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nomeata/ghcjs2gh-pagesExample repository setup that deploys GHCJS programs to GitHub Pages
31 minutes ago
amir-sabbaghi/recaptcha-serverA simple server to gather information about recaptcha answers
an hour ago
hnefatl/eulerHaskell solutions to Project Euler challenges
an hour ago
felixscheinost/br2podcastNo description
an hour ago
drellem/WatsonFuzzy Search on Anything
an hour ago
pkamenarsky/memdbEfficient in memory indexed database
2 hours ago
Duelist256/lyahfggSome code snippets
3 hours ago
jappeace/awesome-project-nameonly in name
a few hours ago
Chouffe/haskell-heroku-docker-playgroundcircle ci + docker + heroku + haskell + servant
4 hours ago
Amphibological/HaskellWorkA repository of Haskell challenges, and other programs
4 hours ago


julienXX: Since the web is screwed I’m writing a #gopher server in #haskell and hopefully I’ll be able to port my website to it. Fun times ahead 2 hours ago
me_coot: I started writting a blog post about freeness, equational theories (as in Universal Algebra) and its incarnation in free monad construction. I havent yet seen this connection outlined; I hope #haskell and #purescript communities will enjoy it.4 hours ago
justanotherdev1: Left my job on Friday and at my leaving do, my boss (who has 20 years experience on me) advised me to take up Haskell. He mentioned that he learnt more doing 1 year of functional than 15 of OO. Best advice is to stay humble and keep learning #haskell9 hours ago
Signify_Tech: We bring you our recommended Sunday Reads, this week we hear from Xia Li-yao, @jvican, Grzegorz Kocur, Qing Lan, @LukaJacobowitz & @soebrunk covering #Scala, #Haskell and more. Happy reading! http://ow.ly/1XGm30kCqqn 10 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Queryparser, an open source tool for parsing and analyzing SQL. ~ Matt Halverson https://eng.uber.com/queryparser  #Haskell10 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: What’s the difference? (A functional pearl on subtracting bijections). ~ B.A. Yorgey, K. Foner http://ozark.hendrix.edu/~yorgey/pub/GCBP-author-version.pdf … #Haskell12 hours ago
nucleartide: I bit the bullet and bought @haskellbook... look at all those cool algebra-y topics: http://haskellbook.com/progress.html  If anyone wants to start a reading group, lemme know! #haskell13 hours ago
conormyhrvold: Written in #Haskell, Queryparser is #Uber's #opensource tool for parsing & analyzing #SQL queries that makes it easy to identify foreign-key relationships in large data warehouses: https://ubr.to/2yn10sy  via @ubereng14 hours ago
NickSeagull: #100DaysOfCode - D1: Setup a #haskell project that renders a rotating #opengl triangle. My goal is to start doing some #gamedev in my free time. Let's see how this goes pic.twitter.com/kZxUEqDS7D17 hours ago
KalikaKay: Learning #Haskell using the @Cloud9IDE. I remembered how #VIM works. Turns out I didn't have to update the settings after all. I appreciate the difference between wget and curl. SMDH. I'd attach a picture but I'm on page 3 so my pretty little CLIT just says "Hello World!"18 hours ago


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hprotoc 2.4.1118 minutes ago
protocol-buffers-descriptor 2.4.1118 minutes ago
protocol-buffers 2.4.1118 minutes ago
extensible-effects minutes ago
nvim-hs hour ago
salve 1.0.34 hours ago
derulo 1.0.24 hours ago
tuple-sop hours ago


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