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mayc0njr/TPHaskellcreate a market app that receive a list of codes and print the invoice
30 minutes ago
rewinfrey/unix-socket-server-clientA simple, bare-bones Unix socket server and client written in Haskell
52 minutes ago
zesme/project-eulerProject Euler solutions to problems
52 minutes ago
mariosal/haskell-perfect-mazeSolving perfect mazes in Haskell using a modified version of Kruskal algorithm and DFS.
an hour ago
dimitriosvasilas/99_Haskel_ProblemsNo description
an hour ago
NewMountain/Haskellbook-ReaderMonadDreaded Monads
2 hours ago
goodlyrottenapple/yesod-sensible-scaffoldMinimal Scaffold for Yesod, using Protolude for the handler code.
2 hours ago
NewMountain/HaskellBook-MonoidsJust working some examples from Haskellbook Monoid chapter
2 hours ago
chaseries/leetcodeNo description
a few hours ago
wildarch/is-nominalExample code for functional programming talk
a few hours ago


taylorfausak: I love a good #Haskell rant. https://www.reddit.com/r/haskell/comments/5wb5qw/how_do_you_guys_get_anything_done/ …4 minutes ago
hatenahaskell: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/displecliaca1977/20170227/1488145774 … nwtcibg #Haskell OFFLINE Annas Book by Barbara Vine pdf ibooks iphone FB2 Home ofan hour ago
achimdomma: @pro_cessor In the context of my simple #Haskell examples, smart means very clean and simple, just to the point. Exactly as code should be.an hour ago
SBrundu: #sofunny premiata ditta #Haskell&Hartley che figura di m.... https://youtu.be/FU1irXn8YaM  via @YouTube2 hours ago
rjcphoto: Classic response from the ref 2 #England #Haskell 'What do i do' re #Italian breakdown tactic. #I'mUrRefNotUrCoach #NigelOwens esque2 hours ago
NatJMichaels: Listen to #Haskell & #Hartley; completely confused by #Italy. It's comic & sad. #England utterly flummoxed. No imagination or flexibility3 hours ago
AdamSmitht1: #Haskell error when implementing Tower of Hanoi #Tech #News #HowTo http://abizy.com/p/view.html?url=http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42473917/haskell-error-when-implementing-tower-of-hanoi …3 hours ago
efbman: @Samueloc235 Not stupid enough to realise what was going on and correct it. #Haskell aint the smartest top in the sheda few hours ago
UriSamuels: #Haskell Yesod: How to give UTCTime an toMarkup instance #Tech #Internet #Question #HowTO http://abizy.com/p/view.html?url=http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42472168/haskell-yesod-how-to-give-utctime-an-tomarkup-instance …6 hours ago
AGoCorona: Escaping the trap of inversion of control for better composability https://gitter.im/Transient-Transient-Universe-HPlay/Lobby?at=58b313b0e961e53c7f6dee3b … #haskell6 hours ago


DSA 1.0.2an hour ago
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lame 0.1.0an hour ago
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htaglib 1.1.0a few hours ago
BioHMM 1.0.55 hours ago
kafka-device-glut hours ago
kafka-device-leap hours ago
kafka-device-vrpn hours ago


Double Bracketa day ago
for centrala day ago
template-haskell-standalone-derivinga day ago
Core.Plaina day ago
g show True 7 == ["True","7"]a day ago
for robertkennedy3 days ago
Can't configure containers GitHub fork for tests and benchmarks3 days ago
tokenizer3 days ago
Game.hs3 days ago
Spock error4 days ago


Core Libraries Committeea day ago
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<pikajude> fibonacci numbers are quite common in nature; some examples include 1, 2, and 34 weeks ago
<monochrom> <monochrom> If stack doesn't understand it, kill stack. <monochrom> If Buddha doesn't understand it, kill Buddha.a month ago
<hpc> the first lisp interpreter was a room full of grad studentsa month ago
<johnw> they said at this year's Fibonnaci conference that it was as good as the last two combineda month ago
<FAQ> paste: Paste long things at a paste site. http://lpaste.net highlights and lints haskell and announces to this channel.3 months ago
<FAQ> details: When asking for help, give details such as platform, GHC version, cabal or stack, exact command line, source code, full output, urls. If it's long, paste at http://lpaste.net3 months ago
<FAQ> faq-help: @remember FAQ topic: some info , @forget FAQ topic: some info , @quote topic:3 months ago
<geekosaur> so fwiw it looks like [Mac Lane] introduced it in _Categories for the Working Mathematician_, and his terminology note doesn't explain why he picked "monad", but perhaps can be understood to imply a sort of cross between "monoid" and "triad". (p.138 at http://www.maths.ed.ac.uk/~aar/papers/maclanecat.pdf)4 months ago
<geekosaur> wibble4 months ago
<geekosaur> so fwiw it looks like he introduced it in _Category Theory for the Working Mathematician_, and his terminology note doesn't explain why he picked "monad", but perhaps can be understood to imply a sort of cross between "monoid" and "triad". (p 138 at http://www.maths.ed.ac.uk/~aar/papers/maclanecat.pdf)4 months ago