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extralife minutes ago
madnight/miso-example-nixMiso Sample Application build with Nix — 26 minutes ago
opensimple/haskell-preludeNo description — 28 minutes ago
What is your favourite Haskell "aha" moment?33 minutes ago
k-okina/practice-haskellNo description — an hour ago
kindaro/pierceNotes on reading Types and Programming Languages. — 2 hours ago
objectxplosive: そういえば COBOL と闘っていらした… #Haskell で https://twitter.com/georgenano/status/231039532076789760 …https://twitter.com/georgenano/status/1020861103503441920 …3 hours ago
dhall 1.16.1a few hours ago
dhall 1.16.0a few hours ago
snoyjerk: I wonder if @argumatronic realizes this is an instant most memorable quote of hers that will be quoted in all future #Haskell learning material and nerd t-shirts and whatnot... https://twitter.com/argumatronic/status/1020878420601974785 …a few hours ago
TzachL: Hi @snoyberg Anything to install in advance for the #Haskell Workshop tomorrow at @FLIPCon ?4 hours ago
anisjonischkeit/PooLangNo description — 5 hours ago
dfinity-radix-tree 0.2.05 hours ago
substring-parser hours ago
sent1nel: Gripe about #Haskell though: installing deps is slow. Really slow.6 hours ago
Unified interface between functions of different number of arguments6 hours ago
MitchStevens/personal-siterepo for my personal site — 6 hours ago
adarqui/lnforum-smf-migrationexperiment - lnforum smf migration — 7 hours ago
sent1nel: If I ship an API written in #Haskell I can wear a Haskell t-shirt and I'm not a poser, right? 7 hours ago
Haskell: How to seed (set the entropy used by) Data.Random?8 hours ago
Tom-Watts/Haskell-StuffNo description — 8 hours ago
haskell-works/blogHaskell Works Blog — 9 hours ago
satnam6502: Is it possible to code for the #microbit in #Haskell?9 hours ago
sent1nel: #Haskell libraries I've been toying with over the past week, a.k.a. "the web stack": Yesod, Lens, Opaleye, Aeson, Pool...9 hours ago
parenparen/morramorra in haskell — 9 hours ago
serverless-haskell 0.7.29 hours ago
Eduardo110298/PuntosCriticosAlgoritmo para determinar los puntos críticos en un grafo no dirigido. — 10 hours ago
serverless-haskell 0.6.410 hours ago
ats-pkg hours ago
ats-pkg hours ago
language-ats hours ago
m_misamore: #haskell (without extensions) is probably the most beautiful thing I've seen on a computer in about 20 years. And I say this after having spent some time away from it.10 hours ago
anderl1969/HomematicHomematic Skripte und Projekte — 10 hours ago
Returning a subset of types in Haskell11 hours ago
A Practical Introduction to Finger Trees12 hours ago
mathiagr/INF122_sem_2No description — 13 hours ago
mathiagr/INF122_Functional_Programming_project_2No description — 13 hours ago
jragonfyre/gpa-calculatorGPA Calcultor — 13 hours ago
jragonfyre/animationNo description — 13 hours ago
mathiagr/INF122_sem_1INF122 - Semester project 1 — 13 hours ago
mathiagr/INF122_Functional_Programming_project_1INF122 - Semester project 1 — 13 hours ago
logic-TPTP hours ago
jragonfyre/GLLibHaskell GL library — 13 hours ago
timhabermaas/herxheim2018No description — 13 hours ago
jragonfyre/chessHaskell chess playing program — 13 hours ago
Tehnix/ServHsFun with serverless-haskell! — 14 hours ago
Zankoku-Okuno/chameleonbasic generalized syntax : skip writing parsers when building a new programming language — 14 hours ago
HDBC-ODBC with MS Access 201615 hours ago
Improving efficiency of Recursion in Haskell15 hours ago
Why can't we inline recursive functions?15 hours ago
AlexisZam/H-99No description — 16 hours ago
afonsodelgado/cis194-fpNo description — 16 hours ago
Best practices around tiny packages on Hackage?16 hours ago
elycruz/hs-image-resizerA haskell, simple, image resize program. — 16 hours ago
path-io 1.4.017 hours ago
danieldn/haskell-sudoku-solverSudoku solver using backtracking algorithm — 17 hours ago
ppae/functional_funhaskell exercises — 17 hours ago
ABRLive: Almost time to shift our attention to @MonmouthPark for next weekend’s #Haskell. @BobEhalt shows us what recent history indicates about a potential winner.https://www.americasbestracing.net/gambling/2018-using-recent-history-help-analyze-the-haskell …17 hours ago
Meaning of \ in Haskell identifier [duplicate]17 hours ago
Meaning of \ in Haskell identifier17 hours ago
servant-snap 0.8.218 hours ago
SEA_TechEvents: This Thursday the #Seattle Area #Haskell Users' Group is hosting Category Theory for Programmers Part 3. More info: http://bit.ly/2ulnYvx 18 hours ago
ManningBooks: Dive deep into #Haskell with the help of Haskell in Depth http://bit.ly/2Lu59gc  our Deal of the Day. #functionalprogramming @VBragilevskypic.twitter.com/ZjT7zwyNbz18 hours ago
vronnie911: Hey, #Haskell ers! What do you think about a unified interface (type class) for Map- and Set-like structures? Please share your thoughts in the comments!18 hours ago
Is there a function that works like chr but fails if its argument is not a Unicode scalar value?18 hours ago
ManningBooks: Learn about first-class functions in Haskell, from Get Programming with Haskell http://bit.ly/2Lnd9Ts  #fp #functionalprogramming #haskell @willkurtpic.twitter.com/LF5uUippdW19 hours ago
Halfwake/cis194-solutionsSolutions to Homework for CIS 194: Introduction to Haskell (Spring 2013) — 19 hours ago
Iceland_jack: I couldn't do any of my #Haskell stuff if I didn't have the Premium GHC edition19 hours ago
Typed Tagless Final Interpreters: what is the use of duplicate?19 hours ago
J-Vaughan/bpmblz-ospl package manager — 19 hours ago
tjaard123/play-functionalPlayground for functional languages — 19 hours ago
nix-diff 1.0.419 hours ago
OriginalPeti: The #Haskell package set for #Nix needs new maintainers as I'd like to significantly reduce my activity there in the foreseeable future. See https://discourse.nixos.org/t/the-haskell-infrastructure-needs-new-maintainers/545 … for more details.20 hours ago
ptillemans/smeet-elmNo description — 20 hours ago
schnecki/grenade-fakeNo description — 20 hours ago
emilhaugberg/haskell-tetrisTetris game written in haskell — 20 hours ago
Fibonacci Seq. strange output forms (Haskell)20 hours ago
What's the right way to :reload and run :main as a single command in GHCi?21 hours ago
_shrynx: While a language like C is low-level in terms of computer architecture (executing computation) #Haskell is *low-level* in terms of mathematical abstraction (representing computation)21 hours ago
chris-bacon/randomNameGenerator-lambdaHaskell random name generator on AWS lambda — 21 hours ago
herulume: Trying to wrap my mind around fixed points and how they related to inductive data types #Haskell22 hours ago
Unable to match Haskell type22 hours ago
How does enumFromTo work?22 hours ago
Vizaxo/dtlangA simple dependently-typed language — 22 hours ago
Sestri4kina: Soleved a #Haskell task on codewars, submitted solution, looked through other submitted solutions, 11 of them including mine, all are different #functionalprogramming22 hours ago
simple-vec3 hours ago
aheil: Just dumping #Haskell into my brain to teach this next week. Want to make my students pass the their exam, was mit told #Haskell task will be in it...22 hours ago
hmac/raftRaft — 23 hours ago
Dhabolt: Also 50% off @ManningBooks book (July 21): "Get Programming with Haskell" by Will Kurt @WillKurt #Haskell #FunctionalProgramming #WebDev #aeson @HaskellOrg https://www.manning.com/dotd pic.twitter.com/OIaI4MQ2nn23 hours ago
Dhabolt: Also 50% off @ManningBooks early access book (July 21): "Haskell in Depth" by Vitaly Bragilevsky @VBragilevsky #Haskell #FunctionalProgramming #WebDev @HaskellOrg https://www.manning.com/dotd pic.twitter.com/6axqIG9zTe23 hours ago
Partition a set in Haskell23 hours ago
ToF-/FirstHaskellProjectNo description — 24 hours ago
relude 0.1.0a day ago
miguel-vila/brick-tac-toeNo description — a day ago
Exponentiation function Haskella day ago
ihaskell day ago
ipython-kernel day ago
qubitrot/qubismNo description — a day ago
uploadtest 0.0.0a day ago
nashjain: I’m looking forward to hear @tanmaigo’s experience on how they’ve used #Haskell to build an open source #GraphQL to #SQL engine for #PostgreSQL GitHub repo: https://github.com/hasura/graphql-engine …https://twitter.com/ConfEngine/status/1020569302737522689 …a day ago