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amremam2004/vxmlizerNo description
40 minutes ago
lolotp/MafiaOnline Mafia
an hour ago
shaurya0/GPWebCrawleran hour ago
schnecki/HaskellMachineLearningMachine Learning library for Haskell
2 hours ago
rohinp/haskellTutorialSolutionThese are basically the solutions for the haskell problems seen in the tutorial of Philip Wadler at Edinburg univercity.
3 hours ago
konn/pandoc-japanese-filtersPandoc filters to treat Japanese-specific markups
a few hours ago
konn/pandoc-japanese-docxEnhanced Docx reader for pandoc with the support for Japanese markups
a few hours ago
HaskellZhangSong/derive-topdownThis library will help you generate Haskell empty Generic instance and deriving type instances from the top automatically to the bottom.
a few hours ago
Programming-Paradigms/LabsProgramming Paradigms Labs: Challenges and Solutions
a few hours ago
timurnurutdinov/itis-haskell-practiveElves live here
a few hours ago


IainFinch70: @EnglandRugby previous result count for nowt! form is one thing class is permanant! #carrythem home #haskell #ENGvIRE4 minutes ago
tazjin: Completed milestone 2 of Herbert, my signing server written in #Haskell: https://github.com/tazjin/herbert/releases/tag/v0.2 … README at https://github.com/tazjin/herbert 2 hours ago
umireon: #haskell 畳み込みファミリだと(順序非依存で全ての要素を使用すると分かっているならば)foldl'が空間・時間効率が最もよい?5 hours ago
TonikSaat: Can I have some help on this, please? #haskell #yesod http://stackoverflow.com/q/28792117/4551864?stw=2 …5 hours ago
MatthewDolan123: I dabbled in #haskell today -- I fully support that the primary design tenant is making really OCD people comfortable.7 hours ago
indizen_insight: A #Haskell library for declarative programming over eventually consistent store (#Cassandra) http://gowthamk.github.io/Quelea/index.html?utm_content=buffer03d82&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer … #nosql8 hours ago
computionist: Is the #haskell wiki MySQL server down?9 hours ago
CharlesBoury: I got arithmetic on functions ! Yes ! #haskell f = cos + sin pic.twitter.com/SH82xzvOar10 hours ago
arreola: Yay my first pair of @WarbyParker glasses! Got the #haskell in burnt lemon tortoise. pic.twitter.com/EWU37YY02D13 hours ago
Scottprier42: Whipping thru the glass..... @Dylanseguin90 @denomme18 #Haskell13 hours ago


BOB 2015 3 months ago
Dutch Functional Programming day (NL-FP 2015) 3 months ago
Dutch Functional Programming day (NL-FP 2015) 3 months ago
NL-FP day 2014 4 months ago
ZuriHac 2014 9 months ago
HaL-9 9 months ago
Budapest Hackathon 2014 11 months ago
Hac NYC 11 months ago
Hac NYC 11 months ago
6th Utrecht Summerschool on Applied Functional Programming 11 months ago


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shell-conduit 4.5.2a few hours ago
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hwsl2 hours ago


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My thoughts on lens. Is this correct?a day ago


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