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robstewartUK: Just discovered a Haskell-written twitter client. Might tweet from #Haskell 2014 in Gothenburg from GHCi https://github.com/jgoerzen/twidge 4 minutes ago
ghc-mod minutes ago
Showing the name of a function [duplicate]12 minutes ago
ilkka/happstack-playgroundWhat it sez. — 14 minutes ago
network-uri minutes ago
nh2/housescanBuilding-scale interior 3D reconstruction with KinectFusion — 25 minutes ago
network minutes ago
network-uri an hour ago
raichoo: Nice and simple introduction to algebraic structures using #haskell and #javascript http://vimeo.com/97616369 47 minutes ago
keenon/lhsMy Haskell learning stuff — an hour ago
Race conditions with threadWait(Read/Write) and closeFdWithan hour ago
kimbos/linux-configsan hour ago
Is it practical to write a strong chess engine in Haskell?an hour ago
Wadler's Blog: Howard on Curry-Howardan hour ago
MazesOfMonad 1.0.9an hour ago
Race conditions with threadWait(Read/Write) and closeFdWithan hour ago
command 0.1.1an hour ago
rest-happstack hour ago
rest-gen 0.15an hour ago
Abbreviations2 hours ago
Zhorken/hs-hs-eulerHacker School Haskell Project Euler — 2 hours ago
clementd: Can somebody try to stop the pedagical trainwreck happening here: http://www.reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor/comments/2f2dow/if_programming_languages_were_weapons/ck5r21m … #haskell2 hours ago
cabal-debian 4.17.42 hours ago
What's a clever way to find all possible combination of these two sets of items?3 hours ago
process-progress 0.143 hours ago
tls 1.2.93 hours ago
gtKOT/haskell-practice3 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #haskell vs #lisp - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/haskell/lisp/ …3 hours ago
dice-entropy-conduit few hours ago
debian few hours ago
debian few hours ago
How is the type resolved in this statementa few hours ago
reallynotabba: 2nd prize of #icfpcontest goes to #cplusplus team with 8 times more programmers that 1st prize (who used #haskell)a few hours ago
twentefp-number few hours ago
reallynotabba: #haskell is the language of choice for #icpfcontest winner this time around! Yeah!a few hours ago
Functionalworks: STICKERS if you have #erlang #haskell #fsharp #clojure #OCaml #scala in your life RT for some #stickers pic.twitter.com/TShK98jTO1a few hours ago
What Haskell feature do you miss the most when writing code in other languages?a few hours ago
Shimmen/HaskellExamplesJust some tests and haskell files/projects. — a few hours ago
crypto-random 0.0.8a few hours ago
twentefp-number hours ago
x509 1.4.124 hours ago
bravit/fp-classРепозиторий для поддержки лабораторных занятий по курсу «Функциональное программирование» для студентов 4 курса направления ФИИТ мехмата ЮФУ. — 4 hours ago
coderpost: Haskell CIS194 - UPenn http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~cis194/spring13/lectures.html … #haskell #education4 hours ago
hint-server 1.4.04 hours ago
eprocess 1.7.04 hours ago
vincenthz/hs-scrapsScraps module — 4 hours ago
idris hours ago
gf0ur: Haskell for OCaml programmers #haskell #ocaml http://arxiv.org/abs/1405.3072 4 hours ago
csnipphq: Game of Life #game of life #Haskell http://csnipp.com/s/213/-Game-of-Life …5 hours ago
process-listlike 0.95 hours ago
Spock hours ago
Web/Cloud5 hours ago
koba-e964/tigressAn interpreter for a subset of Tiger. — 5 hours ago
Compiling to idiomatic C5 hours ago
zephyr-dev/git_statestate machine visualizations for our git processes — 5 hours ago
Abstract data type5 hours ago
digestive-functors-heist hours ago
skogsbaer: Here's is the github repo with all code for my Real World #haskell tutorial at #cufp2014: https://github.com/factisresearch/mq-demo … Have fun hacking Haskell!6 hours ago
[ny-haskell] Abstractions for the Functional Roboticist with Anthony Cowley6 hours ago
aws-ec2 0.2.26 hours ago
tippenein/haskell-initeasy initialization of projects — 6 hours ago
How do I make MonadRandom a Functor?6 hours ago
vincenthz/htoolsTools — 6 hours ago
vincenthz/hstoolboxRandom Haskell Tools — 6 hours ago
PLT_cheater: "@dibblego: #Programming is #mathematics you stupid dumb head. https://gist.github.com/tonymorris/24dc19d16fee36fbb38f …" #FP #math #CatTh #Haskell #oop #Cplusplus #fail7 hours ago
SeanTAllen: "Safe Zero-cost Coercions for #Haskell" => http://buff.ly/W62gYk 7 hours ago
Why does Haskell's foldr NOT stackoverflow while the same Scala implementation does?7 hours ago
lericson/progp14No description — 7 hours ago
How do I make MonadRandom a Functor? (Haskell)7 hours ago
MagneticDuck/CWData7 hours ago
f-me/digestive-functors-heistTemporary fork of digestive-functors for GHC 7.8 with d-f-h in top level directory — 7 hours ago
Infinite lazy bitmap8 hours ago
nikheihe/FunktioprogramFunktio-ohjelmointi kurssin repository — 8 hours ago
skogsbaer: Wow! 40 participants for my real world #Haskell tutorial at #CUFP. Functional programming and Haskell rocks! http://cufp.org/2014/t2-stefan-wehr-haskell-in-the-real-world.html …8 hours ago
fbiville: The more I study and code in #Haskell, the more I am amazed by its simplicity.8 hours ago
Race conditions with threadWait(Read/Write) and closeFdWith8 hours ago
geophf: WEIGHT: 170.0# MULTIVITAMINS: 2 gummies #haskell daily problem posted; now I'm off to work.8 hours ago
1HaskellADay: Good morning! Triangle Sums is our #haskell problem for today: http://lpaste.net/110404 8 hours ago
lvmrun 1.08 hours ago
blakehaswell/appointment-thingy8 hours ago
System.Process.readProcess "yes" [] "" >>= return . take 1008 hours ago
data-category 0.6.19 hours ago
helium 1.89 hours ago
lvmlib 1.19 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: August Haskell Daily puzzles and solutions. ~ @geophf | Typed Logic http://bit.ly/1pkvxWm  #Haskell #1HaskellADay9 hours ago
fumieval/portaudio-w9 hours ago
hindent 2.19 hours ago
Functionalworks: We all have a dream job! Dream #FP role and which company? Share your thoughts! We want to hear! #scala #clojure #erlang #fsharp #haskell10 hours ago
jrahm/GrendelDomain specific language for dealing with SQL — 10 hours ago
monad-journal hours ago
Adding support for REGEXP() in SQLite through Haskell HDBC?10 hours ago
deckool/my-hs-githubincluding readme — 10 hours ago
aisamanra/activitystreams-aesonBasic library for working with Activity Streams — 10 hours ago
Functions as arguments to be used in template haskell quote10 hours ago
Realy confusing error with {-# LANGUAGE KitchenSink #-]{11 hours ago
cabal test for not exposed modules11 hours ago
ICFP 2014 Talks11 hours ago
skilpat: Why does Haskell not just use the ML module system? Why Backpack? I respond to @existentialtype: http://blog.ezyang.com/2014/08/a-taste-of-cabalized-backpack/comment-page-1/#comment-7726 … #haskell #ocaml11 hours ago
split elements into groups haskell11 hours ago
Third call for papers, IFL 201411 hours ago