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ko_bx: Oh, so it looks like Brittany is the state of the art in #Haskell code formatting now? Those corner-cases of hindent are indeed annoying, happy to check something new https://www.reddit.com/r/haskell/comments/8x0x77/brittany_vs_hindent_vs_stylishhaskell/ …2 minutes ago
Adding type constraints to data declarations11 minutes ago
ZooeyMiller/todo-haskellA command line todo app in haskell — 55 minutes ago
lucasdicioccio: I have the PoC working last evening. An HTTP2 client for Servant is coming soon https://github.com/lucasdicioccio/servant-http2-client … #haskellan hour ago
yesod-fay 0.9.0an hour ago
How the input should go inside the ghci interpreter?an hour ago
gubatron: Nice, here's Hello Lambda In #Haskell! pic.twitter.com/c1RlsQsFCm2 hours ago
cmark-gfm 0.1.6a few hours ago
jcolemang/code-reportNo description — a few hours ago
iproute 1.7.64 hours ago
Is there a standard immutable "Map" (e.g. Data.Map, Data.HashMap) typeclass in Haskell?4 hours ago
extensible-effects-concurrent hours ago
Haskell Assignment4 hours ago
Splitting a list in haskell5 hours ago
tcmch/H99Haskell 99 Problems — 5 hours ago
Sorting a list before executing the guard clause in Haskell5 hours ago
apecs-physics-gloss hours ago
tanyabouman/music-processingNo description — 6 hours ago
gnull/whrapA primitive one-liner program for wrapping text to specified width (supports UTF-8) — 7 hours ago
ANN: Extrapolate: generalized QuickCheck-style counterexamples.7 hours ago
viking66/purpleHaving fun with haskell, lisp, and plt — 8 hours ago
avro hours ago
evincarofautumn/ktnNo description — 8 hours ago
pineapplevendor/haskell_99_problemsA scratchpad for work on https://wiki.haskell.org/99_questions — 8 hours ago
nixCodeX/xmonad-configNo description — 8 hours ago
Would Haskell be good for a Requesting Tool?9 hours ago
devu4/HaskellTextEditorSimple text editor functions made in functional haskell code — 9 hours ago
Haskell: Reversing Children of Binary Tree9 hours ago
Nimor111/IPLTasksTasks for Implementation of programming languages course in uni — 10 hours ago
martinsson/fp-max-haskellReplica of John De Goes "FP to the max" demo code in haskell (WIP) — 10 hours ago
Thomascountz/haskell-ttt2TicTacToe in Haskell — 10 hours ago
haddock 2.21.010 hours ago
lucasdicioccio/servant-http2-clientGenerate http2-client from Servant APIs — 10 hours ago
Haskell - Bags - How can I use polymorphism in Haskell?11 hours ago
vaibhavsagar/turbo-octo-funicularNo description — 11 hours ago
shapr: Demonstrating property based testing in #haskell on IRC is fun: <shapr> ?check \x y z -> x * (y * z :: Float) == (x * y) * z <lambdabot> *** Failed! Falsifiable (after 4 tests and 1 shrink): <lambdabot> 4.3816306e-2 -3.1394832 2.491630311 hours ago
ginger hours ago
leancheck 0.7.611 hours ago
mpi-hs hours ago
ats-pkg hours ago
werediver: It could have been better only if it would be in #Haskell! https://youtu.be/kHBcVlqpvZ8 11 hours ago
haddock-api 2.21.011 hours ago
What do you call a function or operation that returns a boolean?12 hours ago
RobersonCosta/Calculadora-HaskellNo description — 12 hours ago
Functionalworks: Work with Haskell/ DAML/ and Scala for one of the fastest growing, most recognized fin-tech startups globally! Language Engineer , with competitive salary in New York #newyork #haskell #scala #damlhttp://zpr.io/6CV6c 12 hours ago
BlockchainWorks: Work with Haskell/ DAML/ and Scala for one of the fastest growing, most recognized fin-tech startups globally! Language Engineer , with competitive salary in New York #newyork #haskell #scala #damlhttp://zpr.io/6CV6e 12 hours ago
RobersonCosta/Exercicios-em-HaskellNo description — 12 hours ago
zimuzeng99/haskell-lsystemsHaskell application that generates L-Systems which can be used to produce complex graphics on screen with a drawing turtle — 12 hours ago
servant-swagger 1.1.612 hours ago
zimuzeng99/haskell-calculusHaskell application that processes expressions and performs symbolic differentiation — 12 hours ago
r-dog/haskell-solutionsSolutions to my haskell lab questions — 13 hours ago
haddock-library 1.7.013 hours ago
mariatsji/kommandCommand tool written in haskell — 13 hours ago
JuanVicenteGuillenCasas/Practica-PDEste repositorio contiene la práctica final de la asignatura de Programación declarativa del curso 2017/2018. — 13 hours ago
nekketsuuu/SatysfiFilterPandoc filter to add compiled result of SATySFi — 13 hours ago
AdLucem/server-ad-lucemServer for a personal website. — 13 hours ago
alphasheets-development/zeromq-haskellClone of https://gitlab.com/twittner/zeromq-haskell.git — 13 hours ago
tau3/hackerrank-haskellNo description — 13 hours ago
kuribas/hednNo description — 14 hours ago
wavefront hours ago
toodles hours ago
haddock-library 1.6.114 hours ago
Haskell split list14 hours ago
VoxlDavid/lstcNo description — 14 hours ago
Empty (zero height) documents in Haskell prettyprinter15 hours ago
RGiskard/AddictiveHaskellMany problems in haskell — 15 hours ago
0nkery/write-you-a-schemeNo description — 15 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: DBFunctor: Functional data management (type safe ETL/ELT in Haskell). ~ Nikos Karagiannidis. https://github.com/nkarag/haskell-DBFunctor … #FunctionalProgramming #Haskell via @StephenPiment15 hours ago
enobayram/relocatableNo description — 15 hours ago
jeron7/Projeto-PLP-HaskellNo description — 15 hours ago
dez_blanchfield: "Data data data, I can't make Bricks without Clay", Sherlock Holmes ;-) #AFInfluencer #AFIndex #Game #GameDev #IndieDev #Gaming #Games #IoS #Android #Nintendo #MobileApp #Clojure #Cpp #CompSci #Haskell #Java #RStats #Scalahttps://twitter.com/AppsFlyer/status/1049300939495170049 …16 hours ago
matrix-static 0.216 hours ago
Iceland_jack: reminded of an old ticket #Haskell #GHC #GHCTrac #Trac1142 https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/11442 …pic.twitter.com/RwU9m9hbQc16 hours ago
ngx-export-tools hours ago
ibraheem-moosa/haskell-ninty-nine-problemsNinety-Nine Haskell Problems — 16 hours ago
TreyE/hxsdHaskell XSD Validation Using LibXML2 — 16 hours ago
FPComplete: All Set for Tomorrow's #Webinar on “Development Workflows in #Haskell "? Join @romanandreg at 10 AM sharp & take your Haskell's knowledge to an entirely different level! Haven't Registered Yet? Register Now! Today is the Last Day! https://hubs.ly/H0f8fbN0 pic.twitter.com/czF3GfcnOC16 hours ago
emmanueldenloye/tetrisforanothertimeNo description — 16 hours ago
eggplantbren/MarginalKLPrototype/proof of concept — 17 hours ago
Mark Jason Dominus: I redesign the LA Times’ Hurricane Maria chart17 hours ago
Getting data elements through match17 hours ago
shakespeare 2.0.1917 hours ago
Granule: a statically typed functional language with graded modal types (written in Haskell)17 hours ago
raichoo: Ah, gotta love pipes and conduits. Streaming massive amounts of data in constant memory while writing totally straightforward and reusable code. #Haskell pic.twitter.com/FXw85Zyv0j18 hours ago
mk2366/HaskellNo description — 18 hours ago
postgresql-simple 0.618 hours ago
Is there an easy way to compile static binaries?19 hours ago
tombusby/haskell-project-skeletonNo description — 19 hours ago
HugoPeters1024/Functional3Final assignment for the functional programming course — 19 hours ago
Casillic: Preventing Data Races with Refinement Types #HPC #FHCP #Liquid #Haskell https://permalink.lanl.gov/object/tr?what=info:lanl-repo/lareport/LA-UR-18-24775 …pic.twitter.com/sw9hRKcrYF19 hours ago
box-tuples hours ago
html-validator-cli hours ago
List elements in growing number? (Haskell)20 hours ago
List elements in growing number? (Haskell) [on hold]20 hours ago
CodeMeshIO: So you want to build a billion dollar #cryptocurrency with #Haskell? Look no further, Duncan Coutts will be at #CodeMesh with his experience report on the development & operation of a top-10 open #blockchain cryptocurrency written in Haskell http://bit.ly/2OpCQoJ  @welltypedpic.twitter.com/UDfkosMPQn20 hours ago
paulvdbles/shoot-em-up-haskelllet the lambdas flow — 20 hours ago
fangyi-zhou/mornington-crescentNo description — 20 hours ago
Sopwafel/FP-gameFP big assignment — 21 hours ago
ANN: DBFunctor – Functional Data Management / ETL Data Processing in Haskell21 hours ago
Null as a sort of bottom21 hours ago