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Protarget/MATAdvanced 6502 assembler
15 minutes ago
philopon/atomos21 minutes ago
goldfirere/nyc-hug-oct2014Repo for code from my NYC Haskell Users' Group talk on Oct. 24, 2014
an hour ago
kaction/predicateGenerate predicate tasks
an hour ago
crockeo/tic-taskellAn excursion into the world of FRP on the server-side.
3 hours ago
backender/f1-tickerFormula 1 live ticker
3 hours ago
cevaris/LYAHFGGLYAHFGG tutorials and learnings
3 hours ago
pmiddend/hprofa few hours ago
ksaveljev/word-ladder5 hours ago
rubenmoor/warp-exampleShort example for usage of the Haskell warp server
5 hours ago


NL-FP day 2014 15 hours ago
ZuriHac 2014 5 months ago
HaL-9 5 months ago
Hac NYC 6 months ago
Budapest Hackathon 2014 6 months ago
Hac NYC 7 months ago
6th Utrecht Summerschool on Applied Functional Programming 7 months ago
Hac NYC 8 months ago
Hac NYC 8 months ago
Hac NYC 9 months ago


git-annex 5.20141024an hour ago
HSmarty hour ago
hplayground hours ago
wai-middleware-static hours ago
eibd-client-simple 0.0.33 hours ago
propellor 0.9.13 hours ago
snap-app 0.6.1a few hours ago
gluturtle few hours ago
ghcid 0.3a few hours ago
tasty hours ago


No titlean hour ago
catching exceptions5 hours ago
msignum error7 hours ago
Ok, I'm still doing it wrong12 hours ago
ints for johnarmstrong18 hours ago
No title24 hours ago
confusion about otherwisea day ago
hrevoice2 days ago
No title2 days ago
cabal install hsenv2 days ago


Consultantsa few hours ago
Peano numbers7 hours ago
GNU/Linux14 hours ago
PermissiveImportsProposal19 hours ago
PermissiveImportsProposal19 hours ago
Tutorials23 hours ago
OpenGL24 hours ago
PermissiveImportsProposal24 hours ago
PermissiveImportsProposala day ago
PermissiveImportsProposala day ago