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seantalts/typeclassopedia3 minutes ago
bb010g/yappYet Another Polymorphic Prelude
an hour ago
coolwuxing/haskell-2dmap-dfsA3 Haskell
an hour ago
yu-i9/OthelloOthello program with Haskell
an hour ago
Sobieck00/haskell.practicelearning haskell
3 hours ago
thsutton/cis194-homeworkSolutions to the CIS 194 homework problems.
a few hours ago
jgraydus/pfds5 hours ago
clckwrks/clckwrksA Haskell CMS platform
5 hours ago
wangbj/haskellmisc haskell code
5 hours ago
athanclark/ChupacabraWeb-based MPD and Clementine client
5 hours ago


flacofiggas: Even though I only had one winner at the #Haskell @MonmouthPark... Every horse I picked ran in the money... Still learning how to bet...2 hours ago
ffee_machine: @OptimistsInc Make sure to check out the #haskell channel on freenode IRC if you have any Haskell questions. Lots of helpful people there!6 hours ago
ssanj: Q: "What is QuickCheck?" A: "It's MAGIC!!" #overheardathacknight #haskell #bfpg #hacknight6 hours ago
alexsdutton: Finally removed the IRC channel autojoins from my student days. Goodbye, #haskell, I am a lost cause to you.7 hours ago
irrequietus: @yogthos @ifesdjeen even if it did try to become #haskell, it would be too late since the latter is evolving already. It would be pointless.8 hours ago
alexey_r: Replacement for OverlappingInstances and IncoherentInstances in GHC 7.10 #haskell http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/ghc-devs/2014-July/005830.html …8 hours ago
hstm42: Still searching for the black monolith that brought functional programming to mankind. #Haskell #fsharp #scala #erlang8 hours ago
sqlhorror: Is there a Haskell implementation of the Lindley-Wadler-Yallop arrow calculus? http://bit.ly/1xuEYaF  #haskell9 hours ago
KateiyaM: A #Ruby program generating a #Scala program generating a #Scheme program … #Lisp … #Haskell … #Python … Ruby again: https://github.com/mame/quine-relay …9 hours ago
hakmem: All I wanted was a #Haskell interpreter. Now I am finding myself learning yet another packaging system (cabal)10 hours ago


HaL-9 a month ago
ZuriHac 2014 a month ago
Budapest Hackathon 2014 4 months ago
Hac NYC 4 months ago
Hac NYC 4 months ago
6th Utrecht Summerschool on Applied Functional Programming 4 months ago
Hac NYC 5 months ago
Hac NYC 5 months ago
Hac NYC 6 months ago
Well-Typed's introductory and advanced Haskell courses 7 months ago


async-extras minutes ago
lens 4.3.32 hours ago
semigroupoids 4.2a few hours ago
diagrams-qrcode 1.2a few hours ago
strive 0.6.0a few hours ago
messagepack-rpc few hours ago
tidal 0.4.94 hours ago
anonymous-sums-tests hours ago
geodetics 0.0.16 hours ago
tidal 0.4.86 hours ago


why doesn't this work14 hours ago
No titlea day ago
how to handle money in haskella day ago
No titlea day ago
module does not load compileda day ago
MultiArray.hsa day ago
Monad Transformer Experiment2 days ago
No title2 days ago
List of lists type2 days ago
Panjer2 days ago


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User:Siddhanathan6 hours ago
HaskellImplementorsWorkshop/2014a day ago
Hac φ/Attendeesa day ago
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What a Monad is not4 days ago