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AdamSmitht1: #Haskell create vector with subvectors using indexes #Tech #News #HowTo http://abizy.com/p/view.html?url=http://stackoverflow.com/questions/37082155/haskell-create-vector-with-subvectors-using-indexes …14 minutes ago
Haskell create vector with subvectors using indexes19 minutes ago
Chris Smith: Reminder: Summer of Haskell Proposals Due Today33 minutes ago
Number guessing game error and keeping count of guesses56 minutes ago
Code critique requestan hour ago
GBeckerRS/trab2_ppTrabalho 2 (haskel) Paradigmas de Programação — an hour ago
Number guessing game error and keeping count of guesses-haskellan hour ago
epsilonhalbe/accelerate-typelitsan hour ago
Storing big datasetsan hour ago
AlexandraM-C/H-99-Ninety-Nine-Haskell-Problemsan hour ago
Storing big datasetsan hour ago
OvaUbe/dotfilesan hour ago
SeriousBug/turinginterpreterA simple Turing Machine simulator, and an esolang. — an hour ago
tmj_RAM_health: CVS Health #Healthcare #Job: Pharmacy Technician (#Haskell, NJ) http://bit.ly/1rzz3VL  #Jobs #Hiring #CareerArcan hour ago
Storing big datasets2 hours ago
polypus74/hardourControl the Ardour DAW from Haskell — 2 hours ago
IronwoodCourt: Way to go #HINU #Graduates!!! #Haskell #FirstNationshttps://twitter.com/LJWorld/status/728673614854230016 …2 hours ago
lierdakil/xmonad-prime-monadMonadic XMonad config — 3 hours ago
GenoveseItalian: Capirotada, Mexican bread pudding #LFK #larryville #Lawrence #ku #haskell #foodie #foodporn #dessert #Mexicanfoodpic.twitter.com/XjpczDQxcG3 hours ago
nomeata/latexkiStatic Site Generator for Latex-based Wiki — 3 hours ago
fommil: I'm at #algorave and about to listen to some tunes coming from #emacs and #haskell. This is what I wanted to future to be.3 hours ago
cite-reader/rainforest-homeworkSolutions to Rainforest QA's hiring challenge — a few hours ago
avers-server 0.0.4a few hours ago
Functionalworks: Do you want to pioneer a new approach to data security using #Haskell?Join this great team in Berkeley. #Haskelljobs http://buff.ly/1NlvZa5 a few hours ago
oisdk/Squarea few hours ago
lopezjazmin: Es todo risas hasta que : "Resolver con Aplicación Parcial y Composición". Mi vida de viernes por la tarde. #Haskella few hours ago
kmikeru/xored-testa few hours ago
Code critique request4 hours ago
fast-tagsoup 1.0.124 hours ago
laura_budder: #Haskell #HINU #2016Graduate #LFK #lawrenceks https://www.instagram.com/p/BFEzMbhzOR3/ 5 hours ago
dylex/web-inv-routeHaskell web routing based on invertible invariants and bijections — 5 hours ago
avers-api 0.0.55 hours ago
positiondev/periodic5 hours ago
IORef keeping an error (Haskell)5 hours ago
leftaroundabout/IHaskell-tablesEasy pretty-printing of tabular-like Haskell data in Jupyter — 6 hours ago
dogirardo/genome_livecodeBackup of livecoding session for genome search web interface — 6 hours ago
dogirardo/rolodexan sql based contact manager/server — 6 hours ago
tmj_ok_hrta: Join the SONIC Drive-In team! See our latest #Hospitality #job opening here: http://bit.ly/1MameHZ  #SONIC #Haskell, OK #Hiring #CareerArc6 hours ago
ArtemYarulin: I guess I found a new way: I'm going to use #haskell with #ghcjs for business logic and #clojurescript and #reactnative for UI and IO6 hours ago
maridelvalle15/proyectoHaskellImplementación de un asistente de pruebas para la lógica proposicional — 6 hours ago
enumerate 0.1.16 hours ago
Taking variable number of elements from list7 hours ago
SdotKdotS: Congratulations to graduating class of 2016 from #Haskell #FightingIndians7 hours ago
pgdl 9.07 hours ago
seunje/bombermon7 hours ago
krgn/mandrillmandrill API client library in Haskell — 7 hours ago
CBMM/petersonfaces7 hours ago
jtwool/haskell-sandboxPlayground for learning Haskell — 7 hours ago
stack-run-auto hours ago
spirom/haskell-monadsExplore the use of Haskell's monads mechanism to solve real software engineering problems — 8 hours ago
DealPete/kattisMy solutions to Kattis problems. — 8 hours ago
Parsing many indented things using Trifecta.Indentation8 hours ago
d3d11binding hours ago
fabianmedina09/clasificadoselbosque8 hours ago
tagsoup 0.13.108 hours ago
I am trying to parse a simple expression but it has an infinite loop9 hours ago
thejsj: Awesome, awesome #haskell meetup pic.twitter.com/LYdqG6OAwV9 hours ago
FractalArt hours ago
htoml hours ago
s--kapfer/CommutatorAlgebraImplementing cup products for Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces via Nakajima operators — 9 hours ago
Trouble building library with cabal-install 1.249 hours ago
postgresql-typed 0.4.49 hours ago
fabianmedina09/hello-yesod9 hours ago
nikita-volkov/json-ast-json-encoderIntegration of "json-ast" and "json-encoder" — 9 hours ago
json-ast-json-encoder 0.19 hours ago
GHC.Prim: Resizable Multidimensional array10 hours ago
johanarnor/haskellHaskell solutions to various Kattis and Euler problems. — 10 hours ago
I am trying to parse a simple expression but it has an infinity loop10 hours ago
Texas Hold'em (the little haskeller)10 hours ago
sannsyn/aeson-json-astIntegration layer for "json-ast" and "aeson" — 10 hours ago
aeson-json-ast 0.110 hours ago
FractalArt hours ago
hi-ogawa/snap-todo-app10 hours ago
ToF_: My first little haskell book is on LeanPub . Yay! :-) https://leanpub.com/texasholdem-tlh  #haskell #LittleHaskeller10 hours ago
haskell-works/hw-xml10 hours ago
msceejay_30: Congratulations to the @HaskellU Graduates! When u cross that stage just remember "I'm all the way up" #haskell #class2016 10 hours ago
davidsiefert/hint-example(crispy-fiesta) proof of concept using haskell hint — 10 hours ago
FractalArt hours ago
steveedelsonapp: With the #KentuckyDerby now a day away, what's the best result for Monmouth Park? http://on.app.com/1TFmNwg  #Haskell pic.twitter.com/ij0a2UZi2Z11 hours ago
Luc-Veldhuis/IterativeLexicographicalPathOrderingFor Bachlor project — 11 hours ago
sseefried/gyruss-hsHaskell version of Gyruss in Helm — 11 hours ago
cabal-rpm 0.9.1111 hours ago
Authentication with user roles11 hours ago
michael-sloma/panRNAConvert between RNA structure formats — 11 hours ago
houseman 0.1.011 hours ago
Instance synonyms12 hours ago
BlogLiterately hours ago
StackCodeReview: Can you answer this? Implementing Functor Instance for `ITree` http://codereview.stackexchange.com/q/70040?atw=1  #haskell12 hours ago
Trouble building library with cabal-install 1.2412 hours ago
fabianmedina09/holamundo12 hours ago
Trouble building library with cabal-install 1.2412 hours ago
Taking over cmdtheline12 hours ago
network-conduit-tls hours ago
steshaw/StopPayingForFreeMonads13 hours ago
Trouble building library with cabal-install 1.2413 hours ago
hw-json hours ago
smorele: Excellente intro à #Haskell et donc la programmation fonctionnelle sur http://lyah.haskell.fr/ 13 hours ago
RFC: Removing the `-hb` profiling option13 hours ago
haskell-works/hw-json14 hours ago
nagyf/GameOfLifeConway's Game of Life written in haskell — 14 hours ago