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HenrySwanson/haskell-power-seriesA simple implementation of power series in Haskell. Nothing too fancy, but I thought it was really cool that Haskell makes such a thing not only easy, but beautiful.
an hour ago
yamadapc/hdoseNo description
3 hours ago
crockeo/gl-texturingA working example of texturing in OpenGL.
4 hours ago
JoshuaOSHickman/WiseWikiPersonal Wiki for the Web
4 hours ago
5 hours ago
jaspervdj/euler7 hours ago
bos/packrankA library and program for ranking Haskell packages by how widely they are used.
8 hours ago
Pseudoradius/acme-stringly-typedStringly typed programming for Haskell
8 hours ago
Hrothen/mapconvertSmall utility to convert dfhack generated .dfmap files into .png formatted images.
9 hours ago
zephyr-dev/alternativetool for creating test file templates
9 hours ago


certifiedwaif: Spent the last half hour fighting myself via #haskell's type system. I lost. And also won.55 minutes ago
mxavier: Downside to undefined-driven dev in #haskell: delayed implementation often delays the realization what you're doing is impossible.an hour ago
xhexis: Calling Python from Haskell http://www.lunaryorn.com/2014/04/15/calling-python-from-haskell.html … #python #haskell2 hours ago
begriffs: Heads up, #haskell builds are failing on @travisci. Their recent environment upgrade breaks GHC 7.8. https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-ci/issues/2723 …2 hours ago
haskell_hackers: Generics, OpenGL, Spiele - Do. 28.8 18:00 @ indiaking.de http://haskell-hackathon.no-ip.org/#next_hackathon  #Haskell #Hackathon #FP #Munich #programming #meetup6 hours ago
k_gadek: This article by @jozefg28 is absolutely brilliant! "Introduction to Dependent Types: #Haskell on Steroids" — http://jozefg.bitbucket.org/posts/2014-08-25-dep-types-part-1.html …6 hours ago
sebasmagri: http://jozefg.bitbucket.org/posts/2014-08-25-dep-types-part-1.html … Introduction to Dependent Types. #haskell on steroids7 hours ago
rickasaurus: Last night was a SQL framework for #fsharp, tonight it’s a SQL framework for #haskell8 hours ago
newshtwit: using #haskell in #finance (stolen from https://plus.google.com/+ConradParker/posts/Armn9rcrK8g …) http://twitter.com/newshtwit/status/504761843055734784/photo/1pic.twitter.com/HOqqWSgn3o 8 hours ago
geophf: Added Analytics.Classifiers.Bayesian http://lpaste.net/108916  to #haskell library set at http://logicaltypes.blogspot.com/p/1haskelladay-problems-with-solutions.html …8 hours ago


HaL-9 3 months ago
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Budapest Hackathon 2014 5 months ago
Hac NYC 5 months ago
Hac NYC 5 months ago
6th Utrecht Summerschool on Applied Functional Programming 5 months ago
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Hac NYC 6 months ago
Hac NYC 7 months ago
Well-Typed's introductory and advanced Haskell courses 8 months ago


highlighting-kate 0.5.9an hour ago
pwstore-purehaskell 2.1.23 hours ago
pwstore-fast 2.4.23 hours ago
mmorph 1.0.43 hours ago
hspec-wai few hours ago
linearEqSolver 1.34 hours ago
tighttp hours ago
interpolate 0.0.44 hours ago
persistent-template hours ago
persistent-sqlite hours ago


expressionExamplesan hour ago
No title5 hours ago
Program that eats memory for breakfast11 hours ago
Missing Abstraction15 hours ago
hrevoice fast but need mem optimization19 hours ago
fmap over tuple (Pair)21 hours ago
config recorda day ago
Computing mean of a lista day ago
No titlea day ago
No titlea day ago


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