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cfhammill/MincHaskA MINC API interface for Haskell — half an hour ago
Towards Scala 340 minutes ago
Something like Gloss, but with control over individual pixels?42 minutes ago
type-unary 0.3.2an hour ago
marihana hour ago
Haskell Aeson with Sum Typesan hour ago
superfunc: it’s friday let’s get drunk and write #haskellan hour ago
turtle 1.5.8an hour ago
miso hour ago
Mustafa-a/Haskell-Misc-ExplorationNo description — 2 hours ago
colbyn/miso-client-pt-zero-nineteen-ghc-stubConditionally load this stub for your development/editor tools I.e. GHC based dev tools — 2 hours ago
didifoprogram/haskell-starterNo description — 2 hours ago
int-index/ntypeNo description — 2 hours ago
Haskell: rebuild binary tree from its bits representation2 hours ago
chessai/semirings-typessome useful semirings — 3 hours ago
semirings 0.1.13 hours ago
semirings 0.1.03 hours ago
metaml/bird-treeNo description — a few hours ago
mwc-probability-transition few hours ago
pipes-extras 1.0.14a few hours ago
tweet-hs hours ago
CaptJakk/hd-tree-secp256k1bip32/39/43/44 implementation for secp256k1 — 4 hours ago
how to get haskell code execution time (runtime)?4 hours ago
how to get haskell code execution time (runtime)? [duplicate]4 hours ago
A monad is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors, what's the probleⅿ?4 hours ago
fatiilluch/ParadigmaFuncionalNo description — 5 hours ago
unclechu/haskell-data-maybe-preserve"Preserve" Maybe helpers — 5 hours ago
Bmillidgework/HaskellExercisesA number of tutorials I'm working through to learn haskell — 5 hours ago
ddssff/skylightingskylighting-0.6 with the files generated by bootstrap — 5 hours ago
Output semantic code blocks with Prism5 hours ago
ddssff/skylighting-0.6No description — 6 hours ago
Could Haskell benefit from GraalVM?6 hours ago
haskell-igraph 0.4.06 hours ago
tsoding: My favorite part about #Haskell infrastructure pic.twitter.com/XsDm5ed79I6 hours ago
How can I convert a Cons list to a Haskell list without (explicit) recursion?6 hours ago
No title7 hours ago
ZimmSebas/est2No description — 7 hours ago
xmonad-extras 0.13.37 hours ago
fernandsmoreira/Haskell-LearningExemplos, testes e exercícios de ordenação e funções de alta ordem, (IC- CC2018) — 7 hours ago
coerce-util hours ago
ramonesteban78: Oh no #Haskell!!! Functor rima con @gulnor 7 hours ago
Mark Jason Dominus: Shitpost roundup, 2018-038 hours ago
No title8 hours ago
bartwr/xmonad-configurationMy xmonad window manager configuration | http://xmonad.org/ — 8 hours ago
Selda: confused about type signtures8 hours ago
eschnett/wavetoy7WaveToy7 — 8 hours ago
haitlah: Switch to #Haskell mate !8 hours ago
jqyu/graphql-hsexperimental haskell graphql implementation — 8 hours ago
Selda: confused about type signtures9 hours ago
Selda: confused about type signtures9 hours ago
StjepanPoljak/random-Haskell-stuffNo description — 9 hours ago
Selda: confused about type signtures9 hours ago
haroldcarr: #Haskell : what alternative Prelude do you recommend (e.g., universum, protolude, classy-prelude, ...) and why?9 hours ago
Selda: confused about type signtures9 hours ago
Pandoc can't get Locale/Encoding right with Hakyll and Gitlab CI9 hours ago
twardzikf/cannon-game-haskell-botmodel of cannon board game in haskell with purpose to implement a bot for that game — 9 hours ago
haskell-gi 0.21.29 hours ago
Pandoc can't get Locale/Encoding right with Hakyll and Gitlab CI9 hours ago
c000/jcNo description — 10 hours ago
tigertv/haskell-examplesNo description — 10 hours ago
philzook58/hasktrashNothing to see here. Another Directory for haskell trash — 10 hours ago
DebianNew: New package: #haskell-microstache Version: by Clint Adams ... http://deb.li/LsEe 10 hours ago
Making a scalable setter10 hours ago
aeggenberger/org-parse-hsNo description — 11 hours ago
evis_dev: The beginning of #idris tutorial: "In conventional programming languages, there is a clear distinction between types and values. For example, in Haskell..." #haskell is definitely the most conventional programming language in the universe http://docs.idris-lang.org/en/latest/tutorial/introduction.html …11 hours ago
antoniajen14: Today @NNNnativenews leadership training #Haskell #NativeWomen #LeadershipDevelopmentpic.twitter.com/Qx7oKrPrsr11 hours ago
gjuljo: #functionalprogramming for #cryptocurrencies. #Haskell https://twitter.com/bitemyapp/status/986784860860755969 …11 hours ago
cse130-sp18/02-random-artAssignment 2: Random Art — 11 hours ago
flugv1: A strongly-typed language that compiles to Javascript par @purescript http://bit.ly/2F1Z7zE  #Haskell11 hours ago
aekh/mzn-encapsNo description — 11 hours ago
servant-auth-token-acid hours ago
vector-sized hours ago
brick 0.36.111 hours ago
Using file name in json parsing (Haskell Aeson)12 hours ago
jrlarsen: 42% off everything at @ManningBooks until Apr 25 Use code wm041918lt https://www.manning.com/?a_aid=r51&chan=tw … #golang #swiftlang #csharp #python #java #javascript #scala #Haskell #fsharp #aws #VueJS #aureliajs #React #nodejs #MachineLearning #angularjs #MEAN #MERN #expressjs #DeepLearning12 hours ago
tamnd87: Three Layer Haskell Cake #haskell - https://ift.tt/2ptwZ3k 12 hours ago
Selda, type operators and heterogeneous lists12 hours ago
tweag/storable-tupleA git mirror of storable-tuple http://hackage.haskell.org/package/storable-tuple — 12 hours ago
BlockchainWorks: Calling all #Haskell evangelists, we are currently looking for a Software Engineer in New York for this leading #Blockchain platform geared to businesses and enterprises. https://hubs.ly/H0bKT9p0 pic.twitter.com/3L30SQSJoU12 hours ago
SEA_TechEvents: Tomorrow is the #Seattle Area #Haskell Users' Group meetup at Amazon Everest. It should be fun: http://bit.ly/2Grgoro 13 hours ago
kalambova/FPR_2017-2018No description — 13 hours ago
Haskell List Comprehensions13 hours ago
funyug/WordsGameSimple word game in haskell — 13 hours ago
hw-prim hours ago
jimstutt/HDiagsHaskell diagrams — 13 hours ago
hw-prim hours ago
nikolay-gerasimov/Stepik_Haskell_Course_IList of completed problems — 14 hours ago
Combinatoric problem in Haskell14 hours ago
How do we keep multiple semantic values during parsing with Happy/Haskell14 hours ago
Default `toList` from the `IsList` class14 hours ago
printf with a size_t using the FFI14 hours ago
Implementing nub (distinct)14 hours ago
hasbolt-extras hours ago
hw-ip hours ago
mnn/revrev command — 15 hours ago
`Product Double` is an incorrect Monoid.15 hours ago
ycjungSubhuman/hskmlpMulti Layer Perceptron using Haskell — 15 hours ago
valours/haskellNo description — 15 hours ago
raichoo: I have moved my #haskell #neovim configuration out into a plugin. It's pretty much tailored for my system and use case but feel free to steal.https://github.com/raichoo/haskell-env …15 hours ago
ANN: stack-1.7 RELEASE CANDIDATE15 hours ago