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json-sop minutes ago
lens-sop minutes ago
pretty-sop minutes ago
basic-sop minutes ago
WxHaskell/Windows37 minutes ago
State of Haskell IDE Engine40 minutes ago
Catchouli/elysianNo description — 54 minutes ago
Repa nested array definitions resulting in "Performing nested parallel computation sequentially..."an hour ago
hyper-haskell-server hour ago
hyper-extra hour ago
hyper hour ago
Instance resolution in code and in GHCIan hour ago
Instance resolution in code and in GHCI [duplicate]an hour ago
ast-monad-json hour ago
attoparsec-time hour ago
Duplicate instance declarations error for Integral and Fractional instancesan hour ago
Duplicate instance declarations error for Integral and Fractional instances [duplicate]an hour ago
Error message generating for every input for an empty list casean hour ago
What is the preferred way to write quick Haskell test programs that depend on Stack libraries in local directories?2 hours ago
Deadline Extension: International Workshop on OCL and Textual Modeling (OCL 2017)2 hours ago
arianvp/hconfigApplicative configuration DSL — 2 hours ago
jamshidh/webdavServerNo description — 2 hours ago
Database with Cloud Haskell3 hours ago
Haskell Programming3 hours ago
monad-batcher few hours ago
some_pengwings: I wanted to study for my #Haskell class - instead I'm 3 hours into cabal/stack documentation (and hackage, stackage, hoogle, ghci)a few hours ago
nvim-hs 0.2.2a few hours ago
gmartinezramirez/BrigAppNASA Hackathon 2017 — a few hours ago
Inserting elements to Data.Tree.Treea few hours ago
RuHaskell4 hours ago
Access return value4 hours ago
tmj_tul_edu: Can you recommend anyone for this #job in #Haskell, OK? http://bit.ly/2q4oFF7  #Education #Hiring #CareerArc4 hours ago
Why Haskell doesn't support custom pattern matching?5 hours ago
vncnttrn/haskellHaskell Practice Code — 5 hours ago
Cont monad shift5 hours ago
patch-image 0.3.15 hours ago
knead 0.2.25 hours ago
llvm-extra 0.7.26 hours ago
Haskell: Error message generating for every input for an empty list case6 hours ago
ether hours ago
makefile hours ago
ether hours ago
isotope hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Learning Cryptography, math and programming with Cryptol. ~ Dylan McNamee #Math #Haskell #Cryptolhttps://github.com/dylanmc/CryptoBook …7 hours ago
alfonsogcnunez: It was great to finally see a live @ploeh's talk at #buildstuffes. Very instructive to learn functional programming in #fsharp and #haskell7 hours ago
How to combine postgresql snaplet and websockets?7 hours ago
weeder 0.1.17 hours ago
generics-sop hours ago
vincenthz: so just tried to install some #haskell on arm64 .. exhausted memory (2gb) while compiling Cabal. srly ?7 hours ago
erikd/exceptT-demoA demo of the usage of Haskell's ExceptT monad transformer — 7 hours ago
ghcjs-dom-hello hours ago
anxolerd: As for me it looks like the #Haskell pattern matching. It is more clear when you use it with Option monad. #RustFest8 hours ago
jsaddle-wkwebview hours ago
freddie1129/HaskellTestHaskell studying — 8 hours ago
zsedem/xmonad-configurationThis is my own workspace configuration — 9 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Lifts for free: making mtl typeclasses derivable. ~ Alexis King @lexi_lambda #Haskell https://lexi-lambda.github.io/blog/2017/04/28/lifts-for-free-making-mtl-typeclasses-derivable/ …9 hours ago
pcgen 1.0.09 hours ago
jsaddle-webkitgtk hours ago
chessai/TicTacToeTicTacToe (Naughts and Crosses) implementation in Haskell — 9 hours ago
rubenpieters/DEBENo description — 9 hours ago
jsaddle-webkit2gtk hours ago
jsaddle-wkwebview hours ago
jsaddle-warp hours ago
aniketd/slackdNo description — 9 hours ago
jsaddle hours ago
How to convert Char to Int in Haskell WITHOUT IMPORT anything?10 hours ago
jordwest/write-yourself-a-schemeHaskell exercises — 10 hours ago
Cabal and IPv610 hours ago
Show recursively data type10 hours ago
"PCM only for now" error, called at ./Data/WAVE.hs:127:11 in WAVE-0.1.310 hours ago
seanzzz/hw07No description — 11 hours ago
spiros 0.0.011 hours ago
createrlee/HaskellNo description — 11 hours ago
Cabal and IPv611 hours ago
megabobo/PlsHw7No description — 12 hours ago
programmeratwk: Hspec: A Testing Framework for Haskell http://hspec.github.io/  #haskell #testing12 hours ago
neutronest/plaihsNo description — 13 hours ago
Brief Gadt help - inference13 hours ago
DigestPassword.hs14 hours ago
Tirso4/Tirso4-Tarea-4---Ejercicios-con-Haskell---Programaci-n-L-gica-y-FuncionalNo description — 14 hours ago
kenju/haskell_playgroundNo description — 15 hours ago
Type families to check validity rather than satisfiability16 hours ago
Cabal and IPv616 hours ago
markongithub/chinese_postmanPlaying with Chinese Postman algorithms in Haskell. — 17 hours ago
ivory hours ago
th-abstraction: A new library for inspecting datatypes from Template Haskell17 hours ago
WxHaskell/Windows18 hours ago
JuicyPixels-extra 0.2.018 hours ago
cmark-sections hours ago
ZenZeroKS: Bangkok Chicken with sweet chilli sauce #LFK #lawrenceks #ku #Larryville #haskell #Thaifood #Bangkok #foodie #foodporn #foodlover #instafood pic.twitter.com/lnAkUVxdes18 hours ago
WxHaskell/Windows18 hours ago
WxHaskell/Windows19 hours ago
Functionalworks: Functional Programmers in Sydney: This team is building #blockchain tech and it is impressive #scala #java8 #haskell http://hubs.ly/H07h_kH0 pic.twitter.com/G1ts8PeZDK19 hours ago
How to build up a "random" list?19 hours ago
WxHaskell19 hours ago
WxHaskell19 hours ago
File:Wxhaskell-black-medium.png20 hours ago
hpg 0.420 hours ago
hpg 0.320 hours ago
mikeizbicki/dominionNo description — 20 hours ago