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Why does `elem 1 [x + 1 | x <- [1..] ]` take forever in Haskell?55 minutes ago
vincenthz: #openssl documentation is so bad, i'm using my own #haskell bindings to it, so I've got a better idea of the types involved ..an hour ago
nickspinale/boggleA very short (but still human readable) boggle program in Haskell — an hour ago
Haskell Syntax - How to write let in bracketed do block?an hour ago
laurencer/snappy-bureaucracyHaskell, Snap and Kafka Experiment — 2 hours ago
a textured quad/triangle2 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #commonlisp vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/commonlisp/haskell/ …2 hours ago
mythagel/hssimple2 hours ago
gdetrez/haskell-arReadin "ar" archive files in haskell — 3 hours ago
FPComplete: Originally posted on http://quantnet.com  in 07, curious what quant developers think today. https://www.quantnet.com/threads/functional-languages.532/ … #haskell #quants3 hours ago
yi-rope hours ago
1HaskellADay: Se7en Little numbers ... okay, well, four of them, anyway, for today's #haskell problem http://lpaste.net/112972  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsyjS_vJfkw …3 hours ago
MegaSlippers: Does/has anyone use/used xmonad? It's always looked well hip. #haskell #linux3 hours ago
FPComplete: Structural Typing for Structured Products http://www.timphilipwilliams.com/posts/2014-10-08-haskell-exchange.html … #haskell @_willtim_3 hours ago
a textured quad/trianglea few hours ago
stephenwan/InefficientPrimesJust another program for identifying prime numbers. — a few hours ago
User:Paradoxa few hours ago
FPComplete: Going functional on exotic trades http://arbitrary.name/papers/fpf.pdf  Barclays Capital @BarclaysOnline #haskell #quantsa few hours ago
Reading multiline user's inputa few hours ago
ltanphat: Learning #Haskell is not hard. It's applyTwice("very") ++ "hard".a few hours ago
mostalive: visualize module dependencies in #haskell programs with graphmod - http://buff.ly/1sJKzKs  #usefula few hours ago
matheus23/DeclarativeGraphics-CairoCairo backend for DeclarativeGraphics — a few hours ago
Terrible ContT IO examplea few hours ago
patrikja: PostDoc in Functional and Constraint Programming at KU Leuven http://people.cs.kuleuven.be/~tom.schrijvers/postdocposition2.html … @functionaljobs #DSL #Haskell GRACeFUL, Tom Schreijvers4 hours ago
Precise timing4 hours ago
Running Haskell HXT outside of IO?4 hours ago
Limit elements of a list to a certain value4 hours ago
OpenGL hours ago
johnthebrave/SchemeHacks4 hours ago
Blog: GHC Weekly News - 2014/10/204 hours ago
inirudebwoy: I am on sick leave, it means more time for fp101x in #haskell and algorithms analysis, thanks #edx #coursera5 hours ago
masterq_mogumog: #GoodBye #Xmonad #Haskell5 hours ago
danielecr: http://briancarper.net/blog/439/real-confusing-haskell … Curiosity -> Excitement -> Reality Sets In -> Frustration -> Rage #haskell just thinking the same :)5 hours ago
positive 0.45 hours ago
csnipphq: Simple TCP chat server using haskel #tcp #chat #server #Haskell http://csnipp.com/s/214/-Simple-TCP-chat-server-using-haskel …5 hours ago
Tom Schrijvers: Postdoc Position in Functional and Constraint Programming5 hours ago
Precise timing5 hours ago
How to return the length of a list as type Integer instead of Int in Haskell5 hours ago
Simple Haskell IRC client in "two lines of code"5 hours ago
how to return the length of a list as type Integer, instead of Int. HASKELL6 hours ago
healthyjk/haskell_studymy homework of haskell — 6 hours ago
caramia hours ago
jvorhauer/fp101xEdX (DelftX) Functional Programming 101 (Erik Meijer) — 6 hours ago
nradoicic/CPSC3126 hours ago
How to find the node that holds the minimum element in a binary tree in Haskell?7 hours ago
How to serialize/deserialize objects sent over the network in Haskell?7 hours ago
yesod-bin hours ago
keter 1.3.57 hours ago
http-client 0.4.27 hours ago
How to get result list from parsec?7 hours ago
yesod-core 1.4.37 hours ago
mukulrawat1986/FP101xRepository to hold code and notes from the EDx course FP101x — 7 hours ago
yesod-form 1.4.17 hours ago
classy-prelude-yesod 0.10.17 hours ago
classy-prelude-conduit 0.10.17 hours ago
classy-prelude 0.10.17 hours ago
basic-prelude 0.3.108 hours ago
hruby 0.2.88 hours ago
How to parse milliseconds using Data.Time in Haskell8 hours ago
How to implement this using map/filter8 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #c++ vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/c%2B%2B/haskell/ …8 hours ago
sseveran: A massive refactoring of #haskell with tests is almost a casual non-event8 hours ago
prickprat/comp3109_a38 hours ago
How to handle real number (decimal) in parser haskell8 hours ago
json-rpc-server hours ago
Utility of dependent types?9 hours ago
How to send a string somewhere via UDP9 hours ago
New Stackage features: hosted Haddocks and cabal.config files9 hours ago
Charleskhell: One of the nicest things of the #Haskell community is that it's composed of cooperative, proactive and capable people. Free of braggarts.10 hours ago
Using Maybe helpers with If statement Haskell10 hours ago
caramia hours ago
io-streams hours ago
boywivthepower: No one can understand the relief you get when the code you've been working for 5 hours finally complies without any errors. #haskell11 hours ago
wren gayle romano: Upcoming talk11 hours ago
A beginner Haskell project suggestions.11 hours ago
UArunKumar: Wish there was better tool/editor support for the brilliant Hasklig font. It would be awesome for #haskell & #scala pic.twitter.com/HPl7qPtT5F11 hours ago
iconify11 hours ago
Haskell: Filter set based on member type?12 hours ago
Checking a concatenating a tuple with a list of tuple Haskell12 hours ago
haskell-neo4j-client hours ago
haskell-neo4j-client hours ago
haskell-neo4j-client hours ago
haskell-neo4j-client hours ago
Jogrez1923: #Haskell's #cafe #golf #BintanLagoon #Resort #BintanIsland #Kepri #Indonesia @ Haskell's Cafe http://instagram.com/p/uZT3TkseF3/ 12 hours ago
kazu_yamamoto: "GHC Weekly News - 2014/10/20" http://bit.ly/1pvoD26  I'm reviewing the IO manager patch now. #haskell13 hours ago
WindowLayout13 hours ago
jferris/trelloparse13 hours ago
agbotraining: Reimplementing a #NodeJS Service in #Haskell #js http://bit.ly/11EQqrs 14 hours ago
test pattern matching in haskell14 hours ago
c05m1x: Taking it straight to the vein: #haskell with @headinthebox on http://edx.org  at double speed :-) #fp14 hours ago
How to send a string somewhere via UDP14 hours ago
binary-conduit 1.2.314 hours ago
agbell/agflow2problem for agflow — 15 hours ago
defaults generics15 hours ago
colchis hours ago
Transform a list of numbers into sums of all numbers beginning at each item16 hours ago
slave-thread 0.1.216 hours ago
deech: Having written a non-trivial `Setup.hs` I have to say the Cabal API is quite a bit more powerful than people give it credit for. #haskell16 hours ago
Haskell main function16 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #haskell vs #c++ - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/haskell/c%2B%2B/ …17 hours ago