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gitter 0.415 minutes ago
glabrous 0.3.517 minutes ago
Haskell unit testing29 minutes ago
Haskell - What makes 'main' unique?45 minutes ago
tradman1/SImPL Haskell parser and interpreter for the Simple Imperative Programming Language — 50 minutes ago
ShottyMonster/PropertyPricePredictorA neural network used for predicting house prices over time. Using the gov.uk Price Paid dataset from the land registry. Written in Haskell. — an hour ago
phlummox/hs-cmdRun a command in a child process, combining stdout and stderr. With optional timeout. — an hour ago
jrlarsen: 50% off MEAPs + ebooks + video at @ManningBooks until Mar 21! Use code wm031618lt http://manning.com/?a_aid=r51&chan=tw … #golang #swiftlang #csharp #python #java #javascript #scala #Haskell #fsharp #aws #VueJS #aureliajs #React #nodejs #MachineLearning #angularjs #MEAN #MERN #expressjspic.twitter.com/MrCNp3DuKyan hour ago
HaTeX hour ago
jeromeshapiro/haskell-mergesortNo description — an hour ago
Why does stack install it's own version of ghc, and why is it nopie (no position independent code)?an hour ago
matrix hour ago
Warezovvv/lattNo description — 2 hours ago
YipinXiong/Tough-Haskell-AssignmentThese are Haskell and Prolog codes. — 2 hours ago
dalaing/language-kitNo description — 3 hours ago
wtfunctional: I just wrote a retrospective with lessons I've learned about #Haskell by writing a text adventure in the language. https://whatthefunctional.wordpress.com/2018/03/18/lessons-learned/ …3 hours ago
mrkgnao/silicaNo description — 3 hours ago
NoumanMemon/gitplay around — 3 hours ago
unliftio few hours ago
aquarial/Advent-of-Code-2017Solutions to http://adventofcode.com/ in Haskell — a few hours ago
pandoc-crossref few hours ago
williamberman/haskellNo description — a few hours ago
Haskell: confused about fix function's behavior4 hours ago
gdmcbain/allen_nd_haskellExercises set in or inspired by Allen & Moronuki's Haskell from First Principles — 4 hours ago
sized hours ago
type-natural hours ago
AngelAlvie/LambdaLightA simple Lambda Calculus Interpreter written in Haskell. Includes all of the elements of an evaluation environment, with support for name bindings. — 5 hours ago
pandoc-citeproc 0.14.25 hours ago
ivanperez-keera/lhs2tex-haskell-operatorsFormative directives to make Haskell look nice — 5 hours ago
Vim + literal Haskell + dollar symbols6 hours ago
emergent/TowerOfHanoiTower of Hanoi — 6 hours ago
Alias Route in Yesod6 hours ago
Call for Tutorial Proposals: ICFP 20187 hours ago
sparrow 0.0.07 hours ago
fadno-xml 1.1.17 hours ago
philipliu/h99No description — 7 hours ago
jezenthomas: Is there a way to alias routes in Yesod? I'd like to make `/register` an alias for `/auth/page/email/register`. #haskell8 hours ago
Infinite loop in bubble sort over Traversable in Haskell8 hours ago
lysxia: Preannouncing #GHC Generics implementation of recursion-schemes. What other Template Haskell bits are out there to Genericify? #Haskell https://github.com/Lysxia/generic-recursion-schemes …8 hours ago
louisestella/FPFunctional Programming - 2018.1 — 8 hours ago
i_am_samis: I'm going to see if the #haskell packaging for #archlinuxarm is less broken now.8 hours ago
forestaa/Tiger-CompilerNo description — 9 hours ago
forestaa/LTL-ModelCheckingNo description — 9 hours ago
ansi-terminal-game hours ago
jmerritt: This #Haskell position at the American Museum of Natural History sounds quite amazing: https://mail.haskell.org/pipermail/haskell/2018-March/025384.html …9 hours ago
packcheck 0.2.09 hours ago
atlassian-connect-descriptor hours ago
context-sensitive generation using quick check9 hours ago
duairc/monad-control-layersOrphan passthrough monad-control instances via layers — 9 hours ago
req-oauth2 hours ago
silvajonathan/HaskelLearningExercises of https://www.vacationlabs.com/ "Haskell without the theory" course — 10 hours ago
silvajonathan/HaskellLearningExercises of https://www.vacationlabs.com/ "Haskell without the theory" course — 10 hours ago
th-printf 0.5.110 hours ago
buonuomo/Text.PronounceA Haskell library for interfacing with the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary. Useful for finding rhymes and stress patterns of words. — 10 hours ago
ManningBooks: Hey #ScalaMatsuri! Save 40% on #scala, #fp, #akka, #haskell, #playframework, #reactive, and other books and videos with code ctwscalamatsuri18 at http://manning.com  #manningbooks10 hours ago
Lysxia/generic-recursion-schemesFolds for recursive types with GHC Generics — 11 hours ago
lettier: #Haskell ’s Triangle: Or, More Fun with Recursion by @thomas_cothran https://medium.com/ventre-tech/haskells-triangle-or-more-fun-with-recursion-9350155689ac … #javascript11 hours ago
ekmett/densecan we backpack small dense matrices? — 11 hours ago
websockets-simple 0.1.111 hours ago
forestaa/EventB-ASGNo description — 11 hours ago
HyperGross/logic-graphNo description — 11 hours ago
How do I know where in my Haskell Program an Exception can be Thrown?11 hours ago
Traversing and Pattern Matching an Abstract Syntax Tree12 hours ago
simple-vec3 hours ago
Instance errors in Hackage's GenProg example12 hours ago
ikb: あるか? とおもったら、やっぱりあった! #Haskell を詰めた #Docker イメージっ! https://hub.docker.com/_/haskell/  これで最新版を入れるには〜 とかなんとか、そういったお悩みとは完全にフリーになれる。ありがたやありがたや。12 hours ago
proto-lens-protobuf-types hours ago
proto-lens-combinators hours ago
plot-light hours ago
plot-light-examples hours ago
Haskell: Recursive function that puts only part of the students in a list12 hours ago
To those familiar with Koka: I made a little monster13 hours ago
transfer-db hours ago
proto-lens-optparse hours ago
proto-lens-arbitrary hours ago
How to implement Haskell's FRP Behavior type in Javascript?13 hours ago
proto-lens-protoc hours ago
lens-labels hours ago
proto-lens hours ago
plot-light 0.3.213 hours ago
sexp-grammar 1.3.013 hours ago
sexp-grammar 1.2.413 hours ago
crackNum 2.013 hours ago
sjoerd_visscher: The one function that lets you do everything one-liner can do is generic01 :: ... => (forall s s'. c0 s s' => p s s') -> (forall d e s s'. c1 s s' => p d e -> p (s d) (s' e)) -> p a b -> p (t a) (t' b) http://hackage.haskell.org/package/one-liner-1.0/docs/Generics-OneLiner-Binary.html#v:generic01 … #haskell #generics13 hours ago
Haskell mutable array for sudoku grid13 hours ago
pedrorossato/paradigmasNo description — 13 hours ago
accelerate-fftw hours ago
Compatible code for Semigroup Monoid Proposal14 hours ago
accelerate-fourier hours ago
accelerate-arithmetic hours ago
yesod-gitrev hours ago
accelerate-utility hours ago
Why is Partial Application special?14 hours ago
ws 0.0.414 hours ago
gk159yo/FunctionalTetrisTetris written entirely in Haskell. (TODO: AI, Neat GUI) — 14 hours ago
pinpon hours ago
lapack-ffi-tools hours ago