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Solved: deploy wxHaskell app on Windows9 hours ago
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jaspervdj/fugaciousNo description
23 minutes ago
trskop/host-and-portData type for host and port used for connecting to server or listening for client connections
43 minutes ago
HyungjunAn/SimpleMSNo description
an hour ago
Felipe-Franco/MiniHaskellNo description
3 hours ago
vimalloc/apfs-auto-snapshotTool to automatically create and delete APFS snapshots
3 hours ago
jacqueline-homan/ContainersNo description
a few hours ago
haskell-service/katip-libsystemd-journalA Katip scribe for systemd's journal
a few hours ago
danieljabailey/bin2tapTakes binary files, puts them in .tap files, for loading into zx spectrum emulators, or to convert to audio to play in a real spectrum
4 hours ago
eunmin/eta-jedis-exampleEta Jedis Example
4 hours ago
pdmurray/hangmanHangman project from the Haskell Book
5 hours ago


Edmund_Works: Game of Monads! Our #Blog on Music, #Haskell and Westeros https://hubs.ly/H08JC410 an hour ago
Functionalworks: Game of Monads! Our #Blog on Music, #Haskell and Westeros https://hubs.ly/H08JC-v0 an hour ago
seanhjoycePGA: Had a great chat with a golfer today who only plays hickory. He shoots in the low 80's with the old school gear and balls #haskell #guttypic.twitter.com/JxgSTsKZOe5 hours ago
1HaskellADay: Tuesday's #haskell problem looks at staging data on PostgreSQL for deferred processing using Haskell for ETL. https://github.com/geophf/1HaskellADay/blob/master/exercises/HAD/Y2017/M09/D26/Exercise.hs …pic.twitter.com/b4ntJtqJGG6 hours ago
james_OWA: This week we look at the Grenade deep learning library! http://bit.ly/2wOE7Nr  #Haskell7 hours ago
1HaskellADay: Today's #haskell solution uncovers structure bit by bit as we reify an article structure from a block of text. https://github.com/geophf/1HaskellADay/blob/master/exercises/HAD/Y2017/M09/D25/Solution.hs …7 hours ago
SassyEwe: Another new addition #coffee #football #highschoolfootball #haskell #haymakersfootball… https://www.instagram.com/p/BZeiZ1vFejc/ 7 hours ago
jrlarsen: 40% off at @ManningBooks until Sep26 with code wm092117ltc #golang #Scala #Haskell #swiftlang #aws #fsharp #dotnet https://www.manning.com/?a_aid=r51&chan=tw …7 hours ago
DebugSteven: Wait a second. Is mzero (all lowercase) the right choice in this case? I hadn't come across it before... #Haskell8 hours ago
avi_press: My first #Haskell library published to hackage: a wrapper for the @CryptoCompare API:https://github.com/aviaviavi/cryptocompare …8 hours ago


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checkmate 0.2.18 hours ago
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dom-parser 3.0.011 hours ago
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the function I want to make8 hours ago
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csv map16 hours ago
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from State only to StateT with Writera day ago
This code hangs indefinitelya day ago