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christoph-horst/taplHaskell implementations for "Types and programming languages"
42 minutes ago
juaniisuar/Repositori-1TP 1 - Programming Language Analysis
an hour ago
pbsds/project_euler_haskellThis is my work on Project Euler using Haskell.
an hour ago
alexryndin/hpffpNo description
an hour ago
fpdevil/HsStudyLearning Haskell through Logical Puzzles and Exercises
an hour ago
giocosmiano/haskell-scratchpad-and-materialsNo description
2 hours ago
luandry/testerA Test Repo
2 hours ago
andrewbutterfield/reasonHEquational reasoning for Haskell Programs
3 hours ago
CrazyByDefault/haskillPoPL Project - Extremely low effort haskell game for course project
3 hours ago
giocosmiano/real-world-haskell-bookNo description
a few hours ago


zkourouma: neat way of showing the functorial structure of products. i'm really enjoying seeing how powerful these abstractions can be simply by defining specific structures and relations #haskell #haskellbook #categorytheory @haskellbookpic.twitter.com/ZzGnfiGD0P39 minutes ago
nikivazou: "A strongly typed martini. Shaken, not stirred. " A workshop that verifies martinis with *liquid* #haskell, at Cadiz Lambda World (Oct 25th) by @janschultecom and @soutoner http://cadiz.lambda.world/schedule/#session-105 …pic.twitter.com/SaQquUr7Px2 hours ago
Iceland_jack: #HaskellIdeas #GHCIdeas: :type-at gives type at loc, how about a command (for IDE/tooling) describing #Haskell concepts newtype HFix h a = HIn (h (HFix h) a) > Has third-order kind: ((*->*)->(*->*))->(*->*) class Shiftable (exp :: ∀n. Ctx n->*->*) > Higher-rank kind ..3 hours ago
newhavenio: https://www.meetup.com/newhavenio/events/249844977/ … Lineup: 6:10 - Michael - Problem solving in #ruby 6:30 - Jake - #Rust 6:45 - Cory - VBA macro scripting & AppleScript for automated entry into CraftCMS 7:00 - Dan - Linguistics and Generative Art 7:20 - Tim - #Haskell 7:40 - Max - #javascript triviaa few hours ago
markdetson: Remember in school, how the teacher didn't actually explain algebra? They taught you the rules and off you went doing exercises. It's the same for monads, just learn the rules and then solve problems. #haskell #monads6 hours ago
afcowie: Spent months working on a #haskell library. Nice aesthetic. Does the job. Correct. Performs well. Then I built the docs, and it was like a screenful and a half. So depressing. My work is more than... nope. It really isn't. People don't read your code. They read about your code.6 hours ago
CodeMeshIO: Why should business owners, IT leaders and developers not miss Code Mesh LDN 2018? We run through the highlights of this year's conference http://ow.ly/H6Pl30lRE6I  #haskell #clojure #rust #scala #erlang #elixirlangpic.twitter.com/UkDLgwWe8a7 hours ago
Flog_Fr: The HaskellParis meetup was a huge success yesterday. The room was packed with 70+ haskeller at @PeopleDoc_Inc . Thank you @clementd and Romain for the talks. #Haskell @PeopleDoc_Inc https://www.meetup.com/haskell-paris/ pic.twitter.com/r6mQQ79HwQ10 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Numeric constraint solving in Haskell. ~ Matt Keeter (@impraxical). https://www.mattkeeter.com/projects/constraints … #FunctionalProgramming #Haskell11 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: CodeWorld update — September 17, 2018. ~ Chris Smith (@cdsmithus) https://medium.com/@cdsmithus/codeworld-update-september-17-2018-5db971ca03df … #FunctionalProgramming #haskell #CodeWorld11 hours ago


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