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radicality/HaImgurHaskell Imgur API Library
11 minutes ago
bitonic/2048hs2048 + AI in Haskell
an hour ago
patrickt/bracera rewriting system for curly-brace languages
2 hours ago
tranma/arm-edsl(Attempt at) EDSL for writing ARM assembly in Haskell
2 hours ago
tucker19/Torn-Numbersa few hours ago
5 hours ago
timojuez/ic6 hours ago
uvthenfuv/HsExpandA step-by-step interpreter for a subset of Haskell.
8 hours ago
aleksandrpak/haskellTests9 hours ago
kissandra79/boyermooreHsAn implementation of the boyer moore substring search algorithm in haskell
11 hours ago


SusanPotter: And here is the article that is from: http://jozefg.bitbucket.org/posts/2014-04-08-bargain-coroutines.html … #haskellhalf an hour ago
SusanPotter: "...I noticed that it, like most things in Haskell, can be reduced to 5 lines with a library that Edward Kmett has written." #haskell31 minutes ago
mukesh_tiwari: #OCaml is great language to learn. It would have been more better if we can declare multiple statements in let in block like #SML #Haskell33 minutes ago
loshaskelleros: Friendly reminder, we'll meet @ @MindTouch's headquarters next week, join us! Details: http://www.meetup.com/SanDiegoHUG/events/172505372/ … #sandiego #mindtouch #haskellan hour ago
fpletz: "Congrats on being the first patcher, and, presumably, the second user of propellor!" https://github.com/joeyh/propellor/pull/1 … #haskell #cfgmgmt2 hours ago
sqlhorror: Deadline approaching: ICFP workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modelling and Design http://bit.ly/1hQFyH6  #haskell3 hours ago
deech: @smdiehl IMO that would be totally covered if every #haskell tutorial taught hlint and -Wall.a few hours ago
sbrandauer: Points free #haskell code: when reading, I prepend "Well, *actually*, this is just..." to every expression.5 hours ago
a_ulrich: TAing an FP course in #haskell taught by @teggy. Expected 20-25 students, got 90 (for now). Nice to have that much interest, but... oh boy.5 hours ago
sergueyz: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/ucgi/~cjwatson/blosxom/2014-04-15-porting-ghc-a-tale-of-two-architectures.html … Fascinating. Man ported GHC to PPC knowing no #Haskell. Kudos!5 hours ago


Hac NYC 3 days ago
Budapest Hackathon 2014 3 days ago
6th Utrecht Summerschool on Applied Functional Programming a week ago
Hac NYC a week ago
Hac NYC a month ago
Hac NYC a month ago
Hac NYC 3 months ago
Well-Typed's introductory and advanced Haskell courses 3 months ago
NL-FP day 2014 5 months ago
Functional Programming eXchange 2014 6 months ago


penny minutes ago
diagrams-haddock hours ago
digestive-functors-aeson 1.1.7a few hours ago
puzzle-draw-cmdline few hours ago
puzzle-draw-cmdline hours ago
influxdb 0.2.04 hours ago
puzzle-draw-cmdline hours ago
http-client hours ago
stm-firehose 0.2.15 hours ago
quickspec 0.9.35 hours ago


StateTan hour ago
Cabal can load (with cabal repl) the Module and compile it, but ghci complains9 hours ago
another option9 hours ago
conduit sink counter19 hours ago
No titlea day ago
Newbie - postfix log parsea day ago
No titlea day ago
regex trouble outa day ago
regex troublea day ago
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Physical units4 hours ago
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IRC Quotes

<pdxleif> see s.p. jones & h.p. lovecraft's paper on the subject: "generic programming with lenses, barbed wire, and the fibres of sanity"12 hours ago
<carter> i'll leave you in the gentle hands of the rest of the channel6 days ago
<edwardk> waiting for sclv to start going around door to door passing out little copies of the homotopy type theory book, and asking people if they have yet had the geometric realization that the simplicial sets are homotopically equivalent to their Lord and Savior.a week ago
<geekosaur> IO, IO, it's off to (>>=) I goa week ago
<edwardk> Zombies are expensive.a week ago
<Eduard_Munteanu> Don't put your money in monads, you can never get it back. :P2 weeks ago
<Fuuzetsu> I know someone who pulls in Lens just for & and ??3 weeks ago
<malc> I have a coworker who constantly reads haskell stuff at work, nudged him towards the lens talk, that should push him towards actually doing work at work.a month ago
<acowley> < acowley> I will push machines-concurrent to hackage one fine day < edwardk> not concurrent-machines ? < acowley> Man, I walked right into that bike sheda month ago
<#haskell> < Fuuzetsu> why does this channel always eventually end up at co-jokes? < Iceland_jack> Fuuzetsu: What do category theorists drink on a cold winter night? < mm_freak> Fuuzetsu: because we turn cotheorems into ffee < Iceland_jack> A: Hot a. < hpc> Fuuzetsu: it's the logical course of co-nversation < bennofs> because we all love CO-mputer science :) < Fuuzetsu> I immediately regret my decision to say anything.a month ago