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pet531/blogNo description
an hour ago
eliza0x/hakyll-shakespeareThis library is for using Shakespeare with Hakyll.
an hour ago
nightuser/summer-school-on-game-semantics-sra-compilerSerially Reentrant Algol compiler using game semantics
2 hours ago
iha2/ChallengesProgramming puzzles and their solutions in various languages.
a few hours ago
johangirod/fruitseedA slackbot app implementing condorcet voting
5 hours ago
powermosfet/shoppinglistAdd items to a checklist in Trello using a barcode scanner
6 hours ago
shymega/blogMy blog
7 hours ago
tamurayoshiya/learning-haskellNo description
7 hours ago
cranej/talkingroomPersonal blog
7 hours ago
RoboticsHS/roslibROS communication stack library
7 hours ago


EnergyCurb: We're looking for a Data Scientist at CURB! APPLY: http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/119805/data-scientist-curb … #Python #DataScience #BigData #Jobs #Startups #Haskell57 minutes ago
tcx__: Calling all #haskell fans. https://twitter.com/Jose_A_Alonso/status/768746566437969920 …a few hours ago
FranScan: Check it out for all the latest #functionalprogrammingjobs on the West Coast of the #USA http://westcoastpjobs.slack.com  #scala #haskell #elm4 hours ago
sjfloat: Retrospective: #Haskell in Production https://www.infoq.com/news/2016/08/haskell-production-retrospective …4 hours ago
Functionalworks: Cloud #Haskell developer role now live! Remote too and working on the #Blockchain - http://hubs.ly/H045wJj0 5 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Haskell positions at Facebook. http://bit.ly/2bkImAM  #Job #Haskell7 hours ago
1HaskellADay: Today's #haskell exercise looks at historical prices of #bitcoin https://github.com/geophf/1HaskellADay/blob/master/exercises/HAD/Y2016/M08/D25/Exercise.hs …pic.twitter.com/Xi5xuP0s6u7 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Thinking with laziness. ~ T. Jelvis http://bit.ly/2brQ1RC  #Haskell9 hours ago
shebang: It's 2016 and we are still arguing about upper bounds in #Haskell https://github.com/feuerbach/tasty/issues/145#issuecomment-242295179 …9 hours ago
1HaskellADay: The structure of tweets and related data for today's #haskell solution https://github.com/geophf/1HaskellADay/blob/master/exercises/HAD/Y2016/M08/D23/Solution.hs …pic.twitter.com/8hyGwRwruo9 hours ago


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'My best idea ever'10 hours ago
An extensible annotated tree - theoretically11 hours ago
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