
bgamari/ghc-dwarf-testsNo description — 2 hours ago
BetfairUSA: Just 1 week to go! 7 days until the http://Betfair.com  #Haskell @MonmouthPark! #BetfairHaskell #NJXpic.twitter.com/6DqzRG6gyq2 hours ago
PostgreSQL-simple `execute` on a function fails with "execute resulted in Col 1-column result"2 hours ago
jiakai0419/zero-cNo description — 3 hours ago
How to use Integral/Fractional functions with Numa few hours ago
PostgreSQL-simple `execute` on a function ifals with "execute resulted in Col 1-column result"a few hours ago
poppler 0.14.1a few hours ago
websockets few hours ago
blaze-html few hours ago
blaze-markup few hours ago
psqueues few hours ago
hw-prim few hours ago
does call with current continuation ignore its own continuation?a few hours ago
Pattern matching inside lambda4 hours ago
Pmasterpalo: One week away from the #Haskell @MonmouthPark easily one of the best days of the year4 hours ago
AndreasPK/yalvmNo description — 5 hours ago
turing-machines hours ago
stylish-haskell hours ago
jariazavalverde/automaton.turingmachineImplementation of Turing Machines in Haskell — 6 hours ago
jariazavalverde/hackage-turing-machinesImplementation of Turing Machines in Haskell — 6 hours ago
RFC: New version of haskell-src-exts without simplified AST6 hours ago
Bitcoin_vacancy: working @clearmatics as #Platform #Engineer your next #job ? More @ http://bit.ly/2aDECeW  #UNIX #Python #haskell #lisp #Analytical mindset6 hours ago
HGE2D hours ago
Potregon/whileNo description — 7 hours ago
apply-refact hours ago
xah_lee: doc by dummies. now with side panel. covers #haskell #unix #perl #clojure #JavaScript & … http://xahlee.info/comp/comp_lang_doc_problems.html …pic.twitter.com/iSQVVdBAOz7 hours ago
blaupapier: Great reading #haskell. Here http://blog.sumtypeofway.com/an-introduction-to-recursion-schemes/ … where the series starts.https://twitter.com/HaskellForMac/status/755827881725558785 …7 hours ago
ghc-exactprint 0.5.28 hours ago
eternal 0.1.78 hours ago
haasn/herolineHero Line Wars Starlight rudimentary DPS calculator and brute-force optimizer — 8 hours ago
Vinipsmaker_en: #Pandoc must be my favourite #Haskell software8 hours ago
eternal 0.1.68 hours ago
Mimic tagged tuples?9 hours ago
haskell-src-exts 1.18.09 hours ago
servant-purescript hours ago
language-webidl hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Property testing using QuickCheck. ~ P. Vasconcelos http://bit.ly/29WOnmJ  #Haskell #QuickCheck9 hours ago
servant-subscriber hours ago
equational-reasoning hours ago
servant-purescript hours ago
Error while trying to use type families to dissambiguate overlapping instances with flexible contexts10 hours ago
servant-subscriber hours ago
kebertx/theoremsfor.meNo description — 11 hours ago
thealexgraham/fast-theorySlow theory is No theory — 12 hours ago
bitemyapp/hhhMessing around with Servant — 13 hours ago
rolph-recto/patricia-treesNo description — 14 hours ago
estebanrules: Elmlang For Beginners | knowthen - Awesome free #elmlang class #reactjs #javascript #haskell http://courses.knowthen.com/courses/elm-for-beginners …15 hours ago
conduit-find hours ago
hausdorff/pkmnNo description — 16 hours ago
Is there a class for "HasX" pattern?16 hours ago
soenkehahn/crdt-chatNo description — 17 hours ago
swazza1990: @jameshaskell after seeing some of your vids with Faz... Somebody third wheeling here? #bromance #haskell pic.twitter.com/0tos4QxTYi17 hours ago
Countdown to fully dependent types?17 hours ago
phillyprince1: No Horses Today, we will be live next weekend at The Jersey Shore (Monmouth Park) for the #haskell18 hours ago
hgeos hours ago
guliyevemil1/hanabiNo description — 18 hours ago
TypeFamilyDependencies: why is this injectivity annotation accepted?18 hours ago
Help with Servant-client-0.7.118 hours ago
Concurrent-Cache hours ago
http-api-data 0.2.419 hours ago
frms-/sqlite-transactionalNo description — 19 hours ago
mutableLoss: I spent a good part of the morning reading about Haskell, and feel it will be a hobby soon (next to erlang). #programming #haskell #reactjs19 hours ago
System.USB: serial port from Device19 hours ago
BetfairUSA: First to reply with the correct answer wins 2 http://Betfair.com  #Haskell reserved seat tickets! #BetfairHaskell @MonmouthPark 2/219 hours ago
BetfairUSA: Who was the first filly to win the http://Betfair.com  #Haskell @MonmouthPark, and what year did she win it? 1/219 hours ago
lukleh/CIS-194-spring-2013-homeworksNo description — 20 hours ago
BetfairUSA: #BetfairHaskell flashback: Big Brown wins the '08 http://Betfair.com  #Haskell @MonmouthPark. Watch:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EufebE8bcH4 …20 hours ago
data-sword 0.220 hours ago
language-webidl hours ago
TerrorJack/uraniumNo description — 20 hours ago
agbassist/Haskell-Sudoku-ProjectNo description — 20 hours ago
Tombert/HaskellHello264No description — 21 hours ago
dlist-instances hours ago
data-elf 0.221 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Three approaches to monads. ~ Lawrence Evans http://bit.ly/29V5Ax4  #Haskell21 hours ago
api-builder hours ago
tmj_ar_hrta: Want to work in #Haskell, AR? View our latest opening: http://bit.ly/1JOJV3R  #Job #SONIC #Hospitality #Jobs #Hiring #CareerArc22 hours ago
stitch hours ago
cocreature/hasql-notificationsSupport for PostgreSQL notifications in hasql — 22 hours ago
I am new to haskell, and need some help on an assignment.22 hours ago
ListLike 4.523 hours ago
Haskell: Pattern matching (x:_): why is the list head bounded to x?23 hours ago
What's wrong with the derived Foldable instance of my KdTree?23 hours ago