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RossPaterson/aoc-utilitiesUtilities for Advent of Code
an hour ago
nbrk/simple-moneySimple library to handle and interexchange money
3 hours ago
ajthurston16/HW1No description
3 hours ago
benaryorg/bathbenaryorg's adventure text Haskell.
3 hours ago
Mitko-Kerezov/huffman-haskellHuffman encoding/decoding in Haskell.
a few hours ago
Baransu/sugar-replExperimental REPL written in Haskell for learning purposes
4 hours ago
DominikDitoIvosevic/CshalNo description
4 hours ago
erochest/arenaeNo description
4 hours ago
Nickedude/DAT326No description
4 hours ago
BlackCapCoder/ponylorempulls dummy text from ponyipsum.com
5 hours ago


LaParrillaKS: Guess who stopped by today for soda? Our very own Dennis! #LFK #lawrenceks #larryville #ku #haskell #Kansas #eatlocal #eatlawrence #RCJHpic.twitter.com/XvJQWsCqdx23 minutes ago
deech: After a long and frustrating week, FLTKHS on Windows 10 is now *vastly* easier. All you need for 0-dep native apps is Stack! #haskell49 minutes ago
sonupsales: Vintage #HASKELL Style Knotted Rope Chain Apple Juice #Bakelite Bead #Brooch | eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/172490260856 …pic.twitter.com/4ktZhpx3M36 hours ago
SorbiG: #functionalprogramming in #javascript with honorable mention of #Haskell as well. Thanks for the tw to @g_perales #function #monad #curryhttps://twitter.com/DaniStefanovic/status/821614601238417410 …8 hours ago
tek_news: Reddit/p: New functional language for JVM builds on Haskell, Clojure, ML http://bit.ly/2j9m7CA  #haskell8 hours ago
RDUTechEvents: Last chance to check out the Raleigh #Haskell meetup tomorrow: http://j.mp/2iOWhai 10 hours ago
Dino__Torres: First day of classes. #Haskell11 hours ago
pmarreck: Oh, uh, how rude of me. @chris__martin , meet @SusanPotter . You're both brilliant and into #scala, #haskell & #nix . Hence previous mention12 hours ago
Ocramius: Ah, these rookie mistakes... `sq -1` #Haskell12 hours ago
kwangyulseo: TIL that I should use constTimeEq when comparing secrets. https://www.stackage.org/haddock/lts-7.12/crypto-api-0.13.2/Crypto-Util.html#v:constTimeEq … #haskell16 hours ago


preamble 0.0.18an hour ago
shakers 0.0.15an hour ago
preamble 0.0.17an hour ago
directory hour ago
simple-money hours ago
shakers 0.0.142 hours ago
phone-numbers 0.1.02 hours ago
rattletrap 2.1.5a few hours ago
shake 0.15.11a few hours ago
postgresql-error-codes 1.0.15 hours ago


for ph88; th generated instances7 hours ago
Build error dns stackage7 hours ago
int-to-string-bench20 hours ago
Fake IO binda day ago
split infinite a day ago
splita day ago
splita day ago
Read PHI filea day ago
persistent2 days ago
Nested types and persistent3 days ago


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Means of expression9 hours ago
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Typeclassopedia24 hours ago
Sandboxa day ago
Typeclassopediaa day ago
User:Rtfeldmana day ago
Web/Testing and Verification2 days ago
How to profile a Haskell program2 days ago
Haskell program coverage2 days ago