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astro minutes ago
PythonQnA: Speed comparison with Project Euler: C vs Python vs Erlang vs Haskell #python #c #performance #haskell #erlanghttps://goo.gl/wNyGhW 16 minutes ago
http-media 0.7.017 minutes ago
tmj_tul_hrta: We're #hiring! Click to apply: Assistant Manager - http://bit.ly/2t6Z3vQ  #SONIC #Hospitality #Haskell, OK #Job #Jobs #CareerArc25 minutes ago
astro minutes ago
pwrobinson/secret-sharingNo description — an hour ago
robinvd/rlangNo description — an hour ago
An Elm architecture for Reflex-Doman hour ago
patrikja: Comparing #Haskell typeclasses and #C++ concepts: Is anyone keen on redoing http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1411324 … for Concepts TS?https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32124627/how-are-c-concepts-different-to-haskell-typeclasses …an hour ago
xmonad-extras 0.13.02 hours ago
matheusikeda/TP-FTCAnalisador de String — 2 hours ago
Hire_Arizona: #ITJob #Job #Haskell - Experienced Sales Agent in Greater Tulsa, OK (Haskell,OK) http://tw.eet.link/PQ1fLM 2 hours ago
Shrinker42: A first sign of life of the reincarnation of Microbrush's plugin language. Gonna finish that before any 3D stuff. Monads are nice. #Haskell pic.twitter.com/Xw8aazWXfo2 hours ago
latest_jobs_usa: ☆ NEW JOB ☆ #ITJob #Job #Haskell - Experienced Sales Agent in Greater Tulsa, OK (Haskell,OK) http://tw.eet.link/PQ1Hlw  ☜ view full detailsa few hours ago
takeshinoda/pfdsNo description — a few hours ago
openwest: #PresenterShoutout: @sbditto85 Topic: #Haskell and #Elm in #Production: An Unexpected Journeya few hours ago
Zielon/BounceNo description — 5 hours ago
tmj_tul_hrta: Interested in a #job in #Haskell, OK? This could be a great fit: http://bit.ly/2t6jiKv  #SONIC #Hospitality #Hiring #CareerArc5 hours ago
vendethiel/Awwbot.hsA discord bot that hands out cat pictures on demand! — 5 hours ago
mhcurylo/labtorFun with data in Haskell, Java and Javascript. — 6 hours ago
darth-tytus/Sokobancis194 project — 7 hours ago
tsoding: Boids in #Haskell https://github.com/tsoding/boids pic.twitter.com/Et6EcRCSb47 hours ago
Is there any working solution for renaming identifiers / data / modules?7 hours ago
yui-knk/pfds_jp_2017No description — 7 hours ago
shockkolate/etchetch programming language — 7 hours ago
ardamose123/sparql-protocolAn SPARQL 1.1 Protocol client library for Haskell — 7 hours ago
Blog articles/Parallel7 hours ago
masashi-y/CCGBankReaderNo description — 8 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: How to twist pointers without breaking them. ~ S. Chauhan, P.P. Kurur & B.A. Yorgey http://ozark.hendrix.edu/~yorgey/pub/twisted.pdf … #Haskell8 hours ago
exemplator/java8-parserjava 8 parser in haskell for GHCJS — 8 hours ago
TracksideJennie: Girvin, who ran huge in losing #OhioDerby by nose to Irap, pointing toward #Haskell, #WVDerby or Jim Dandy, says @mjsharp75_joe. @KyHBPA8 hours ago
takenji_ebooks: #Haskell is pretty cool now that I understand #Monads.8 hours ago
LambdaDude: A nice Sunday exercise in #Haskell https://github.com/quchen/articles/blob/master/write_yourself_a_brainfuck.md …8 hours ago
Abhiroop/BlockingQueueA distributed blocking queue written using Erlang style processes and messaging passing concurrency in Cloud Haskell. — 8 hours ago
yawaramin: #Haskell folks: what happened to (&) in base? I.e. the pipe-forward operator? Nothing in Hoogle: https://www.haskell.org/hoogle/?hoogle=%26+%2bbase …8 hours ago
niteria/reflex-scotty-pollNo description — 9 hours ago
Thalexander/n2t-assemblerA simple assembler written for the computer designed in Nand2Tetris — 9 hours ago
Threading responsibly -- forkIO considered harmful9 hours ago
tdfirth/ulcAn interpreter for the untyped lambda calculus — 9 hours ago
User:Emi9 hours ago
FrozenXZeus/HammingHaskellCWhen I decide to incite holy war by comparing Haskell speeds against C — 9 hours ago
HR_Virginia: #ITJob #Job #Haskell - Experienced Sales Agent in Greater Tulsa, OK (Haskell,OK) http://tw.eet.link/PPyCJb 9 hours ago
cutsea110/myTFWHfor TFWH — 10 hours ago
j0xaf: Announcing simplexhc: a STG to LLVM compiler for #haskell https://pixel-druid.com/blog/announcing-simplexhc/ …10 hours ago
DouglasBrunner/todo-serverNo description — 10 hours ago
SanDiego_IT: #ITJob #Job #Haskell - Experienced Sales Agent in Greater Tulsa, OK (Haskell,OK) http://tw.eet.link/PPxqj5 10 hours ago
ocramz_yo: I love the smell of burning compilers in the morning #haskell #GHCpic.twitter.com/JSJmha46db10 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Free delivery (functional pearl). ~ J. Gibbons https://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/jeremy.gibbons/publications/delivery.pdf … #Haskell11 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: Free delivery (functional pearl). ~ J. Gibbons https://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/jeremy.gibbons/publications/delivery.pdf  #Haskell11 hours ago
alexey_r: optparse-applicative 0.14.0 #Haskell http://www.huwcampbell.com/posts/2017-06-09-announcing-optparse-0.14.html …11 hours ago
witoldsz: cmd line scripts–this is most surprising…I don't like scripts,usually I have to fix them 100s times before they work,#Haskell to the rescue? https://twitter.com/jpospychala/status/860583335248240640 …11 hours ago
inclo/hashflareCloud Mining — 11 hours ago
witoldsz: OK,folks.It's time to learn a #Haskell.As they say:better late than never.It's all started with #elmlang, now I can't stop thinking FP-way…11 hours ago
iokasimov/otvet.mail.ruDownloading questions from biggest ask/reply network at Runet — 11 hours ago
UriSamuels: #Haskell, FreeBSD, Stack, happy: What can one do if a build-tool (in my case `happy-1.19.5`) is failing installati… http://abizy.com/p/view.html?url=https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44698588/haskell-freebsd-stack-happy-what-can-one-do-if-a-build-tool-in-my-case-hap …11 hours ago
Prime numbers miscellaneous11 hours ago
Functionalworks: On Competing with C Using #Haskell – http://hubs.ly/H07TNxP0 11 hours ago
SimpleServer hours ago
jchildren/jollyA language playground — 12 hours ago
I figured out you can put the Haskell logo as the GHCi prompt.13 hours ago
quickcheck-special hours ago
shokohara/haskell-ffmpeg-subscriberNo description — 13 hours ago
ozzzzz/calculusNo description — 14 hours ago
Hiring_ND: #ITJob #Job #Haskell - Experienced Sales Agent in Greater Tulsa, OK (Haskell,OK) http://tw.eet.link/PPw9XZ  http://ITJobPro.com  #job14 hours ago
DogsEatDogfood/TMarsNo description — 14 hours ago
email-validate 2.2.116 hours ago
pepper_chico: argh, #PureScript archlinux pacman package now depends on the hundreds micro #Haskell packages and their endless updates....16 hours ago
noether 0.0.117 hours ago
Compiling on DigitalOcean17 hours ago
LambdaFairy: srsly, "#haskell unions are left biased" is right up there with that cons joke18 hours ago
srufle/haskell-funRepo for learning Haskell — 18 hours ago
LambdaFairy: just got bitten by a #haskell bug today... turns out Map.union is biased to the left but Map.fromList is biased to the right18 hours ago
REST API Client Library / SDK Examples18 hours ago
emoticon/mudalambda thing — 19 hours ago
data-diverse hours ago
ssomayyajula/elabAn elaboration monad — 20 hours ago
eacameron88: If #Haskell Curry had written the Y combinator as a song instead: https://youtu.be/HNTxr2NJHa0?t=18 …http://fb.me/6f5M09zL5 20 hours ago
1HaskellADay: Share? What's the link to your #Haskell SPARQL client library?20 hours ago
yiding/yxmonadMy xmonad configuration. — 20 hours ago
lambdageek/wafla yummy wafl — 20 hours ago
lifted-async 0.9.222 hours ago
aosdab/haskell-studiesExperiments in functional programming — 22 hours ago
gogasi_: New package: #haskell-raaz Version: 0.1.1-2 by Sean Whitton ... http://deb.li/3GXrc 24 hours ago
data-diverse day ago
Announcing Simplexhc: a STG to LLVM compilera day ago
mitchellwrosen/ssssSimple secret-sharing executable — a day ago
serviette day ago
ardamose123: Working with #Haskell surely is bliss, compared to the alternatives I code with...a day ago
ardamose123: Very bare-bones SPARQL Protocol client library for #Haskell: done. Next: documentation. #FeelingProductivea day ago
tort/mud-drifterNo description — a day ago
RecordWildCards and Binary Parsinga day ago
xah_lee: “When the 0th bus comes, i'll be on the 0th floor at 0th avenue with my 0th wife.” http://xahlee.info/comp/comp_lang_array_index_start_0_or_1.html … #JavaScript #haskell #pythonpic.twitter.com/TnA7JYjjIHa day ago
brandizzi/haskell-examplesNo description — a day ago
serviette day ago
ramtinJ95/HaskellNo description — a day ago
mmhelloworld/idris-jvm-hsOld JVM bytecode backend for Idris — a day ago
thibran/timer-rsa Haskell learning project — a day ago
sungeunchoi-kr/haskell-flexnote-restRest API server for Flexnote toy project, written in Haskell — a day ago
RDUTechEvents: Who's going to the Raleigh #Haskell meetup on Thursday? Join us: http://j.mp/2s57Z4q a day ago
Olaru_MP: Yet another programing language /salary statistics article. Spoiler: best paying language is #Haskell https://jobsquery.it/stats/language/group …a day ago