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msakai/extended-realExtension of real numbers with positive/negative infinities (±∞)
an hour ago
hstorrent/hstorrentBitTorrent library in Haskell
an hour ago
jjamardo/plp_tp1Repo para el primer tp de PLP
an hour ago
SnaipeDotFiles/DotXmonadConfiguration files for Xmonad
an hour ago
circuithub/persistent-chunkedHelpers for running chunked queries with persistent
a few hours ago
x0m9k/forestFormula Recognition Stack
a few hours ago
ud0n/hashellSimple shell written in Haskell.
4 hours ago
jml/hodorCommand-line todo list program, compatible with todo.txt
6 hours ago
Hrothen/HubertToy web rendering engine in haskell
6 hours ago
lpireyn/project-euler-haskellSolutions to problems from Project Euler, in Haskell.
6 hours ago


ralvaradot: [#Packt] #Haskell #Data #Analysis Cookbook — Save 50% http://bit.ly/1sUuWhF  #B_DotNet #CelesteSoftware #ExpertDay @DatabaseView #CPCO7an hour ago
PacktPub: Harness Haskell and more to get the most out of your data – 50% these big data eBooks today - http://bit.ly/1ARK05s  - #BigData #Haskellan hour ago
weszlem: "Monads is a curse: when someone learns what monads are, they lose the ability to explain it other people" #haskell2 hours ago
edofic: this is how programming in #haskell looks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy8EsHZr6DI&feature=youtu.be&t=11s …3 hours ago
geophf: I wrote 3,542 words in 0 minutes (154 day streak): http://750words.com/entries/share/4028106 … Problem-solving mode last night: solved 3 #haskell problem setsa few hours ago
geophf: Archived August, 2014 #haskell problem set http://logicaltypes.blogspot.com/2014/09/august-haskell-daily-puzzles-and.html …a few hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #clojure vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/clojure/haskell/ …a few hours ago
bananu7: I suppose that's what you get for that pesky IO; TVars aren't innocent! :D #joke #haskell http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tail_value_at_risk …4 hours ago
reallynotabba: Haven't been 9ys at #icfp. When it comes to DSL impl with #haskell the dreaded #errormsg problem related to #typehacking is alive & kicking5 hours ago
chlalanne: "Haskell Data Analysis Cookbook - a Book Review" #haskell http://feedly.com/e/PBP368nC 6 hours ago


HaL-9 3 months ago
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Budapest Hackathon 2014 5 months ago
Hac NYC 5 months ago
Hac NYC 5 months ago
6th Utrecht Summerschool on Applied Functional Programming 5 months ago
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Hac NYC 7 months ago
Well-Typed's introductory and advanced Haskell courses 8 months ago


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Prime numbers3 hours ago
Prime numbers3 hours ago
HacBerlin20145 hours ago
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Typeclassopedia3 days ago