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zyzek/regularRegular language utilities.
20 minutes ago
BurhanNabi/99-problems-haskellSolving the famous 99 problems in Haskell
2 hours ago
Pocap/HaskellNo description
a few hours ago
flocknroll/haskell_cis194Haskell homework for CIS 194
4 hours ago
beneyal/CIS194Solutions for Brent Yorgey's CIS194 (Spring 2013)
5 hours ago
CIRB/xmonad-configNo description
6 hours ago
travitch/dismantleA library of assemblers and disassemblers derived from LLVM TabelGen data
7 hours ago
katherinele436/CISC260_Assignment2No description
7 hours ago
julian1-testing/metadata-hsNo description
8 hours ago
8 hours ago


FunctionalFran: Up to £80,000 to work with this #haskell team in #London - http://hubs.ly/H06SR6V0 pic.twitter.com/EGcCYW9sT057 minutes ago
GraknLabs: What will you build today? What you need to create #software with #opensource GRAKN.AI #Java #Python #R #Haskell https://blog.grakn.ai/get-started-with-grakn-ai-72bb210f915c …an hour ago
UriSamuels: #Haskell count elements in a list tail recursion #Tech #Internet #Question #HowTO http://abizy.com/p/view.html?url=http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43066658/haskell-count-elements-in-a-list-tail-recursion …an hour ago
FunctionalFran: Create a reliable, high performance next generation financial infrastructure using #Haskell - http://hubs.ly/H06SRMY0  #Zurich3 hours ago
llogiq: @mgattozzi try to shoot urself in the foot in #haskell outside IO, u may find the bullet go through w/o any ill effect whatsoever.6 hours ago
Aj_Pens: #internet #e #language #javascript #java #Php #hack #scala #flash #haskell #django #python #D #xhp... http://fb.me/NPnuvKyI 8 hours ago
StephenPiment: Who needs HashLife when you have comonads? #Haskell https://samtay.github.io/posts/comonadic-game-of-life.html …9 hours ago
hackuador: ``My company is still on GHC 7.10'' <- #FirstWorldProgrammingProblems #Haskell10 hours ago
kakkun61: POST の Handler でも runFormPost していいもんなんかな? #Yesod #Haskell11 hours ago
unicornhuntio: @heyhabito are looking for a Senior Software Engineer http://buff.ly/2mBrLmQ  #hiring #haskell13 hours ago


gssapi-wai hour ago
opencog-atomspace hour ago
writer-cps-mtl hours ago
SelectSequencesFromMSA 1.0.2a few hours ago
praglude hours ago
casing hours ago
identicon 0.2.15 hours ago
regex-examples hours ago
regex-with-pcre hours ago
regex hours ago


SomeGame.hs34 minutes ago
No title17 hours ago
No titlea day ago
forM vs mapMa day ago
Pi differencea day ago
No titlea day ago
kind equalitya day ago
No titlea day ago
Better confusion3 days ago
TypeApplications, PartialTypeSignatures, ,AllowAmbiguousTypes, ScopedTypeVariables -> confusion3 days ago


User:Bwroga15 hours ago
Monada day ago
Monada day ago
BayHac2017/CodeWorlda day ago
Extensible recorda day ago
BayHac2017a day ago
File:Bayhac2017-takt-cropped.jpga day ago
BayHac2017a day ago
File:Bayhac2017-takt.jpga day ago
BayHac2017a day ago

IRC Quotes

<pikajude> fibonacci numbers are quite common in nature; some examples include 1, 2, and 3a month ago
<monochrom> <monochrom> If stack doesn't understand it, kill stack. <monochrom> If Buddha doesn't understand it, kill Buddha.2 months ago
<hpc> the first lisp interpreter was a room full of grad students2 months ago
<johnw> they said at this year's Fibonnaci conference that it was as good as the last two combined2 months ago
<FAQ> paste: Paste long things at a paste site. http://lpaste.net highlights and lints haskell and announces to this channel.4 months ago
<FAQ> details: When asking for help, give details such as platform, GHC version, cabal or stack, exact command line, source code, full output, urls. If it's long, paste at http://lpaste.net4 months ago
<FAQ> faq-help: @remember FAQ topic: some info , @forget FAQ topic: some info , @quote topic:4 months ago
<geekosaur> so fwiw it looks like [Mac Lane] introduced it in _Categories for the Working Mathematician_, and his terminology note doesn't explain why he picked "monad", but perhaps can be understood to imply a sort of cross between "monoid" and "triad". (p.138 at http://www.maths.ed.ac.uk/~aar/papers/maclanecat.pdf)5 months ago
<geekosaur> wibble5 months ago
<geekosaur> so fwiw it looks like he introduced it in _Category Theory for the Working Mathematician_, and his terminology note doesn't explain why he picked "monad", but perhaps can be understood to imply a sort of cross between "monoid" and "triad". (p 138 at http://www.maths.ed.ac.uk/~aar/papers/maclanecat.pdf)5 months ago