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evx001/XSS-Shuklaspecifically Shukla's Data Analysis Cookbook for AHA Haskell
30 minutes ago
cartazio/arithmoiarithmoi is currently maintained here
52 minutes ago
andreyk0/rename-file-pathSilly little tool to upcase/lowcase file names.
an hour ago
srid/thoughtstreams-convertHaskell based utility to convert JSON export data from https://thoughtstreams.io
3 hours ago
a few hours ago
ysgard/gl-tutorialA pragmatic tutorial for the Haskell gl and GLFW-b modules
5 hours ago
mabdesoft/merge_stabilityComparison of unstable vs stable merge-sort
5 hours ago
gmarpons/elections-in-spain6 hours ago
GaloisInc/gidlGidl: an Interface Description Language
6 hours ago
GuanyemBarcelona/bcnodata2db6 hours ago


Symbo1ics: OH “I know that at some point I'll have to come back to #Haskell. Everyone does.”38 minutes ago
johnazariah: @jjlemire @jonharrop you mean like #haskell or #fsharp ? :)an hour ago
jakecraige: I solved the first @upcase #haskell exercise (with some help from @grayson_wright)!! I feel so POWERFUL2 hours ago
mmmpork: Talk about an awesome Friday night w/ @perldition , I just learned about Monoids and implemented mconcat for fun! yay! #haskell #DateNight2 hours ago
deech: Clever use of #haskell view patterns: both :: a -> (a,a) both x = (x,x) f (both -> (xs, h : t)) = h : (xs ++ t) http://dlicata.web.wesleyan.edu/pubs/lpj07views/lpj07views-anglohaskell.pdf …2 hours ago
geophf: Looking at unification as a data structure: Pam ('inverted map') (Set (Skolem k)) -> val where k1 ≡ k2 unifies vars to (same) value #haskella few hours ago
labourcomms: What makes or breaks the programming language? #Erlang #python #haskell & #elixir closing this year @erlangfactory pic.twitter.com/6dbZgOku1Ta few hours ago
benoitc: panel discussion about different languages approach at #erlangfactory #erlang #python #haskell #elixirlang pic.twitter.com/PLo30HkEFJa few hours ago
richardsabow: Interesting that in more and more things #fp is getting preferred over #oop. Maybe one day #Haskell will rule the world? :Da few hours ago
VidyaSource: One of the clearer explanations you will find on higher-kinder types common in #Scala and #Haskell. http://www.hydrocodedesign.com/2014/04/02/higher-kinded-types/ … #programming6 hours ago


BOB 2015 4 months ago
Dutch Functional Programming day (NL-FP 2015) 4 months ago
Dutch Functional Programming day (NL-FP 2015) 4 months ago
NL-FP day 2014 5 months ago
ZuriHac 2014 10 months ago
HaL-9 10 months ago
Budapest Hackathon 2014 12 months ago
Hac NYC 12 months ago
Hac NYC 12 months ago
6th Utrecht Summerschool on Applied Functional Programming 12 months ago


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primitive 0.6a few hours ago
jmacro-rpc-happstack 0.3.1a few hours ago
cql-io 0.13.2a few hours ago
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GLUtil 0.8.64 hours ago
cql 3.0.24 hours ago
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