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PhilippWacker/number-combinatorSolves puzzles like "How do you get 24 using digits 1,3,4,5 and operations +,-,*,/?"
6 minutes ago
jaalonso/Examenes_de_PF_con_HaskellExámenes de programación funcional con Haskell
46 minutes ago
plneappl/DependentMathNo description
54 minutes ago
CPTblackadder/reglangequivalance2nd year project
an hour ago
mrdrozdov/haskell-mnistNo description
2 hours ago
ahakki/AdWords-KSTNo description
3 hours ago
plow-technologies/quickcheck-arbitrary-adtTypeclass for generating a list of each instance of a sum type's constructors
a few hours ago
nikita-volkov/hasql-cursor-transactionAn abstraction for simultaneous fetching from multiple PostgreSQL cursors
4 hours ago
screamish/yamlfunFaffing about with YAML parsing in Haskell
5 hours ago
danidiaz/denodoUtilities to manage Denodo servers.
8 hours ago


shapr: So much for Zen type theory koans on #haskell <shapr> What is the sound of one Kind clapping? <crough> (k :: *) -> k -> Void, I think46 minutes ago
TheJHood: Jersey awaits the champ. #haskell #nyquist https://www.instagram.com/p/BISq5UTg7E5/ 55 minutes ago
Cynede: #haskell ecosystem is not that wrong but everything is changing often, it's just very important to understand when ABI breaks and how to fixan hour ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Parallel evaluation strategies for lazy data structures in Haskell. ~ P. Totoo http://bit.ly/2aF0FC9  #Haskell #PhD_Thesisan hour ago
ryne_olsen: With my 19th straight #Haskell 6 Days away, Think I am going 2 have to do my top 6 Haskell's, each day with a different category of why.a few hours ago
matabb: Its #haskell week which means it's that time of year for me to rip monmouth park for holding it's signature event on a sunday! 1/25 hours ago
DanonymousMan: Happy #Haskell week! Check out theyreoff's Nine Great Runnings of the Haskell Invitational http://www.danonymousracing.com/nine-great-runnings-haskell-invitational-john-piassek/ …pic.twitter.com/ooNBm8FzXK5 hours ago
josephirace: Great article on my friend and Oceanport resident jockey Chris DeCarlo and his #Haskell victory 30 years ago! http://www.app.com/story/sports/horses/2016/07/25/monmouth-park-haskell-decarlo-upset/87518856/ …6 hours ago
AMagnificentMes: Early Unsigned Miriam #Haskell Gilt Leaf Wood & by AMagnificentMess http://etsy.me/1Ubcd1a  via #Etsy #teamlove #vintagejewelry6 hours ago
kamyar1979: Getting a good intuition about what is going in #Haskell! Glad!7 hours ago


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Issue6 hours ago
Python webscraper to translate into Haskell7 hours ago
A monad is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors16 hours ago
applicative monoid in the category of endofunctors17 hours ago
testing17 hours ago
testing17 hours ago
error cabal install sexpr19 hours ago
hdbc-mysql-linker.patch21 hours ago
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