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ahammel/UnknownFieldsDemonstration of the unknown fields capability of the protocol-buffers package
a week ago
rvion/pathfindingHaskell pathfinding library
a week ago
asvyazin/haskell-stuffJust random stuff in haskell
a week ago
reruns/hackerrankSolutions to problems on hackerrank.com, mostly in Haskell
a week ago
asr/pdfnameName a PDF file using the information from the pdfinfo command
a week ago
seereason/harpImport of harp-0.4 from hackage
a week ago
DbIHbKA/lshImplementation Locality-Sensitive Hash on Haskell
a week ago
gallepsi/file-listera week ago
manuelp/lkclientCLI client for LeanKit.
a week ago
spatial-reasoning/homerHomomorphism checker and finder for relation algebras
a week ago


masterq_mogumog: mbedのときはよくがんばったよな #Ajhc #Haskellan hour ago
RYonaba: High level cheat sheets for #haskell programmers https://github.com/anchor/haskell-cheat-sheets … #programming #code2 hours ago
denkspuren: Thesis-Themen zu #Frege (#Haskell auf JVM), #JavaFX und #Groovy für Neugierige mit Spaß an Programmiersprachen http://goo.gl/SnAOqJ a few hours ago
badamczewski01: I want to code in #haskell now. https://twitter.com/MichaelOChurch/status/591620001653719040 …a few hours ago
Functionalworks: Check out some of the hottest Functional Programming roles from around the world #clojure #fsharp #scala #haskell http://ow.ly/LX0yX 4 hours ago
qiitahaskell: http://qiita.com/lotz/items/8b22ce15fb66cf293536 … 高階多相型で遊んでみる #Haskell この記事はブログにも書いています http://lotz84.github.io/posts/playing-in-the-higher-o …4 hours ago
LobsterNews: Haskell at Front Row http://www.kurilin.net/post/117369543198/haskell-at-front-row … https://lobste.rs/s/rqqcs9  #haskell #practices5 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: An introduction to parsing text in Haskell with Parsec. ~ J. Wilson http://bit.ly/1bsUPCp  #Haskell via @fergjo6 hours ago
TechWars_io: We compared #erlang vs #haskell - see results: http://www.techwars.io/fight/erlang/haskell/ …7 hours ago
deech: This is a great beginner paper that helped me learn #haskell and is in no reading list I've ever seen: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= …10 hours ago


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