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ahammel/UnknownFieldsDemonstration of the unknown fields capability of the protocol-buffers package
6 months ago
rvion/pathfindingHaskell pathfinding library
6 months ago
asvyazin/haskell-stuffJust random stuff in haskell
6 months ago
reruns/hackerrankSolutions to problems on hackerrank.com, mostly in Haskell
6 months ago
asr/pdfnameName a PDF file using the information from the pdfinfo command
6 months ago
seereason/harpImport of harp-0.4 from hackage
6 months ago
DbIHbKA/lshImplementation Locality-Sensitive Hash on Haskell
6 months ago
gallepsi/file-lister6 months ago
manuelp/lkclientCLI client for LeanKit.
6 months ago
spatial-reasoning/homerHomomorphism checker and finder for relation algebras
6 months ago


Jose_A_Alonso: Type logic in Haskell. ~ O. Verdier @OlivierVerdier http://bit.ly/1k0zSU4  #Haskell #Logic17 minutes ago
dibblego: The monad-no-return proposal for #haskell is a small step, with a massive compromise. Ideal is approximately: https://github.com/ekmett/hask/blob/master/src/Hask/Tensor/Compose.hs#L137 …3 hours ago
StephenPiment: Nice overview of Shake (build system in #Haskell) from @ndm_haskell http://ndmitchell.com/downloads/slides-defining_your_own_build_system_with_shake-09_oct_2015.pdf …5 hours ago
eallik: I wonder how many people are #Scala, #Typelevel, #Scalaz, #Shapeless bringing over from #Java to #Haskell yearly? — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1r5yZ1XYfY …8 hours ago
robyYuwa: They started to build a special wing for the #Haskell programmers here. But at some point they had to stop because, you know, side effects.9 hours ago
NorSoulx: #Haskell goes #DevOps http://bit.ly/1VOI1GM 11 hours ago
hatenahaskell: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/x68kace/20151013/1444662000 … Xmonadを使ってみた #Haskell 参考サイト 基本的に下の2つに書かれている内容だけで、使えるようになった。 :ARCH LINUX JAPAN:Archlinuxを使11 hours ago
bennylope: A Haskell neophyte attempts a line-by-line explanation of @GabrielG439's todo example http://benlopatin.com/basic-haskell-todo/ … #Haskell #BackToBasics12 hours ago
ticviking: Don't learn #Fsharp or #Haskell. Having to live without ADTs in other languages is painful once you've seen the light.12 hours ago
TheDeetkenGroup: #IPython: A Unified Environment For Interactive #DataAnalysis. http://ow.ly/3yj1J7  #python #julia #scala #haskell13 hours ago


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ncurses 0.2.1215 minutes ago
cef 0.1.319 minutes ago
warp 3.1.535 minutes ago
vector-th-unbox hour ago
elo 0.1.02 hours ago
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wolf 0.2.07 hours ago
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