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mespinosaz/codewars-haskellNo description
26 minutes ago
lynn/jvoxaskeiHaskell implementation of the Lojban lujvo-making algorithm
29 minutes ago
peterstuart/dark-skyA Haskell client for the DarkSky.net service
an hour ago
smunix/graph-searchNo description
an hour ago
lukasotocerny/Neural-NetworksNo description
2 hours ago
mike-lang/haskellbookexercisesCompleted Exercises from the haskellbook.org book
2 hours ago
clample/one-time-padEncryption tool for One Time Pad method
3 hours ago
Gopiandcode/Haskel-ProjectsA Repository for all the cool Haskel Projects I do.
3 hours ago
ddoyle4/file-system-apiNo description
a few hours ago
cchalmers/diagrams-sdlSDL backend to the diagrams library
a few hours ago


hatenahaskell: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/xuwei/20161204/1480791472 … コミッターをしているScalaのライブラリ一覧(2016年12月時点) #Haskell これはScalaアドベントカレンダー Adventar版の4日目です。http://www.a2 hours ago
EmreSevinc: I take the recommendations of @haskellbook seriously. #Haskell pic.twitter.com/9MmXStmW9la few hours ago
livecodingtv: Learn live! "Advent of Code" https://www.livecoding.tv/gurkenglas/  #today #coding #Haskella few hours ago
tmj_ar_hrta: Join the SONIC Drive-In team! See our latest #job opening here: http://bit.ly/1ewDSIv  #SONIC #Hospitality #Haskell, AR #Hiring6 hours ago
Functionalworks: Wouldn't it be great if you could turn your #Haskell hobby into a full time job? Sign up and see what's on offer... #functionalprogrammingpic.twitter.com/sv7RFRLQ6S10 hours ago
niklasgerdt: #haskell at facebook https://code.facebook.com/posts/745068642270222/fighting-spam-with-haskell/ …11 hours ago
_cmdv_: Since learning #Haskell & #Purescript I've noticed the community is much nicer, with way less flame warsthan in #JavaScript , why is that?11 hours ago
hatenahaskell: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/kazu-yamamoto/20161203/1480760520 … TLS 1.3 開発日記 その2 暗号スイート #Haskell これは、http2 Advent Calendar 2016の3日目の記事です。 今回は暗号スイート12 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Introduction to functional reactive programming (FRP), Yampa, and Arrows. ~ H. Nilsson http://bit.ly/2gysl09  #FRP #Haskell14 hours ago
talentsignals: We found 1 new candidates for Haskell in London, 1547 profiles in total. #Haskell #London14 hours ago


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Vivid install errora day ago
Vivid install errora day ago
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Typeclassopediaa day ago
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