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ahammel/UnknownFieldsDemonstration of the unknown fields capability of the protocol-buffers package
a month ago
rvion/pathfindingHaskell pathfinding library
a month ago
asvyazin/haskell-stuffJust random stuff in haskell
a month ago
reruns/hackerrankSolutions to problems on hackerrank.com, mostly in Haskell
a month ago
asr/pdfnameName a PDF file using the information from the pdfinfo command
a month ago
seereason/harpImport of harp-0.4 from hackage
a month ago
DbIHbKA/lshImplementation Locality-Sensitive Hash on Haskell
a month ago
gallepsi/file-listera month ago
manuelp/lkclientCLI client for LeanKit.
a month ago
spatial-reasoning/homerHomomorphism checker and finder for relation algebras
a month ago


raichoo: If #cabal really is the no.1 problem for #haskell users, then we really can consider ourselves very lucky /cc @fpcomplete32 minutes ago
tek_news: HNews: Haskell as a JavaScript MVC framework http://bit.ly/1HAOn7J  #haskell #js47 minutes ago
NikitaYVolkov: If #Haskell were strict, what would the laziness be like? http://nikita-volkov.github.io/if-haskell-were-strict/ …an hour ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Developing web applications with Haskell. ~ A. Serras @trupill http://bit.ly/1F7p4qP  #Haskell2 hours ago
deech: You know #haskell has forever warped your mind when you start thinking of escalators as lazily-evaluated stairs.a few hours ago
tek_news: HNews: Making the Case for Haskell http://bit.ly/1AkLEQp  #haskell6 hours ago
steshaw: #Nix loves #Haskell, a talk by Peter Simons. No more rebuilding the entire hackage world! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsBhi_r-OeE … http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.distributions.nixos/17165 …8 hours ago
arturs100: Making illegal states unrepresentable using refinement types in #Haskell with @RanjitJhala at #lambdaconf http://www.refinement-types.org 9 hours ago
qtamaki: はてなブログに投稿しました #はてなブログ 「第2期 第12回 H本読書会 in 秋葉原」を終えて #readhbon #haskell - セカイノカタチ http://qtamaki.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/05/23/085856 … pic.twitter.com/UzexX5Qdc59 hours ago
alex_kurilin: Operator precedence + associativity in #haskell : https://www.haskell.org/onlinereport/decls.html …10 hours ago


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Ambiguity in GHC 7.109 hours ago
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Weird static binary heap errora day ago
Here, try it yourself :)a day ago
tsahyt try thisa day ago


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